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Main advantage

The Lego City Fire Station offers children the opportunity to learn how a fire station works while playing. At the same time, these types of toys that require assembly allow them to develop their fine motor skills.

Main disadvantage: 

This set contains many parts and may be a bit tricky to assemble for some users, however the time spent on assembly will be well worth it.

Verdict: 9.7/10 

All lovers of Lego City sets will enjoy assembling this complete fire station with all the details such as the antenna and the truck.

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Main Features Explained


This could be the best Lego City set thanks to all the features and play options it offers. Not only does it allow children to learn how a fire station works from the inside, but it contains many action figures, various accessories and various fire vehicles as well.

Everything in the fire station invites you to play. First of all, it has a fully detailed off-road vehicle and is equipped with a light and sound brick, a new type of Lego brick. Among the other vehicles included in the set, it has a jet ski, with space for one of the figures, as well as an observation drone, equipped with a mobile camera and a remote control, whose blades move thanks to built-in rotors. 

The park has everything you need to fight the fire, thanks to the hose that works with a lever, as well as a space for storage inside the warehouse.

Figures and design

This could be one of the most complete Lego City sets, as it has a very large design. The fire station is made up of two parts, a three-story building and a garage to store the fire truck, which in turn is made up of several transparent glass-type bricks and a roof where the surveillance drone can land.

The central building of the park has 3 floors, an office, a rest room and an upper observation tower. Each floor has all the details such as the control table of the tower, the antennas, the loudspeakers to give the alarm or the logo of the Lego City fire department. 

It also includes a back part with a garbage can, a stack of newspapers and various accessories in the form of flames, with which to simulate a fire. The set is completed with four Lego figures and a Dalmatian dog, which will be the mascot of the fire team. 


According to the opinions of many users and educational experts, Lego sets allow children to learn while having fun. These affordable toys develop children’s fine motor skills by assembling the components and, at the same time, by taking on the role of firefighters, they will learn how a park works from the inside and what their day-to-day life is like. professionals.

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