Opinions about Béaba Babycook Plus

Main advantage:

It is a babycook with an ideal design to prepare food for one or two children, since it has two large-capacity jars and independent features. Likewise, it offers 4 functions in 1 and is easy to use.

Main disadvantage:

Since the shredding function requires the button to be held down while mixing ingredients, it hasn’t turned out to be as practical as expected.

Verdict: 9.7/10

Although its price is not exactly the cheapest, it is a multifunctional device that is accepted by many parents, who recommend it for its design and capacity.

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Main Features Explained

utility and capacity

When the child has reached 6 months of age and the pediatrician recommends gradually introducing solid foods into his diet, it is convenient to learn to prepare the food that best meets his needs. For this reason, it is best to make porridge, jars, creams, soups, purees and any other recipe that is easy to eat.

However, as parents we know that we cannot afford to spend hours cooking food for our baby, since a small child demands a lot of attention and care. But when it comes to two children, the situation can be even more complicated; so parents of twins need extra help preparing food for their little ones.

For this reason, nowadays babycooks have become the great allies of the kitchen, especially in these cases when you need to cook a larger quantity of food. In this sense and in order to make life easier for parents, the manufacturer Béaba has designed the Béaba Babycook Plus, a food processor that could be the most suitable for helping to raise two siblings.

Thanks to this device, you will be able to prepare in a short time all the food your children need; from the first course to the dessert and even the fruit smoothie. To do this, it is equipped with two jugs with a capacity of 1.1 liters each; so you can prepare salty foods in one and sweet foods in another.

Also, since each jar can offer different features, it also allows you to easily steam in one while making a smoothie in the other. Also, if you are one of the active parents and with little time to cook, you can prepare more food for the children and then freeze them in small portions to use during the week.


This kitchen robot will greatly facilitate the task of preparing food for your little ones, which ensures that they will be able to eat in a healthy way and at their usual time; regardless of the chores you have at home. Given its efficiency and versatility, many parents rate it as one of the best babycooks of the moment in their opinions.

It is a versatile appliance, since it has 4 functions in 1. To do this, it is equipped with features specially designed to provide adequate food for each stage of the child’s growth; so it is capable of steaming, mashing/mixing, heating and also defrosting.

With the steam cooking function, the appliance can prepare a complete meal in just 15 minutes. What favors not only the speed in the preparation, but also allows a healthy diet, since all the vitamins and minerals present in the food are preserved.

Likewise, this babycook has the automatic stop function, thanks to which it will not be necessary to waste time supervising the process. To do this, it is designed to emit an audible alarm that tells you when steaming has finished.

On the other hand, it has the function that crushes and mixes food according to the needs of the child. For this reason, it offers you the possibility of choosing the texture according to the child’s age, either in pieces, puree or cream; for which you only have to hold down the button as long as you need to grind and mix more.

It also defrosts food quickly, to be cooked quickly and efficiently heats the food you have already prepared for the child. In addition, it is a safe device, which prevents you from any accidental splashes or burns.

design and accessories

With a modern, compact design and available in several colors to choose from, this babycook could steal the spotlight in your kitchen. Its dimensions are 37.9 x 18 x 24 cm and its weight is 2.74 kg, so given its size, you need to have enough space to mount it on your countertop.

It is made of high-quality and BPA-free plastic, like all the products offered by this French brand; so it is a reliable device for preparing your child’s food and resistant to intensive use. In addition, its maintenance is simple and does not require special care.

It is also equipped with a sharp blade that cuts the food and mixes it efficiently, until it achieves the exact point of texture that you need. Likewise, it has a removable basket, thanks to which you can take advantage of the cooking water to enrich the dish with minerals and vitamins.

Likewise, its two jugs are designed with integrated measures that favor the precise dosage of the water you need for each recipe and thanks to its independence of functions, you will be able to cook simultaneously and preserve the smell and flavor of each dish separately, regardless of what you are cooking. preparing.

Likewise, it has an easy and intuitive handling, since it only has a control button, which you can comfortably manipulate for all its functions. In addition, the manufacturer offers a pack of accessories that favor the user experience. For this, you will receive an anti-splash lid, a filter to make smoothies, shakes and others, two jars, a spatula and a recipe book suitable for feeding the little ones.

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