Opinions about Asalvo America 12524

Main advantage:

The highlight of this chair is its comfortable and maneuverable design, which provides comfort for the baby and easy handling for the parents. To do this, it has a padded seat and backrest, as well as front wheels that rotate 360°.

Main disadvantage:

Since it has a book-type folding mechanism, it could take up more space than umbrella-type models. However, this disadvantage does not affect its proper functioning.

Verdict: 9.6/10

Many parents in their opinions recommend this stroller for its unbeatable value price, as well as for the ease of use and the comfort it provides to the little one.

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Main Features Explained

utility and brand

Strollers are the great allies of active parents, those who leave home with their little one every day to go shopping or to enjoy long walks with their child. Today we present the Asalvo América 12524, a chair that provides not only comfortable transportation, but also facilitates handling by parents.

We all know the fatigue and back pain that carrying a baby in your arms for hours can cause. For this reason, this could be the best stroller, since it gives you the possibility of taking your little one comfortably wherever he wants you to go and regardless of his age. For this, it is specially designed to transport children from birth and until they reach a weight of 15 kilos. This means that you will be able to walk with your baby from the first day until he is 3 years old and you will not have to spend extra money to buy another chair that adapts to his growth, since this approved model offers you great utility. during their first 36 months of life.

Regarding the brand, we have that Asalvo is a well-known company in Spain, it exports its pushchairs, strollers and children’s products to more than 30 countries, which are characterized by their innovative design, safety and quality.

safe and manageable

Your child’s safety is priceless and Asalvo provides you with innovative technology in this model, in order to offer a highly safe product for the little one and reliable for parents. Your America stroller has 4 aerodynamic wheels, which can tackle almost any type of terrain. Its front wheels provide 360° turns, so you can maneuver with stability and avoid obstacles and people during your urban walk.

Likewise, it has a pedal brake mechanism, which stops the two rear wheels at the same time by simply pressing a bar with your feet. Also, since it offers a compact size and light weight, you can move around small spaces and even use elevators without any problem. You can also easily store it in the trunk of the car.

Its open dimensions are 81.5 x 51 x 103 cm and its weight is 7.4 Kg and closed it measures only 92 x 51 x 29 cm. In addition to this, it is a chair equipped with a 5-point harness, with which you can keep the child secure and safe. In addition, for greater safety and comfort, the harness has padded padding on the front.


design and comfort

It is a stroller that offers not only features that favor the routine of parents, but could also help keep babies happy. To do this, it provides great comfort thanks to its wide seat and padded backrest, which provide comfort to the child outside the home; It also has a comfortable height-adjustable footrest, in order to give the little one adequate support for their legs.

It also offers a folding hood with a visor, which prevents the sun’s rays from falling directly on the baby. Likewise, it has a window with a flap that favors being able to observe the child without causing discomfort or without stopping the march. In addition, it has a complete height-adjustable handlebar, which allows it to be easily adapted to the different heights of parents or caregivers.

Likewise, it has a basket in the lower part that offers extra storage space, where you can carry things that the child needs during the walk.

On the other hand, it is a model that has an adjustable backrest in up to 4 positions and once fully reclined, it is compatible with soft carrycots.

Additionally, its design allows easy folding in the form of a book, so you can store it without taking up much space and to protect your child on rainy days, you will receive a transparent plastic cover specially designed for this purpose.

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