Opinions about Dodot Activity

Main advantage: 

With the use of these diapers your baby will be able to enjoy a maximum level of comfort, as it is a soft and delicate model, as well as capable of adjusting comfortably to the body of the child.

Main disadvantage:

You must take into account the fact that this product is not available for babies weighing less than 6 kilograms, therefore, if this is your case, you should look at another model.


Verdict: 9.6/10

This may be the best Dodot diaper model because it is a product truly capable of providing your baby with an appropriate level of dryness.

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Main Features Explained


If you want to buy good Dodot diapers, capable of offering your baby the comfort and level of comfort he needs, you must take into account different special details to deduce whether or not it could meet his needs.

In this sense, a feature that you should not overlook is about the absorption that a specific model can provide to your baby, to prevent the leakage of pee or liquid excrement to the outside.

It should be noted that the Activity model has an absorbent layer called Cora-Soft that is ideal for giving your baby maximum skin care precisely to avoid irritation or burns.

Likewise, the air channels present inside will help create spaces through which the air can circulate inside the diaper comfortably and safely, thus providing your baby with dry skin.

For covering effectively with the characteristic of absorbing liquids, these could be the best Dodot diapers available on the market, so they present maximum comfort as well as absorption before each use, that is why you could not fail to consider them at the time to make your choice, because your baby would appreciate it.


Sometimes when we talk about the design of a product we are not referring specifically to how beautiful it could be aesthetically, but to the level of ergonomics and comfort that it could offer when using it. In this sense, it is important that you know that the Activity model is characterized by being really comfortable when it comes to use, since its shape allows it to adapt easily to your baby’s body.

Likewise, it is a model available in size 5, which represents a level of practicality suitable for those babies who weigh between 11 and 16 kilograms. Best of all, these diapers are supplied in a total of 162 units so that you can have them for a certain time without incurring additional costs.

Aesthetically, this model has a white structure that, in addition to having a soft and delicate finish, is presented with fun and colorful designs that could easily attract your baby’s attention, so the diaper changing process could be a much more pleasant experience. nice every day.

Best of all, as it is a pack with a considerably reasonable number of diapers, it is available at an affordable price for your pocket.


A baby diaper with good absorbency and a good fit may be all your little one needs to feel comfortable. That is why when buying the right model these qualities must be taken into account.

In this sense, according to the opinions of many users, a diaper with a good adjustment system will allow the baby to be able to move comfortably from one place to another without having to worry that it may come loose or slip, due to the fact that it is a little loose. in the worst case.

To meet this need, the Dodot brand has the Activity model for you, characterized by offering the opportunity to adjust the diaper as much as you want to your baby’s waist, thanks to the elastic strips available on each side of it.

Likewise, in the event that the diaper is misplaced, due to the fact that your baby may be a little restless when making the change, you can release and reattach these elastic strips to the front of the diaper until you find the perfect adjustment.

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