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Main advantage: 

The great advantage of this product is its completely stain and liquid resistant fabric, an excellent quality when it comes to children’s products. On top of that, the fabric also provides optimal breathability.

Main disadvantage: 

The handle of this stroller has a completely straight shape with square corners, so the grip is more limited, since you will have to adapt to the handle when walking your little one.

Verdict: 9.6/10

This product is ideal for those looking for long durability, resistance to use and comfort for the little ones. Adjustable, easy to use and with a solid structure that stands out for its quality.

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Main Features Explained


The main material in which something is made should always be an aspect to consider before purchasing a product. This is even more important when it comes to the purchase of a baby stroller, since children are more delicate and deserve resistance as well as comfort and protection.

Among the opinions given about this Jané model, the fabric is one of the most outstanding and praised qualities of the entire product. This is due to its unique properties that make it stand out from other options on the market. For example, this resistant material has been manufactured with an anti-stain technology that becomes a great ally considering how easy it is for a child to dirty something, in addition to the constant manipulation on your part. This stain prevention will ease the cleaning process, making it quicker and less tiring for you.

Something that often happens with children when traveling in baby strollers is that they are more prone to sweat, as they are more covered, however, the fabric of this model has fibers with advanced properties that allow good breathability, transferring moisture towards the outside so that the little ones are more comfortable. This aspect will help your child to always stay dry and that the accumulation of sweat does not cause problems such as common skin irritations.

Finally, the fabric acts as a repellent against any type of liquid. You should not worry if your baby drinks a bottle of juice or a little water, because even if the content spills, it will be easier to clean it up. Children can also make a mess when it comes to peeing and, to your great relief, if this happens, there is less chance that the urine will be impregnated.


Are you looking for a solid but easy to handle structure? If your answer is yes, then you could be in front of the best baby stroller for you and your requirements. This product has a weight of 10.3 kilograms, however, the thickness of its wheels and the difference in size between the front and rear make the ride easier, lighter and faster. Although its measurements are 85 x 70 x 55 cm, when folded it can save up to 20 cm of space, as it can measure up to 62 x 60 x 68 cm, which makes it easier to store it anywhere or take it in the family car.

The ease of folding is due to Jané’s patented system, in which the anodized aluminum chassis gives lightness and provides a size reduction of up to 30%. It has an inverted “C” shaped rear structure, which makes moving the car easier. The rear wheels have a larger diameter and have a suspension system that facilitates damping to provide a more comfortable ride for your little one.

Both the carrycot and the stroller have a hood made of water-resistant fabric, in addition to protecting the child from the sun. The carrycot comes with a comfortable leg cover for small babies, while larger ones can have their legs outdoors in the stroller. Protection for the latter comes in the form of a padded bar that will keep them in place and a double belt that covers both shoulders in the same soft material, joining sturdy hip straps with a leg spreader.

For greater comfort and practicality, the lower part has a basket where you can carry all the essential items for the child or yourself. 


A tip that will save you a lot of money when buying baby products is their versatility. It does not matter if you see a low-priced product if its functionalities are limited, because this means that in a short time you will have to buy other artifacts that can serve as a complement for other activities.

In the case of this baby stroller, this is not a problem. This is because Jané, as a brand, has decided to emphasize the versatility of this model, which stands out for its multifunctionality. The practicality of this product begins to be noticed from the moment you realize that, with the patented Pro-Fix system, the base structure can be adapted to any type of carrycot and baby carrier of the brand, so if you want make a change, this will only take a few minutes.

The stroller can be used from birth, if you use the carrycot, and when he grows a little more you can accommodate your little one in the stroller. The latter has a 3-level adjustable backrest system. These will be able to take the child from a sitting position until he can lie down comfortably. Therefore, this product will be able to accompany your child in various stages of his life.

When you walk, you can decide in which direction to take your child, since the reversible system used in the seat will allow you to place it with your child facing you or towards the street. It all depends on how comfortable you and the little one feel and also on how old he is, because if he is very young, then he should always make eye contact with you. As if this were not enough, this product has a suitable height to be able to adapt to a table and function as a high chair, giving your baby a comfortable and well-known space to eat without question.

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