Nine-month-old baby: all about his feeding, sleeping and development

During the development of the baby, parents will be able to observe various indicators that will give them clues about its correct progress. By nine months he will not be totally dependent, on the contrary, he will have the motor ability to crawl, be a great explorer and attract the attention of his whole family.

A baby’s development proceeds rapidly during its first few months; so much so that he quickly develops motor skills to touch, discover and know everything around him. But at the same time he will be exposed to certain dangers, so parents should be vigilant. 

developing body

Most of the little ones at this stage usually have folds in their legs and arms, not in vain the weight of the 9-month-old baby is around 9 kilos and his height is 70 centimeters. Thus, it has a body that allows it to make movements and acquire postures in a balanced way, so much so that it manages to crawl on its buttocks, crawl, and even stand up while holding on to furniture.

On the other hand, thanks to the fact that his arms and hands also have strength, his fine motor skills make great progress. In this sense, the baby has the ability to throw, pick up and hold toys and other objects in his hands. In the same way, he likes it and has fun putting them together to clap. Each time he will improve his motor skills and, therefore, he will have more balance when sitting or standing. However, some babies may start walking without crawling, an unusual transition.

In reference to your dentition it is likely that the central incisors are already visible and that the lateral ones erupt during this time. Also, your mouth is your first mechanism to discover the world. For this reason, it is common to observe that babies put objects within their reach into their mouths; Given this fact lies the importance of ensuring their safety.

Sociability and language

The nine-month-old baby tends to be more sociable, as he will seek to interact with the people around him while playing, laughing and imitating them. And, although they do not go to other children, she will establish a good relationship with adults, especially with her mother. To such an extent that when separating from her he could experience anguish and will seek her safety in her arms when he practices crawling or is exposed to strangers.

In the same way, throughout this month the little one will have fun with his voice by imitating sounds, and will even play at emitting species of screeches or coughs. Given his ability to identify familiar faces, it is possible that when asked about his parents he turns his head in their direction and, in some cases, begins to say daddy and mommy.

Likewise, for the little one, the gestures of love and the words of his mother will have great meaning and each experience will help him to shape his personality and temperament; therefore, it is not to be alarmed that he demonstrates social and language skills before or after another child. The reason is that, although developmental milestones are associated with a specific stage or age, each baby grows at its own rate.


The time and the introduction of one or another meal varies. However, the important thing is to gradually adapt the baby to the various textures and flavors . In addition, it is essential that the little one taste pieces of food to stimulate chewing or break them down while sucking on them.

By nine months, your little one may have tried various pureed vegetables, fruits, and even chicken, beef, and turkey. Therefore, it is time to start combining foods and start eating rice and legumes seasoned only with olive oil, because it is not yet time to include salt and sugar in your diet.

sleep routines

By this time the baby is likely to have a solid sleep pattern . However, it is also normal that some nights she wakes up. Some little ones may even find it difficult to fall asleep, because their curiosity to know everything that surrounds them is so great that it prevents them from relaxing.

Given these changes in schedules, it is essential that the baby has the patience and affection of his parents. Likewise, it is very helpful to establish a routine prior to rest. That is, bathe him, feed him, give him massages and sing him a song, because that way the little one will be more likely to relax and sleep peacefully.

activities to stimulate

For the 9-month-old baby, everything around him is an opportunity to play, especially if he shares it with his family. Hence, the need to take advantage of these moments to stimulate her developing skills.

During this month it is important to promote crawling, since this way the little one will not only be able to improve his motor skills but also his vision and his sense of touch. To achieve this, parents could take advantage of the favorite toy and place it away from the child and invite him to crawl to look for it.

The best toys for 9-month-old babies will be those that allow them to press buttons, move pieces, classify objects and fit figures together, since through these alternatives the little one will be able to continue learning to solve problems.

On the other hand, parents could carry out dynamics with the little ones such as playing with the ball or hide-and-seek, to help them overcome their fears. And if they drive or go for a walk in the stroller for several hours, the family could play to imitate the sounds of the farm, which helps to distract them, calm them down and also stimulate their language and hearing.

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