Opinions about Miniland Chefy 5

Main advantage:

It is a kitchen robot that stands out for providing 5 functions in 1 single product. You can steam, grind, sterilize, defrost and also heat the child’s food and bottles. It also offers a set of accessories that improve the user experience.


Main disadvantage:

The material with which the jar is made has not turned out to be as durable as expected for a food processor, as it tends to crack easily if not treated with care.

Verdict: 9.6/10

Many parents have left their opinions online where they value the functionality and performance offered by this model, so it could be a good purchase option.

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Main Features Explained


If you await the arrival of your baby and you are preparing the shopping list, it is important to know that big changes are coming that could affect your rhythm of life, as well as the logistics regarding your child’s daily meals. Adequate nutrition for healthy development is something that is priceless; so among the childcare products that you cannot leave aside are the babycooks.

The Miniland Chefy 5 is a baby cooker that offers a healthy and nutritious diet to little ones, once they reach the age where they begin to eat solid foods, which usually happens after 6 months of life. With this electric appliance equipped with 5 different functions, you can provide your baby with delicious baby food, purées, creams, soups and even fruit shakes, all natural and without wasting time.

It is a kitchen robot designed to offer optimal performance and make life easier for parents when it comes to cooking. For this reason, it heats and steams, which favors the maximum use of vitamins and minerals in food. It also grinds offering different textures, depending on the age and preferences of the child.

Likewise, it is capable of gradually and homogeneously defrosting food, so you can easily cook frozen food quickly and safely. In the same way, you can comfortably heat both jars and bottles of any size. In addition to all this, the Miniland babycook also provides adequate sterilization for all accessories, as well as for bottles and pacifiers.

For this reason, if your kitchen does not have a lot of space, this multifunction appliance could be the most suitable, since it will not be necessary to have to buy several devices separately to obtain the benefits that this model offers you in a single product.

Power and practicality

Since a baby constantly demands all of our attention and care, having one of the best baby cookers like this Miniland model will be of great help when preparing their food; since without it we would have to spend long hours preparing and cooking food. For this reason, it is a kitchen robot that offers the possibility of spending more time with our son, especially during his first years of life.

It is an appliance equipped with a power of 700 watts, which is directed to the function of cooking or steam heating; You can also adjust it to two intensity levels depending on the food. Likewise, to provide optimal grinding of food, it offers you 200 watts and two speeds to choose from, according to the texture you want to achieve; either creamy or in pieces, in order to adapt it to each stage of growth and without risking the child’s delicate digestion.

On the other hand, it has an intuitive handling. To do this, it has a backlit display where you can find touch buttons for each function, as well as to increase or decrease the speed or intensity of cooking. In addition, on its blue screen you can easily see the icons that identify all the processes.

Additionally, it is a device that not only provides you with features that allow you to use it at home, but you can also easily take it from one place to another and it is even ideal for preparing the child’s food when you are on family vacation. For this, it has a reduced size and light weight and includes a practical and functional carrying bag, with a zipper and a handle, in order to improve its grip and portability. In addition, it offers compact storage and a cable rewind mechanism.

Design and cleaning

This babycook not only takes care of your child’s nutrition, it also offers an attractive design in white and silver, with a modern and sophisticated touch. It is made of BPA-free plastic, so it is reliable when preparing food. In addition, it has a large jug with a capacity of 1 L, which you can expand thanks to the 3 included baskets.

In this sense, you will receive a large basket with a capacity of 750 ml, a medium one of 350 ml and a smaller one of 150 ml. Thanks to which, you will be able to make the most of all its capacity and cook all the food for the week, to later preserve it and use it at another time.

Likewise, it is a safe appliance, since it has the automatic disconnection function, which is activated when cooking is finished or when the appliance detects a lack of water in its 350 ml capacity tank. To do this, it warns you through a visual and audible alarm.

It has a weight of 2.1 Kg and dimensions of 31 x 23.5 x 27 cm, so it takes up little space on your countertop. Likewise, it is a piece of equipment that allows all its accessories to be easily stored inside the main jar, which favors its storage and transport. As for its maintenance, you can disassemble all its parts and even both the cutting blade and its accessories can be washed in the dishwasher.

On the other hand, in order to facilitate the preparation of meals, the manufacturer offers you the possibility of downloading from the eMyBaby website a practical and useful book with 80 delicious recipes and useful advice from experts in child nutrition and dietetics, which all father will appreciate.

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