Opinions about Foppapedretti Rolling Fix

Main advantage:

It has a practical swivel seat that allows rotation on its base to orient it towards the car door, allowing you to seat and lift the child from the seat comfortably and safely, without having to uninstall the system or adopt difficult positions to achieve it.

Main disadvantage:

The space provided for the rest of the child’s feet is smaller than expected, mainly when the chair is facing rearward facing, so it could be at a disadvantage compared to other similar models.

Verdict: 9.5/10

It has an adjustable headrest and its internal reducer is padded, which prevents blows from impacts. Thanks to this, it is one of the most comfortable models for children to rest.

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Main Features Explained


This attractive car seat has dimensions of 60.5 x 44 x 67.5 cm, which is enough to comfortably seat children from birth to 4 years of age or until they reach 18 kg and have a weight approximately 15 kg, favoring its transfer and installation in the car. In addition, it has side padding that protects the child’s body from possible impacts or sudden movements.

Its structure is made of high-resistance plastic, which offers the necessary support to provide a comfortable and safe place to seat the child during road trips. Likewise, it is covered with a 100% polyester lining in shades of gray and black, capable of withstanding wear and tear caused by rubbing, and it also offers the possibility of removing it to wash it with soap and water.

Regarding the seat, it is necessary to mention that it is one of the most practical car seats, because it incorporates an adjustable headrest to adopt the most comfortable position according to the use of the moment, whether sitting or lying down. Likewise, it has a reducing cushion and internal padding that adjust to the shape of the child’s body to provide greater support, especially in the first months of life.


This Rolling Fix car seat, from the prestigious Foppapedretti brand, has been approved for use with children belonging to Groups 0+ and 1. Group 0+ refers to children up to 13 kg, which occurs around 15 months of age, as well as for Group 1 children, who weigh between 9 and 18 kg, which usually occurs when they have reached 3 or 4 years of age.

For its part, the seat has a swivel base that allows you to move the seat in the direction of the car door, which greatly facilitates the moment of sitting or lifting the child from the seat and eliminates the need to uninstall the seat. seat from its base whenever the child is with us, so according to the opinions of many parents it is one of the best car seats today.

Also, it offers the option of transitioning from the Group 0+ chair to the Group 1 chair with the flick of a button. Likewise, it is suitable both for use in the direction of travel and for use in the opposite direction to the direction and allows the seat to recline for the use of children who do not exceed 13 kg.


The safety of the child while traveling seated in one of these seats is an essential point to take into account for both parents and manufacturers, since this can have a great impact on its price and effectiveness. In this sense, you should know that this chair complies with the safety standards imposed by the European approval ECE R44 / 04, which only have those chairs that had to pass certain impact tests to certify their correct operation.

This model also has shoulder protection and a five-point seat belt, which provides extra protection to most areas of the child’s body, favoring their posture when sleeping or sitting in the event of a collision, and has a strap adjustment to ensure that the baby maintains the position during the journey. 

Equally important is the fact that its installation is only appropriate under the innovative ISOFIX fastening and safety system, which allows quick and efficient assembly to the internal structure of the car to prevent its detachment in the event of an unexpected movement, therefore minimizes the risk of detachment. 

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