Opinions about Dodot Protection Plus Sensitive

Main advantage:

What stands out most about this diaper is its soft and comfortable design, which makes it an ideal product to treat the delicate skin of the newborn. In addition, it has an anatomical cut that favors the correct healing of the umbilical cord.

Main disadvantage:

In some specific cases, the product has leaked pee and liquid stool. However, this could be due to a bad position of the diaper or a size larger than recommended.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is one of the best rated diapers on the net, which is why many parents appreciate the high quality of the product and the support of the brand.

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Main Features Explained

Brand and anatomical design

When it comes to baby diapers, the Dodot brand is a benchmark for high quality. It is a brand that has built a prestigious track record of almost 50 years, during which time it has remained one of the leading firms in the sector. It belongs to the Procter & Gamble group and markets both baby wipes and diapers and is considered by the Spanish as the second best brand on the market.

It is a brand that offers diapers for the various stages of growth, from newborns to children beyond 3 years. Today we present the Dodot Protection Plus Sensitive, a diaper designed for babies weighing from 2 to 5 kilos, so it is recommended for newborns or children with little weight.

It is a diaper with an anatomical design and designed to offer maximum care to the navel of the newborn. The cutting of the umbilical cord is a delicate episode, so we must avoid any infection in this area and take care that the wound heals correctly. For this reason, this diaper offers a particularly comfortable and very soft cut, which prevents any friction with the delicate area around the navel.

softness and absorption

The skin of babies is much thinner and more delicate than that of adults, especially the area of ​​their genitals and their bottom; Being exposed to stool and pee, it could be easily irritated and cause dermatitis in the diaper area. For this reason, the idea is to keep the baby as dry and comfortable as possible and avoid any condition.

Thinking about the comfort of the newborn and the peace of mind of the parents, Dodot has created this diaper with extra absorption thanks to Cora-soft technology, which offers a filtering fabric that moves liquids away from the baby’s skin and keeps you dry and comfortable. In addition, it offers a textile layer that envelops your baby with the softness of a feather, so it offers a pleasant and comfortable sensation for his skin.

It is the softest diaper in the entire Dodot range and given the silk texture with which it is made and the absorption capacity it can offer, the opinions of many experts position it as the best baby diaper for newborns. Thanks to these attributes, it is a reliable product that gently cares for children’s most sensitive areas.

Humidity and presentation indicator

Newborns can urinate approximately twenty times a day, so we must change the diaper in a balanced way; that is, don’t spend too much time with a wet diaper but don’t change too quickly either. This situation can worry new parents, so this diaper has the new technology that offers a wetness indicator.

With this added convenience for parents, you can be sure of the right time to make the change; since the diaper has an easily visible band of colors, which turns blue when it indicates the moment in which you must make the change. Thanks to this, your baby will be more comfortable and without the risk of skin irritation.

On the other hand, it is a product that offers you a presentation of 30 diapers per package in size 1. However, the manufacturer offers for greater savings, a practical pack of 4 packages of 30 diapers, for a total of 120 units; all for a very affordable price. For this reason, you will not need to be buying diapers while your baby exceeds the first stage of growth and reaches 5 kilos of weight. In addition, you can also select between sizes 1, 2 and 3, depending on the child’s build.

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