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Main advantage:

The opportunity for children to learn in every moment of play is a really positive aspect. In addition to developing the skills that are usually worked on when assembling, the little ones will also be able to learn about trains.

Main disadvantage:

The price could be considered somewhat high if one takes into account that the set has small dimensions. However, it will be worth every penny for Harry Potter fans.

Verdict: 9.8/10

All lovers of the Harry Potter saga will remember the scenes on platform 9 and ¾ when using this beautiful product. With colorful details true to the movies and various characters to play.

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Main Features Explained


Although, among the Harry Potter Legos, some might consider this set a basic model, the Hogwarts express and the station have several hidden qualities. Made for ages 8-14, this purchase features 801 quality plastic parts to assemble the train and platform 9 and ¾.

King’s Cross Station comes with a newsstand displaying 2 copies of “The Daily Prophet” just like in the movie. The railway bridge, meanwhile, comes with a clock so you don’t miss the departure time and a ladder. To get to it, Harry must run the 3 pieces of luggage towards the moving brick wall.

As for the train, it can be opened to see the interior and play in the cars. For added realism, you can hide things in the secret compartments or just relax the figures in the seats while they buy chocolate frogs.


This product could easily be the best Harry Potter Lego if you really like trains, because with the purchase of this product children could imagine that they are going straight to Hogwarts on the express from the school of witchcraft and wizardry. This train is a fully interactive structure measuring 54 x 7.8 x 28.2 cm and light weight for easy movement. To assemble it, you only need to follow the included instructions, which come in different languages. If the little ones want to vary the game, they can add the train to other similar toys or play with the express along with other cars.

As for adults, they can also have fun assembling the product to display it in a corner of their house dedicated to Harry Potter or in a gallery, since the toy serves as a collector’s item.

fun education

Regardless of the price of the Lego set you are going to buy, user reviews will always praise its quality of providing educational fun for children. Assembling one of these structures piece by piece, in this case the train and the platform, will help children improve their fine motor skills and develop spatial memory and logic. In addition to this, when playing, the little ones will work on skills such as creativity, imagination and, if they play with friends using the 5 minifigures, they will also develop language.

Another highlight of this set is that it can be used to teach children how trains work, as they can explore the carriages as they play and detail the entire structure both inside and out. In this way, after playing, the children will not only have fun, but they will also have acquired more knowledge.

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