Opinions about Dodot Sensitive Size 2

Main advantage:

Making your baby feel comfortable is a super easy task, which you can carry out using this diaper model, since it has a very soft and delicate structure, effective in protecting the little one’s skin at all times.


Main disadvantage:

The absorption system provided in these diapers could be improved compared to other models. However, the softness and protection it offers make it a suitable option for babies with sensitive skin.


Verdict: 9.5/10

This model could be the most suitable for your baby if you are looking for a special Dodot diaper package for use by children between 4 and 8 kilograms in weight, it is also supplied in a quantity of 238 pieces, ideal for several changes.

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Main Features Explained



There are different types of Dodot diapers on the market, so choosing the best among them could be an easy task to carry out as long as you have the appropriate information. In this way, it is important that you can consider the design that they manage to offer your baby, so that he can feel comfortable and safe at all times.

It should be noted that the Dodot Sensitive model is available in size 2, making it suitable for use by children weighing between 4 and 8 kilograms in total. Likewise, they are supplied in a quantity of 238 diapers so that you can change your baby as many times as necessary, being able to always keep him dry and comfortable.

On the other hand, they are capable of providing quality care to your baby’s skin, since they are made with selected materials, the same ones that are super soft to avoid any type of irritation or discomfort. Therefore, there could be no doubt that this model could be the ideal one for your baby’s daily use.

The best of all regarding their design is that they are available in white and have some drawings that make them cheerful and appropriate for the use of a baby.


As babies grow, it is necessary to have diapers capable of providing a comfortable and appropriate fit so that they can feel comfortable while playing, sleeping or doing any type of movement.

It is for this reason that the Dodot brand offers you a model that, in addition to being available at a good price, has an appropriate fastening system. These are the well-known elastic strips that could stick to the front of the diaper easily.

For its part, it is important to consider that these diapers will not cause any discomfort in the area near the navel, since they are designed to protect your baby, thanks to the comfortable finish available around the cut of the umbilical cord.

In this way, we are talking about diapers that are even safe for your little one to use and with which he can feel complete comfort thanks to each of the features that this model has to offer.



Among so many opinions given by different users, who have opted for the Sensitive Size 2 model of the Dodot brand, the fact that this product is considered one of the most comfortable with respect to the level of absorption they have to offer is notable.

In this sense, being able to provide your baby with diapers with which to always feel comfortable, dry and fresh will be within your reach, since the Sensitive ones have an absorbent layer called Cora-Soft that is capable of reducing the presence of pee in the surface as well as from liquid excrement.

For their part, these diapers have air channels that keep the baby’s skin dry and ventilated for a long time. Just as they have a wetness indicator in their structure that will change color when the diaper is ready to be replaced.

For this and many more reasons, this option could be considered the best Dodot diapers available on the market, since they offer you all the functionality you need to always keep your baby in the best conditions, therefore, do not hesitate to take them into account. when making your choice.

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