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Main advantage:

This practical equipment offers a high quality image, as it has a 3.5-inch HD LCD screen, which will allow you to see the baby at all times to know what he is doing and how he is feeling while he is alone in his room.

Main disadvantage:

Some users think that the autonomy time of the battery could be less than expected, so it is necessary to recharge with certain frequency.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This innovative baby monitor is a good option in terms of security, because it has 2.4 GHz FHSS technology, which allows private communication without interference.

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Main Features Explained


This new and functional baby monitor device has a liquid crystal or LCD monitor, capable of offering a clear and high quality image. This screen is characterized by being quite thin and flat, so it is a compact device that gives you practicality. In addition, according to the opinions of experts, this technology consumes less electrical energy than other systems.

The screen of this equipment offers you a high-definition color image during the day, while at night it is capable of reproducing images through its night vision, which works with an infrared system installed in the camera. This feature will allow you to keep an eye on your baby and her surroundings at all times, no matter if the room has poor visibility or low lighting.

Also, its screen is 3.5 inches and has the right size to ensure an appropriate visual range of the room and the crib, which will allow you to closely monitor the status of the baby, whether he is awake, asleep or if he is sleeping. is at risk due to poor body posture, if you feel any discomfort, among other things.

In the same way, its innovative camera offers the possibility of moving the projected image horizontally or vertically, which gives you a better viewing angle of the room according to the real position of the baby, thus projecting panoramic images and with some degrees of inclination. Likewise, it incorporates remote zoom so that you can view the details if necessary. This feature is very useful when the child can already walk on all fours and moves throughout the space.


In terms of communication, this new equipment incorporates a microphone and speaker, both in the parent unit and in the baby unit, which offers the possibility of enjoying two-way audio communication. This is particularly useful, especially at times when you can’t look at the screen because you’re doing other things. In this way, you will be able to establish direct and effective communication between you and the child.

In this sense, what this type of communication offers is the possibility of listening to the baby at all times, alerting them to their mood and needs. In addition, it will also allow whoever is taking care of her to talk to her to distract him, calm him down and help him sleep at the time she deems appropriate, even while she goes to the room to attend to him.

To increase its functionality, the device incorporates keys to control the volume of the communication, as well as visual LED indicators to facilitate the adjustment of the intensity of the sound in 8 levels according to the need. In this way, it can be regulated to induce rest or to keep it motivated, which is why this equipment is considered by some users to be one of the best baby monitors today. 

Likewise, it has the innovative 2.4 GHz FHSS wireless technology, which refers to a spread spectrum modulation technique, where the signal jumps from frequency to frequency randomly, thus preventing it from being intercepted by unauthorized persons. authorized. Generally, it is used in this type of device for domestic use because it offers a lower level of external noise, completely preventing audio interference to offer a clean sound, but above all, it favors more private communication.


This useful and practical baby monitor is reasonably priced, however, it has a sensor that allows you to know the current temperature of the baby’s room. In addition, it will alert you about sudden changes, showing the readings in red when it exceeds 29º C or when it falls below 14º C. In this sense, parents will be able to compare the external climate with the internal one of the room, to provide an adequate level of ventilation or protection, according to the hours of the day or night. In this way, it is possible to maintain a pleasant and healthy environment for the child.

Another outstanding function is the incorporation of 5 lullabies or melodies indicated to distract and calm the baby when he feels restless. Similarly, you can choose the cycle option, which allows you to play all the songs sequentially, however, it is also possible to select one of them to play only once. It also has an option to adjust the volume, in this way you get a quieter environment.

It offers 2 options for use, plugged directly into the electrical current or through a 900 mAh NiMh and 3.6 V rechargeable battery, made from lithium polymer, which favors the durability of the equipment.

With regard to the transmission of radio waves, one of the main characteristics of this device is the security it offers, since it remains within the limits established internationally by ETSI standards, the mobile telephony standard most used wireless in Europe. Although it has not yet been scientifically proven that the radio waves emitted by DECT devices can be harmful to health, ECO Mode significantly lowers the transmission power to avoid potential risks, while saving energy.

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