Nuk First Choice Reviews

Main advantage: 

This Nuk model comes with a flexible teat that closely resembles the mother’s breast, which will promote use by the most fussy little ones. They will feel comfortable and familiar with the sensation, so they will eat at ease.

Main disadvantage:

It is possible that you will have difficulties trying to visualize the ml scale, since it is light gray; a tone that can easily be confused with the color of milk.

Verdict: 9.8/10

With this set you will have several bottles to always have your little one’s food ready. Plus, bottles provide safety and comfort to keep you and your baby happy.

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Main Features Explained


Anti-colic bottles are products that cannot be missing in any home where a baby lives, as they prevent children from accumulating gases when eating that can cause discomfort later. However, as helpful as they are, getting an exclusively breastfed little one used to using a bottle can be difficult. For that reason, the comfort that this product provides is really important.

In this case, this Nuk model has been designed to facilitate the change between the breast and the bottle, giving the little ones a teat that has a surface similar to the skin. This will make them familiarize the bottle with their mother’s breast.

Likewise, the weight of each bottle does not reach 400 grams, so children will be able to hold it easily and have an ergonomic grip, which allows them to eat comfortably.


When choosing the best anti-colic bottle, the materials that have been used in its manufacture must be evaluated before making the purchase decision. In this sense, the opinions of the experts suggest that materials that are harmless to health should be chosen and that their surface facilitate hygiene.

For this model, Nuk has chosen plastic as the main material for its bottles. This is safe and resistant to withstand drops and different temperatures. For its part, the teats have been made of silicone, which is a flexible element to adapt to the child’s mouth and is durable, to withstand constant bites.

This nipple has a ventilation system called: “Nuk Anti-Colic Air System” so that the drink flows evenly, avoiding colic. Lastly, the materials are completely odourless, so your child won’t be bothered by strong scents.


This purchase not only stands out for having an excellent price, but also for offering more than a bottle in its offer. By making this purchase, you can get a set of 4 bottles so you always have one ready to feed your little one without making them wait. In addition, the bottle teat is available in two sizes: one for milk and other liquids, and another for more solid foods such as creams or purees.

Each of the products has a size of 12.4 x 12.4 x 20 centimeters; dimensions that give a capacity of 300 ml to each bottle. This amount is enough to satisfy the little ones, without the need to refill the bottle. When you finish using the bottles, you only need to unscrew the lower valve and start cleaning to have them ready for the next use.

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