Opinions about Miniland Digimonitor 2.4 Plus

Main advantage: 

To prevent you from skipping medicine or meal time, this product comes with configurable alerts so you can set each alarm to the time needed, whether it is to change the diaper or give the medicine at the corresponding time.

Main disadvantage: 

The support base that is included in the purchase, despite serving as a place to place your unit no matter where you are, is somewhat delicate and can break easily.

Verdict: 9.9/10

To help you in various situations beyond simple surveillance, this product brings details such as the inclusion of routine alerts, sleep melodies and a constant recording in very good definition.

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Main Features Explained

video and audio

Obtaining a good video is decisive when choosing the best baby monitor on the market, since, without this, then what is the point of having a camera that helps you always keep your attention on the little one if you will not be able to see what is happening well. This model will seek to give you a video of the best quality at all times, therefore, it has a high-quality camera that comes along with three additional channels to connect other cameras that will allow you to cover a wider visual area.

It is possible to enlarge the image x2 to obtain better details regarding the activities carried out by your child and, if in your case you are a parent of multiple children, the fact that this baby monitor offers you the possibility of seeing two cameras simultaneously can save you worries, by keeping an eye on the movements of all the little ones at the same time.

When you sleep, the camera will detect the environmental change in order to adapt its recording and start working with a special night vision. This automatic function will adjust the colors and, through infrared, will allow a visual record of the babies despite the lack of lighting. In addition to this, if the children wake up scared in the middle of the night, its two-way system will help you calm them down quickly, since you can talk to them from your room and they can answer you from wherever they are.

The device’s high audio sensitivity makes sound activation possible which will prevent battery drain due to constant recording. This sensitivity can be adjusted to suit the child’s habits and give you better performance. As soon as the device detects a sound, it will turn on so you can immediately see what caused the noise.


Can you imagine being able to see your baby from anywhere without having to carry the baby monitor parent units with you all the time? Well, this is completely possible with the purchase of this Miniland Baby model and the best thing is that it is really simple, since you only need to have a smartphone and that it has a little space.

If you have it, then you can download the eMyBaby application that will give you the opportunity to view your little one from a computer, a Smartphone or a tablet. All this, after having made the previous connection between the camera and the screen that you have decided to use to see your child. You just need a place with internet access to watch it.

However, if you prefer the traditional and feel that it is less difficult to see everything on the parent unit, then you will have complete peace of mind with this baby monitor. This device has a flat LCD screen that comes with a size of 2.4” that, despite being small, will be able to show the images you need to see in great detail. You can adjust the brightness of the screen using the front touch panel, so if you can’t see something, you just need to adjust this aspect until you can see everything.

The battery is rechargeable and long lasting so there is no need to buy batteries and so you don’t run out of pictures of your little one without any warning. The wireless operation together with the long range of the parent unit offered by this product will make it possible for you to see your child even if you are 250 meters away from the camera. For that reason, it will be easier to take the baby monitor to all parts of the house without any problem.

Design and additional

The opinions of all parents coincide with the saying that “the tranquility of babies is priceless”, therefore, Miniland has decided to add extra functions so that, in addition to serving as a baby monitor, it also provides calm to the child and better organization. to the parents. For example, if you are forgetful and prefer to always have reminders for your child’s routine, this device will allow you to set alarms for different important events of the day such as taking medicine, changing diapers, feeding time and even It will let you keep track of the child’s sleep hours.

In addition to this, your little one will be able to enjoy five melodies that will serve to amuse him and calm him down when necessary. The volume of alerts and melodies is adjustable so as not to bother you and your baby. All of this can be controlled from the front touch panel found on the parent unit, which comes with buttons for volume and brightness adjustment, menu, option selection, zoom and additional functions.

The dimensions of this baby monitor are small to be able to take it everywhere without discomfort. It is a product of just 8 x 2.4 x 9 cm that you can carry in your pocket, if you wish, or simply in your hand. The device has a common white design and has a weight of only 662 grams, to facilitate its mobilization to all parts of the home without making any effort.

The light and small structure, in addition to offering greater opportunities to store the device anywhere, will also work to have a better grip on it, thus avoiding any accident or wear due to the constant use to which it will be subjected. Its proximity to the front panel will allow the use of the product with one hand.

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