Opinions about Baby Comfort Rodifix AirProtect

Main advantage:

This car seat has a double fastening system, ISOFIX and seat belt, which expands its possibilities of use in any car model, whether they have either of the two systems.

Main disadvantage:

It is likely that the chair rubbing against the car seat produces noise with the movement caused by driving, which can become annoying when cornering and on long trips.

Verdict: 9.7/10

It offers comfort, safety and an additional level of protection to the child’s head, thanks to its patented AirProtect technology, which provides protection against impacts.

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Main Features Explained


It is an attractive and resistant car seat that was designed with the well-being and comfort of the child in mind, so it has a padded cover with a soft-touch texture that allows you to enjoy the trip, since it does not cause irritation due to touch. In addition, it offers the possibility of removing the cover for washing, which allows you to maintain good hygiene in case the child suffers from dizziness or spills their food on the chair.

Its dimensions of 84.5 x 54 x 51 cm allow it to be installed in any type of car, from compact to family models, and its weight of 6.14 kg makes it easy to move or store. Likewise, it can be installed in the direction of the vehicle to offer greater comfort and safety to the child, since it does not restrict the position of their legs, which is why it is among the best car seats today.

In addition to the headrest, backrest and cover, its structure also has a guide for the diagonal and abdominal seat belt, levers for tilting and adjusting the headrest, lever and actuation clip for ISOFIX clamps and even a compartment to store the user manual of the chair.


This car seat is suitable for children belonging to groups 2 and 3 established in road safety regulations, which includes children weighing between 15 and 25 kg in Group 2 and children between 22 and 36 kg in Group 3, all with an approximate age of 3 to 12 years. In this sense, it could be considered one of the most practical and functional car seats, since it grows with the child and adapts to its size to offer a good fit.

It also has an adjustable support for both the head and the shoulders, which offers 2 levels of reclining, in this way the child can enjoy a more comfortable position during the trip, whether they are asleep or awake. Likewise, it allows you to adjust the height and width of the backrest simultaneously, which makes the process easier because you get the right fit with a single movement.

On the other hand, user opinions indicate satisfaction with its buckle opening and closing system, since thanks to its open design it allows quick access to the seat belt, guaranteeing quick and easy installation.


As far as safety is concerned, this chair incorporates some of the most efficient systems to guarantee the integrity of the child, despite having a competitive price, among which the patented AirProtect technology stands out. In this sense, this system offers additional protection against side impacts, both in the head and in the lower part of the back and hips of the child, reducing the possible risk of suffering serious injuries.

Likewise, it has 2 fastening systems to the car seat. The first of these refers to the exclusive 3-point seat belt guide system, which allows this seat to be installed in any car that has this type of belt, thanks to the fact that it has upper and side guides that facilitate access to the belts. buckles so that the child is ready for the tour in a few seconds.

The second fastening system refers to the ISOFIX retractable anchoring structure, which is installed directly to the car body for an even more stable, but equally quick and easy mounting. In addition, this system reduces the danger of making mistakes during installation, because it is a pre-assembled structure that does not require additional adjustments.

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