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Main advantage: 

Few models pay attention to including accessories that can improve the experience of using the strollers and the fact that this system comes with a bag, raincoat, changing mat, etc., is a great advantage.

Main disadvantage: 

A small inconvenience that users have noticed is the fact that the mattress is a bit thin, so it could be convenient to use blankets to make it more cushioned.

Verdict: 9.7/10

The three-in-one system ensures you provide your child with a comfortable place to rest at all times. It will provide security and protection, while you make use of all the accessories included in the purchase.

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Main Features Explained


The purpose behind this product, from Chicco, is to offer parents a three-in-one mobility system that grows with their little ones to give them a place to be comfortable and safe as they develop. The My City model is a set that will be for the child from the first day until approximately 3 or 4 years of life. Children will be able to enjoy a resistant, soft fabric with optimal breathability so that their comfort is noticed every moment of the day.

The weight of this product is approximately 10 kilograms, and the dimensions are 99.5 x 54 x 90.5 cm, although you must keep in mind that when folded the size is reduced exponentially, reaching these measurements: 52 99.5 x 35.5 cm. The system comes with a car seat, a carrycot and a pushchair, and with the easy release system, you can fit each one to the base in a matter of minutes. Its structure, in addition to facilitating storage, also offers easier driving, as you can carry the stroller without much effort due to the ergonomic and adjustable handlebar.

Two pairs of completely stable and resistant wheels are added to the ease of driving so as not to wear out with the constant friction on the ground. The brakes are also efficient to avoid colliding with walls and even people, in certain cases. The base of the product is reclining to adjust to the preferred height for you and your child, giving you a more comfortable position. This can be done with one hand, as the adjustment system is simple.

The operation and structure of the product were aspects studied extensively in the Chicco research center, so you can be sure that your baby will have exactly what he needs for his age in each meter traveled.

Protection and security

The first concern that a parent has before finding out how much a product for their little one costs is to know if it is completely safe and is capable of keeping the child protected at all times. In the case of baby strollers, this is very important, making it one of the most desired qualities in this type of product. This three-in-one system guarantees that, regardless of whether your baby uses the carrycot, the car seat or the stroller, her well-being will always appear as the first need.

Being a product that can be used since the child is newborn, the protection begins with ensuring a good fit to the child’s body, without bothering or squeezing him but keeping him in place. For this, the purchase includes a seat reducer that will put your little body in the correct position. For trips, you can count on the protection of a thick abdominal belt that will cover the entire tummy of babies in the first months of life, without causing discomfort. This belt adjusts to the size of the child with its velcro closure and is as soft as the fabric of the stroller materials.

The Auto-Fix Fast seat is one of the best additions to this set. This product is certified for its safety, as its removable insert keeps the baby’s head and neck firm, while the 3-point retention system adjusts the body, separating their legs comfortably and covering their shoulders and chest. All straps are comfortable and resistant. For greater security, it is possible to adapt the ISOFIX fastening system.

Bigger kids also get a pushchair restraint of the same quality and on top of that a padded bar is included which will prevent them from getting out of the pushchair, prevent them from accidentally bumping into each other and also double as an armrest.


When searching for the best baby stroller, it is necessary to consider several obvious things such as dimensions or weight, as well as the load capacity of the product, however, something that is sometimes not mentioned in user opinions is the accessories. or add-ons included in the purchase in certain cases. These small details, despite not directly influencing the use of the stroller, can make this process easier, as well as facilitate your day-to-day care for your baby.

Regardless of the price, the fact that a product of this type is complete and comes with more things gives it an advantage over other similar models. In the case of the My City Trio, these included accessories allow for a safer and more comfortable ride. On very sunny or very cold days, for example, your little one will be able to have a comfortable leg cover that will keep this area of ​​your child in the shade, away from the sun’s rays and also protected from the cold. This can be used in the carrycot or stroller, alike.

For the rain, you can count on a raincoat that will cover the stroller completely to protect your little one at all times. This will allow you to go out in any weather condition but without your child being exposed to it. The raincoat, in turn, can be used to cover the stroller when it is not in use to prevent it from getting dirty or dusty.

Finally, something that Chicco has not left behind is the interest in making parents feel as comfortable as the little ones. For that reason, this model comes with a travel bag so you can take everything. It includes a changing mat to always be ready to change your baby’s diapers.

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