Opinions about Baby Comfort Zelia

Main advantage: 

With this baby stroller you won’t have to worry about unexpected slipping or tipping over, as it stands out for being quite safe by incorporating a locking mechanism on the wheels, an adjustable four-point harness and a front safety bar.

Main disadvantage: 

Despite the fact that the manufacturer indicates that the stroller has a compact format, there are those who comment that once folded it occupies the entire space of a 400-liter trunk.

Verdict: 9.7/10

With this stroller you will be able to move around the city with total ease, since its design is light, the operation is simple and the folding system is with just one hand.

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Main Features Explained

Format and security

Baby strollers have a wide variety of formats, depending on their manufacturing brand. In this sense, it is best to select a model that offers practicality when handling it and, at the same time, is spacious enough so that the child can stand comfortably. Likewise, there is the issue of security, which we cannot neglect either.

In Bebe Confort they know the importance of taking care of both aspects in the products, which can be verified by reviewing your purchase catalog. In it you will find products of this type with measures adaptable to the daily life of the average user. We are talking about parents who not only use the stroller to occasionally walk the baby, but also to transport it daily around the city, while you carry out your routine activities.

To fulfill this task, the Zelia model of Baby Comfort arrives on the market. It is a stroller at an affordable price and size of 107 x 64.5 x 103 centimeters, being compact dimensions that do not sacrifice the comfort of the child or parents. In addition, it is important to mention its weight of 9.6 kilograms, which is quite light. In this way, you will not have problems transporting the stroller, putting it in the trunk of the car once you fold it or storing it in the closet without taking up much space.

When it comes to safety and according to the opinions of some of the buyers, we could say that this model is among the best baby strollers. This is thanks to the incorporation of a series of elements and mechanisms designed to avoid the most common displacement or overturning incidents in products of this type.

We must also comment on the four-point harness, arranged on the baby’s seat, which has a padded lining for greater comfort and an adjustment system, depending on the infant’s build. Also, the front area incorporates a security bar. On the other hand, the bearing system has locking pins and a handbrake controllable from the handlebar. To finish, we have the locking clip when folding the structure.


Bebe Confort is a manufacturer with a consolidated track record, which since its appearance on the market has been characterized by presenting users with products with innovative, modern designs capable of satisfying the needs of the youngest members of the household.

The brand presents what could well be the best baby stroller, designed to be used in the city. Thus, you can take the child with total comfort when you go shopping or move through narrow streets. As you can see, it is a baby stroller model that adapts to the daily routine of any modern parent, but providing the infant with the highest level of comfort at all times.

There are many opinions found on purchase portals about this product, in which buyers express their satisfaction with the purchase of this stroller. And it is that its structure adapts to accompany the little one from birth and until just over three years old. It is two products in one, since you can use it as a carrycot until the first year of age and from then on adjust it as a stroller.

Among other peculiarities to highlight about its design, we must mention its robust and sporty style in beige with black details. This unisex stroller is accompanied by a series of well-cared for and detailed finishes, present both in the joints of the structure and in the seams of the upholstery. In addition, it incorporates a quick one-hand folding system, size-adjustable handlebar and lower basket to transport toys or any other item used by the child.

Resistance and cleaning

These baby strollers never cease to amaze us, because they add high-end raw materials and a fairly simple cleaning method to their multiple positive aspects. Contrary to what you might think, these attributes do not increase their cost. An example of this are the opinions of users on the web, who comment that compared to other models with similar characteristics, this continues to be one of the most competitive in terms of quality-price ratio.

Bebe Confort Zelia is a stroller whose chassis has been made of robust galvanized aluminum tubes, a material with great properties such as its lightness, high level of resistance, stability and pleasant soft touch, being very successful attributes in what will be the main support of the stroller. product. Likewise, you will find some black rigid polymer reinforcements, which stand out in the joints of the folding area, adjustment mechanism for the wheels and safety pins.

Both the handlebar area and the safety bar attach a type of polymer with less rigidity, designed to provide greater comfort in the grip. For its part, the synthetic material of the wheels provides better traction on the ground.

We cannot fail to mention the upholstery and the hood. Both parts have been made of polyester fabric, which is a soft fiber with breathable and permeable properties. In addition, the hammock area incorporates a light interior padding to offer the infant greater comfort when lying down.

On the subject of cleaning, you will need to know that the covers are removable, which is quite convenient when washing them. Thus, you can incorporate them into the washing machine or carry out the process manually. The important thing is that you use neutral detergent and water at a temperature not higher than 30ºC, to avoid deterioration.

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