Opinions about Dodot Dry Baby

Main advantage:

It is a great brand of diapers that offers you the Dry Baby model characterized by providing your baby with the comfort and freshness he needs, especially at night while he sleeps, this is due to the variety of technologies that diapers include in their elaboration.


Main disadvantage: 

To mention a downside about these diapers, we must mention that this model is not available for size 1 babies, however you could choose another option from the same brand for 2 kilogram babies.

Verdict: 9.9/10

If you need to buy a diaper package that is supplied in large quantities, then this model could be your best option, since it is available in a total of 280 diapers.

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Main Features Explained


The comfort of the baby in the house is always a determining factor for which mom and dad always end up buying the best quality products available on the market. Thus, when thinking about acquiring the best Dodot diapers you should consider the design of the model that you like the most.

It should be noted that this brand has a variety of special options for each occasion, which is why, according to the needs of your baby, you should take into account that the diapers you are about to buy are capable of providing comfort, flexibility, and a good fit.

In this sense, we are talking about a product that is supplied in a package of 280 diapers, so you can forget about buying these for a long time, since it is a considerably reasonable amount for your baby to stay dry and comfortable for many years. days.

Also, these diapers are available in size 3 which means that they could be used by babies weighing between 6 and 10 kilograms. Likewise, its structure is completely white and it has drawings on the front featuring clouds and different baby animals, which could well attract the attention of the smallest of the house.


According to the opinions of many parents, diapers should always provide an appropriate level of adjustment, so that they can remain fixed in place, thus avoiding any type of discomfort in the baby.

In this way, it will not only be necessary to look at the price of the diapers you decide to buy, but also at the adjustment system that they are able to offer so that you can confirm that it is an easy product to use and adapt to the context of the baby. baby.

It should be noted that the Dodot brand has always been characterized by offering its users quality products accompanied by the best fastening system and the best technologies, and this is no exception, as the Dry Baby model has elastic sides that you can adjust so easily and comfortably when putting the diaper on the baby.

These side elastics are able to adapt to the shape of your baby’s body and also allow him to make the movements he wants without feeling any discomfort. Similarly, if your baby feels uncomfortable because you have surely tightened the diaper around his waist, then you can take off and reattach the elastics to position them at a safe distance.


It is important to mention that Dodot diapers are equipped with a variety of technologies that make them more practical and functional when it comes to use, therefore, it would be ideal that you take them into account when buying, so you can be sure to be choosing among so many models that special one to pamper the smallest of the house.

Something that is not discussed regarding the Dodot brand has to do with the fact that it was the first to design diapers with channels. This technology helps create enough space so that the air can circulate properly inside the diaper, thus being able to provide your baby with a fresh product with which to stay drier and more ventilated at night, which is when he will spend more time without changes. diaper to avoid waking him up.

In addition to air channels, these diapers also have thousands of absorbent microbeads inside that could encapsulate pee so your baby can feel dry for longer. Likewise, the express dryness layer available in this model will minimize the contact time between the pee with the baby’s skin. Best of all, it is a product as soft as cotton but free of said material.

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