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Main advantage: 

If there is something that makes this trike stand out, it is the number of accessories it comes with. This product comes with a hood, a basket and even an additional bag so that the father always carries everything he needs.

Main disadvantage: 

Although it doesn’t really affect the comfort of the child, safety can be somewhat compromised considering that the pedals cannot be locked. This makes it necessary to pay more attention to the little ones.

Verdict: 9.9/10

This is one of the most complete tricycles that you can get, as it adapts both to the needs of the child and to the necessary comforts for the parent. That way, both of you will enjoy the experience of walking with him.

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Main Features Explained


The little ones in the house will be able to learn from an early age what it is to move around in comfort, style and have a lot of fun while doing it. This is due to one of the best baby trikes on the market, the Injusa Body Sport. Combining red with grey, black and white accents, this model provides much more than just a cute look that parents and kids will love. Manufacturers, paying attention to every detail, have managed to create a product that will make every ride unforgettable.

Its design is very similar to that of a motorcycle, with small toy mirrors, a comfortable handlebar and a large silver number 1 that will stand out at all times. With this tricycle you won’t have to worry about the sun hitting your child directly, since the included and removable hood can shade your little one and even protect him from light drizzles on certain occasions.

To give you more space to take advantage of, this product comes with a rear basket between the two wheels where you can carry things for your ride such as snacks, toys, drinks, among other things. However, so you don’t have to leave anything behind, this is one of the few baby tricycles that includes a comfortable removable gray bag as an accessory that will serve you well even without the tricycle.


Do you have a child between the ages of 10 months and 4 years? Are you a multiple dad and want to find something for all your little ones? Then you will be delighted to know that the price you pay for this tricycle will offer you fun adapted to the growth of your child, because anyone who is between that age range and weighs a maximum of 30 kilograms can use this product to transport from one place to another. and play all day.

The reason why this trike fits different children is because it is a product with an evolutionary quality. This means that it allows its structure to be changed until it is adapted to the needs of each age, which usually vary from one to another. Children of 1 year, for example, will be able to count on external plastic bars, as well as a harness and a footrest that will give them comfort and, above all else, protection. Parents will be able to direct the tricycle through the handle, while the children enjoy the ride.

As they grow, the tricycle will be able to dispense with certain accessories to give more autonomy and freedom of movement to children who already want to use the pedals. The footrests are folding, while the protection bars can be removed, as well as the push handle.


In addition to its great design and its practical evolutionary adaptation process, many positive opinions that this product has collected can be attributed to the quality of the structure of the tricycle and also to the excellent materials used in its manufacture, to give it resistance, maximum durability, and optimal performance that will accompany your child during his early years.

Plastic and metal are the main elements, making up the body of the tricycle by 95% and 5% respectively, which means that children’s handling does not affect it too much and it is possible to keep the product in good condition, even if it is damaged. frequent use. The tires are also made of hard plastic, however, each of them has a central rubber band to offer a better grip on the ground and a quieter ride.

Despite its manufacturing elements and its design, which reaches dimensions of approximately 98 x 46.2 x 106 cm, this trike is one of the lightest models you will get, since it only weighs 4.5 kilograms. These measures and lightness will not only facilitate its handling, but also its storage at home. Additionally, the assembly process lasts a few minutes and is simple, following the user manual.

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