Opinions about Jane Muum

Main advantage: 

The addition of a rain cover and changing bag to the purchase package are pretty flattering features, enhancing the stroller experience and saving you money by not having to purchase them separately.

Main disadvantage: 

There are those who comment that the weight of 11 kilograms of the structure, together with the chair, can become high, which makes the handling process less practical.

Verdict: 9.8/10 

This stroller incorporates high-end materials, safety mechanisms and a practical folding method, being a good option to offer the little one a resistant, safe and comfortable support.

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Main Features Explained

Design and manufacturing

Acquiring the best baby stroller is the goal of most parents, who want to offer their little ones a quality product in which they can be comfortable and safe at all times.

There are many opinions found on the web about this model of baby strollers from the Jané house, which since its appearance on the market in 2016 has managed to position itself positively. In fact, after three years it is still valid, being one of the favorites of users.

Its folding design is characterized by having a sporty aesthetic, modern cuts, detailed manufacturing finishes and very well cared for. In addition, it is a fully functional stroller, which adapts to the needs of the baby. In this way, you can adjust the position of the chair, the harness and the footrest, as well as adjust the height of the handlebar or remove the hood.

Regarding its manufacture, we have that aluminum tubes were used for the chassis, which provide a high level of lightness to the model. Also, the structure was treated against corrosion, which is quite convenient in the rainy season. 

On the other hand, it is worth noting the incorporation of some reinforcements and coatings of the structure in robust polymer with a soft touch. Likewise, you will find this material in the closing hooks of the wheels and in some of the adjustment mechanisms.

Finally, we must mention the textile material incorporated into the design. In the case of the hood, you will need to know that it has been treated with protection against UVB, UVA and UPF +50 rays. In this sense, you can go for a walk with the baby without worrying about generating some kind of irritation on his delicate skin due to solar radiation. Likewise, both this fabric and that of the seat cover, footrest and lower basket have permeable properties, which suggests practicality. Thus, when some type of spill occurs, you will only have to clean it quickly with a cloth and the incident will not happen to majors.


When purchasing a product there are many aspects to evaluate, one of them being the accessories occasionally included in the purchase package. Although these are not mandatory, it is also true that more and more manufacturers are adding them to offer buyers a better user experience.

Such is the case of the Jané house, which usually completes its products with at least a couple of accessories. Regarding this issue, there are those who think that this could mean an increase in the price of the product, which is not entirely true. Remember that what you are going to save by buying a stroller without accessories, you will have to invest it later by buying them separately.

With regard to the Jané Muum baby strollers, you should know that their purchase is quite convenient, because first of all it incorporates a practical rain protection bubble. It is a cover with a thin body, soft touch and a composition free of toxic agents that can cause any condition to the child.

In addition, its design is spacious and has elastic areas on the edges for a correct fit on the car. Due to these qualities, the product has come to be valued as one of the best baby strollers, according to the opinions registered in the different specialized purchase portals. And it is that apart from offering a high level of quality and a pleasant aesthetic, it is also quite convenient when incorporating these accessories.

folding and cleaning

Among the features most appreciated by users in baby strollers, in addition to a competitive price, is the fact that they can enjoy a spacious surface to support the child, while transporting some of their toys and personal items. However, once the equipment is not in use, other needs arise. Such is the case of being able to fold the structure, significantly reducing its size. Thus, they will not have any inconvenience to store the stroller in the closet or place it in the suitcase of the car.

In this sense, it is not surprising that users consider the Muum model from Jané to be the best baby stroller, since it perfectly complies with the aforementioned aspects. Its structure has an adjustable height that ranges from 78 to 108 centimeters, while the width – length corresponds to 60 x 98 centimeters respectively. 

Now, once you make use of the folding mechanism, the chassis will be reduced to a format of 34 x 60 x 75 centimeters, being a fairly compact size that you can handle very easily. Of course, you must have previously removed the rear wheels.

On the other hand, but continuing with the aspects valued by buyers when purchasing this type of product, we will refer to the cleaning method. This task is quite simple, since the manufacturer made all the upholstery of the stroller with Velcro closures that allow the pieces to be easily removed. In this way, you can incorporate the textiles into the washing machine, as long as you use a gentle cycle and neutral detergent. Thus, you will avoid the deterioration of the fabric.

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