Opinions about Jane Babyside

Main advantage:

This mini crib has a 6-level height adjustment and telescopic legs to adapt without complications to different types of beds, offering a very efficient support and a lot of security, to practice co-sleeping during your baby’s first months.

Main disadvantage:

Its price is high when compared to similar models. But, the trajectory of the Jané brand, the quality and conformation of the product, plus the included accessories amortize the high cost. 

Verdict: 9.7/10

It is a beautiful mini crib, adjustable to 6 different heights and with a reclining mattress, to favor adaptation to any bed and provide comfort to the baby.

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Main Features Explained


When talking about mini-cots, this Jané Babyside model stands out for many aspects, including the height positions in which it can be adjusted and the ease of changing. There are 6 levels in total, which can be easily changed with a rotary and manual control, but very safe, because to activate it you must press a tab before turning it. In this way, the risk of the crib height being accidentally changed due to the weight or movements of the baby is reduced.

The idea is that the button on each side is turned, to place the crib at the same height as your bed. Now, among the novelties offered by this model is that of adjusting only one of the sides so that the mattress is inclined, thus being able to adjust the headboard to position 6, while the feet are at level 3 or 2. This function It is very useful for when the baby is constipated or has a cold, and the inclination favors his breathing. Also, it is used if the baby has reflux or colic discomfort. 

As for the access you have to the baby as a co-sleeping cot, this depends on the folding side that works with a zipper system and a lock on the metal structure, which allows you to unhook this part to place it under the cot and leave it uncovered to take the baby. baby easily at night. 

Design and accessories

The Jané Babyside is considered one of the best mini cribs, confirmed by the opinions of the users who have purchased it, and the fact is that the modern, compact and functional design of this product far exceeds other similar models.

First of all, the aluminum structure is light and resistant, making it easy to move the crib from one place to another, without forgetting that because it is a durable and resistant metal there is no risk of oxidation or breakage, thus increasing its storage time. utility. Even when your baby is already big, you can save it for the arrival of another baby or lend it to a family member who is about to receive a new member. 

For its part, the textile design of the sides has good quality, breathable and safe materials for contact with the baby, and if the mini-cradle is not used in co-sleeping mode, the folding side can be fixed and because it is made with mesh fabric promotes air circulation inside the crib, keeping the baby cool.  

It should be noted that the mattress and crib covers are included in the purchase, so you can take advantage of the investment and not have to look for additional accessories. Although the price of this model is not the cheapest on the market, its design and included accessories make up for the value. 

Measurements and fastening 

The Jané Babyside mini crib measures 92 x 67 cm and its height can vary between 68 and 79 cm. As we already mentioned, its structure is made of aluminum, and its mounting design is completely removable, so it is not necessary to use tools. 

You will only have to take it out of the box, unfold the legs and fix a bar that gives firmness to the support and stability to the structure. The legs already come with the wheels mounted and each wheel also incorporates a lock. 

It is important to note that the structure of this mini crib supports a maximum weight of 9 kg, so you can use it from when your baby is born until he reaches this weight.

Regarding the fastening for the co-sleeping mode, this model includes tensors to hook the structure to the bed base of the parents’ bed and thus provide greater stability and firmness. 

On the other hand, it is a product available in different colors, so you can choose the one you like the most or the one you want to combine with the rest of the baby’s implements, because we are sure that you will enjoy all the benefits that this model offers for families with newborns. 

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