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Main advantage:

This disposable diaper stands out from its peers by offering biodegradable materials that are friendly to the environment. As it is an ecological product manufactured with high quality standards, it degrades in nature more quickly than other similar products.

Main disadvantage:

Size 4 Maxi has turned out to be smaller than expected. However, it depends on the size and build of the baby, so you could choose a larger size.

Verdict: 9.8/10

Parents appreciate the absorption efficiency of this diaper, while also appreciating its biodegradable qualities and the comfort it offers to the baby.

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Main Features Explained


Today, we must all bet on products that do not generate an environmental impact. In this sense, ecological baby diapers are an ideal alternative that has earned the trust of many parents and among the best baby diapers with this quality, those of Bambo Nature stand out.

It is interesting to know that the main component for the manufacture of disposable diapers is cellulose; which means that it is necessary to cut down trees for its elaboration and according to the experts, five trees are needed to cover the demand for diapers of a single child. In addition to cellulose, there are other elements present such as polyethylene, polypropylene, adhesives, elastics and plastics; all derived from petroleum and highly polluting.

For this reason, conventional diapers, once we throw them in the trash, take an estimated time to decompose in nature, which could be from 100 to 300 years; while the Bambo Nature, decompose in just 7 years. This is possible thanks to the fact that they are made with materials that degrade more quickly, thus helping to minimize the ecological impact.

It is a 75% biodegradable product, which is why it is the only disposable diaper that has earned the official Swan label, which recognizes it as a product that respects the environment.

Materials and efficiency

Like other disposable diapers, this diaper also provides great benefits and according to parents’ opinions, it is an ecological product that also takes care of the baby’s skin. It is very efficient when it comes to preventing leaks of pee or liquid stool, both in babies and in children who still do not control their sphincters.

For this reason, it is a diaper that provides a higher level of absorption, since unlike other diapers that contain cotton inside, this product has a biodegradable absorbent, such as wheat starch; which also provides hypoallergenic qualities, a soft touch and antimicrobial properties.

Similarly, high-quality and nature-friendly materials have been used for its manufacture. For this reason, it has an external surface made of cellulose (wood pulp) that comes from sustainable forests in Scandinavia, which have responsible forest management. Likewise, to whiten this pulp, neither chlorine nor any other type of optical brightener has been used.

In addition, thinking about the health of the baby and its delicate skin, this diaper does not contain perfumed substances, deodorants, lotions or any other element that could be harmful or toxic, both for the child and for the environment.

Design and sizes

As important as choosing a diaper whose disposal does not have a negative impact on nature, it is also important to select one that favors freedom of movement and the comfort that every baby needs. In this sense, we are facing new generation diapers; designed by professionals jointly in collaboration with both the parents of babies themselves, as well as the Danish Allergy Association and the European Asmala Federation.

For this reason, they have a novel design that favors adequate air circulation, especially in the back area; which avoids possible irritations due to humidity. Likewise, it has elastic bands located on the sides, so it provides greater comfort and freedom of movement.

In addition to this, the manufacturer offers you an explanatory table of sizes, so that you can choose the one that best suits your child’s build. You can select from a wide variety of options, from size 0 to 6, each with a classification according to the baby’s weight. Starting with premature babies from 1 to 3 kg, up to the XL version aimed at children weighing in a range from 16 to 30 kg. In addition, for a competitive price, a pack of 30 or 60 units is available.

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