Opinions about Baby Jogger Deluxe

Main advantage:

The ventilation panel can be opened to maximize air intake during the summer and closed to keep the mattress warm in the winter. In this way, the baby will always remain comfortable and at a pleasant temperature regardless of the season. 

Main disadvantage:

Its price is high compared to other models. In addition, it must be added to the cost of the stroller of the same brand, with which it is compatible to expand its usefulness.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is a spacious carrycot with a 4 cm thick mattress and a ventilation panel, which keeps the baby protected at any time of the year.

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Main Features Explained

design and comfort

One of the first purchases we think of making when having a baby is the stroller. However, some models are not suitable for newborns and others are recommended from 6 months of age. Consequently, one option to transport the baby comfortably is to use a carrycot that can be adapted to a stroller.

To do this, we recommend making a comparison of carrycots, in which it must be taken into account that the product offers comfort and safety, since your little one will sleep in it and spend several hours a day lying inside it.

In this sense, Baby Jogger has designed the Deluxe model with the intention of optimizing the comfort of the little ones with ample space and a thick mattress, 4 cm, accompanied by a soft covering with a geometric pattern and in white, which also favors the good rest of the baby. This cover can be machine washed to always keep it clean.

It should be noted that due to its dimensions and resistance, this model can be used during the baby’s first four months, as it has a maximum load capacity of 15 kilograms. In addition, the ventilation design favors its use during the summer, without worrying that the baby will feel too hot. In fact, the mesh on the hood and the lower ventilation allow very efficient air circulation, keeping the mattress cool so that the baby can receive a pleasant breeze while taking a nap. 


Baby Jogger’s trajectory in baby transport solutions undoubtedly facilitates the parents’ routine. More and more users corroborate in their opinions the quality of this manufacturer’s products for their functional designs to complement other products in their stock.

Such is the case of the Baby Jogger Deluxe carrycots. This particular model is compatible with the City Mini series strollers which includes the 3, 4 and GT models, as well as the City Elite and the Summit X3 stroller. 

The adapters on the strollers allow an easy and efficient coupling of the carrycot on these strollers, so that you can go out with the newborn baby comfortably, pushing the stroller while the little one is lying down. 

Undoubtedly, the price of the carrycot, added to that of the stroller, may require a more comfortable budget; but, it is a responsible investment for the safety and comfort of the baby, without forgetting to mention that the parents will also benefit, since they will be able to transport their baby away from home, without compromising their good rest. 

Additionally, using the carrycot individually provides the baby with a good bed to sleep during their first months, even sharing the bed with their parents. This will favor breastfeeding and baby care, keeping the little one’s space for greater safety.

Protection and storage

The characteristics that we have mentioned of this product allow it to be valued by some users as one of the best carrycots available today. However, the protection of the baby also stands out as a priority included in the product.

First of all, the Baby Jogger Deluxe has a wide hood, which incorporates UPF 50+ sun protection, making it very safe to go out during the day. Secondly, the top visor can also protect against the sun’s rays in front of the baby during walks to the park or the beach.

But, if that day starts to get cold and you want to prevent your little one from catching a cold, you can unfold the windbreaker and close the rear ventilation grille as well as the lower one on the mattress to keep the baby warm. 

As for storage, this carrycot offers the possibility of folding a little to reduce its height dimensions and be able to store more easily. All these aspects make this product an option to consider if you are thinking of buying an excellent quality carrycot for your baby.

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