Opinions about LEGO 60197

Main advantage:

Bluetooth technology to control train driving is a breakthrough because the infrared receiver is no longer needed. In addition, it has the duality of being able to be managed from the remote control and through an application on the mobile or tablet. 

Main disadvantage:

If you want to extend the train’s route, it is necessary to buy a set of extra tracks or acquire other models that can be combined with the 60197 train, since the included tracks only allow you to make a small oval.

Verdict: 9.8/10

The train has a modern design and realistic finishes. In addition, the assembly is interesting and entertaining for lovers of locomotives. 

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Main Features Explained


Lego trains have been a source of entertainment and fun for the whole family for decades, as adults and children are passionate about everything involved in building the train and watching it move along the tracks.

In essence, the 60197 model maintains all these characteristics as it is made up of 677 pieces and is suitable for children between 6 and 12 years old. But, as we mentioned earlier, this model is also great for adults who collect toy locomotives.

On the appearance of this model, we must highlight its ultra-modern passenger train design with realistic details and attractive colors. As for its dimensions, once assembled the train measures 11 cm high, 69 cm long and 5 cm wide and its design is compatible with various Lego sets to build a city with all its infrastructure. 

If you are wondering the price of this toy, you should know that it has a competitive cost and that it is common to find it with attractive discounts that favor its value for money.

Assembly and operation

Depending on the experience of the child and the collaboration of an adult, the assembly of this train can take between 2 and 3 hours. Like all Lego products, the descriptions are clear and explicit, in addition to the fact that the pieces are separated by category to more easily identify where they belong.

On the other hand, the fact that, once the train has been assembled, the roof of the wagons is collapsible stands out. This aspect improves the play experience of the little ones because the fun can also take place inside the train with the adventures that the passengers can have during the trip. Also, the driver’s cab has a window that opens. 

As for the driving of the train, the motorized locomotive is controlled through a Bluetooth remote control and a speed adjustment of 10 levels that make the game more interesting, according to the opinions of its users.


When it comes to realism, Lego always stands out for incorporating all the elements and accessories necessary to maintain the closest possible resemblance to reality in its construction sets.

In this sense, passenger train 60197 could not be the exception and that is why it includes a small platform with two seats and a railway map for passengers to consult the route. 

Similarly, it includes 4 straight and 16 curved segments to form the train tracks and adapt them to the style of the Lego city. Plus, the 4 minifigures bring the set to life to represent 2 passengers, a driver and an attendant, plus 3 coffee cups, a croissant, 3 cupcakes, a messenger bag and a suitcase containing a Lego set. With all these details we could rate this model as one of the best Lego trains currently available.

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