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When a baby turns 2 years old, his ability to do things is noticeably increased, so it is very important to guarantee educational and sensory stimuli from an early age. In this way, this impulse in the psychomotor development of the infant can be used for later effects in the other stages of growth.

development in young children

Stimulating growth in children goes beyond providing them with a good diet, since the mind needs as much care as the body, especially in a time of crucial development such as the first years of life.

In this sense, it is important to carry out activities with children focused on stimulating various aspects of their development, mainly motor skills and sensory acuity.

When they turn 2 years old, the little ones begin a stage in which their ability to be self-sufficient is notably increased and they can now reach small jogging speeds, get on and off furniture without help, carry their toys from one place to another, among many other actions.

Therefore, it is crucial to take advantage of this stage to use toys for 2-year-olds or games for 2-year-olds that have the purpose of both educating them and entertaining them, since this is when the external influence on their mental and psychomotor development can be increased.

Didactic games for 2 years and older

In the following space we will let you know what are some of the activities that you can carry out at home with your little one to provide a series of stimuli with different effects on their development:


Considering that from the age of 2 the child can better master the movements of his extremities, especially legs, arms and hands, crafts become part of the most recommended games.

These can be simple activities, such as making chunky bead necklaces, building houses out of popsicles, or tracing a picture on paper with string.

These types of games challenge the child in which he has to learn to increase control over his hands, especially his fingers, in order to handle small items with adequate pressure.

Search for objects

If you challenge your little one to find an object of a certain color and with certain particular characteristics in the room, you will help him improve his visual acuity to identify the aesthetic aspects of objects, people or animals.

To interest and make the game more entertaining, you can give him a prize every time he guesses right, allow him to choose the next object for you to look for, among other options. In addition, it is a simple and fun option for long waits or boring car trips, for example.


Imitation turns out to be one of the most practical games to teach a young child to do different tasks. At the age of 2 years it is possible for them to identify and recreate simple actions, so imitation games can be used to improve aspects of their memory, interpretation, socialization, etc.

Educational toys from 2 years and up

In case you want to complement the educational games with toys, in the following space we offer you some simple recommendations that you can implement in your little one’s routine, to help them develop in a friendlier and easier to understand environment:

educational sheets

The worksheets for two-year-olds are a good alternative to help them identify shapes with letters, introducing them to the world of literacy. Although it is early for the little one to learn to read, it is worth taking the opportunity to increase aspects such as visual acuity by accompanying them with drawings for 2-year-olds, for example.

memory cards

It is one of the fun psychomotricity games approved as part of the recommended activities for children, since it has elements required to be enjoyed by the little ones, in addition to providing elements that help increase their mental capacity.

Memory cards are part of educational games from 2 years onwards, since at this stage the child is able to identify shapes and colors, in order to form pairs of cards.

Building blocks

Another good alternative in games for two-year-olds are building block sets. Currently, the market offers several brands to choose from, which offer complete lines so that the little one can enjoy all kinds of scenarios, vehicles, buildings, boats or any element that can be created with the blocks according to their imagination.

Likewise, it is important to take into account the influence of this type of toys, which can also be part of games for 2-year-old girls, by taking advantage of the same qualities and motor skills, to stimulate them to improve their control of their extremities, urging them to Take the blocks and handle them at your will.

A couple of extra tips

Now that you have learned a few techniques that you can apply at home or away to help with your baby’s development, we advise you to always be attentive to the stimuli that generate a more empathic response, in order to know what interests or does not interest your baby. baby.

On the other hand, it is important to emphasize that the environment in which the child’s activities take place has a very relevant influence on the way in which information is received and processed, so it is necessary to have a routine that is pleasant and that provides security and comfort.

In this sense, a good place where you can play safely at home with a small child is on the best inflatable mattress or installing rubber panels on the floor, since this way the risk of getting hurt when walking is much lower..

Finally, do not forget that the development of each infant is different and, if you do not notice anything strange that requires a professional medical review, you should not worry too much that your little one “does not progress” as quickly as other children, since, perhaps, it’s just that he hasn’t received the right encouragement for it.

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