Opinions about Dodot Protection Plus Sensitive

Main advantage:

It is a super absorbent model with which to offer your baby cooler and drier days thanks to the 3 ultra-absorbent tubes available inside and the layer of maximum softness that helps keep the skin dry.


Main disadvantage:

To mention a downside about this product, it is important that you know that these diapers usually give off an odor that may be strange to you. An aspect that can put the product at a disadvantage compared to other totally neutral models in terms of fragrance.

Verdict: 9.7/10

If you need to buy some special diapers for newborn babies, then Dodot Protection Plus Sensitive is what you are looking for, as they are supplied in size 1 special for babies between 2 and 5 kilograms.

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Main Features Explained


The design that the Dodot diaper model that you decide to purchase can offer you must be adequate to offer the baby an appropriate level of comfort and convenience, therefore, do not forget to take this characteristic into account before making the purchase.

According to the opinions of many users, the design should always be accompanied by quality and super safe materials that can provide your baby with a product free of substances that are harmful to the health of their skin.

The Dodot brand has always kept this detail in mind and that is why it has the Protection Plus Sensitive model, characterized by having a special cut in the navel area to avoid discomfort when adjusting the diaper on your newborn baby..

Yes, in the case of diapers that are supplied in size 1, they are appropriate for the use of those babies who have just arrived in the world of dad and mom. In this sense, they will look good on babies weighing between 2 and 5 kilograms.

For its part, the more diapers you can buy with a single purchase, the better. That is why Dodot offers you a pack of 30 units, which your baby can use without any inconvenience, feeling fresh and clean.


The purchase of the best Dodot diapers available on the market will depend on several characteristics, among which the level of absorption that it can provide stands out.

A diaper with a good level of absorption allows your baby to stay dry for longer and this quality is what parents look for every day when they have to choose from among so many options the one that is the most practical and functional according to its description.

In this way, when manufacturing the Protection Plus Sensitive model, Dodot thought of using a layer called Cora Soft in the internal structure of these diapers, which is characterized by providing your baby with a considerably good level of absorption, while at the same time providing a delicate touch to keep your skin always protected.

For their part, these diapers have 3 tubes that stand out for being ultra-absorbent, as well as ideal for helping with the distribution of moisture evenly throughout their internal structure.

When you look at all the details that this model of baby diapers has to offer you, you should not doubt the fact that it is a product capable of satisfying the needs of your little one and that it is also available at a very affordable price.


The more softness a model of baby diapers can offer you, the more certainty you could have of acquiring the right product to offer your little one the comfort they need. It is for this reason that we have decided to tell you a little about the level of softness that this model has to offer you, which has been designed for the use of newborn babies.

Protection Plus Sensitive diapers could provide your baby with delicate care, as well as a high level of protection for their skin, since it is a product as soft as a feather and capable of offering a considerable sensation of comfort for your little one.

In this sense, these diapers, in addition to their totally soft structure, also have a humidity indicator so that you know when it is time to replace your baby, in this way, it will change color so that you can carry out said action.

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