Opinions about Playmobil 4399

Main advantage:

It is an attractive toy, full of life, color and various levels of interactivity that can capture the attention of the little ones, thus working on various aspects of their development while having fun.

Main disadvantage:

Before choosing this Playmobil toy, you should know that the stickers that represent details on the carriage and luggage must be installed by oneself instead of coming already assembled.

Verdict: 9.8/10

With Playmobil 4399 your little one will be able to have fun, create stories, live adventures and be entertained for many hours with the multiple pieces, colors and movements that the characters can carry out.

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Main Features Explained


toy design

The best Playmobil Western are those that maintain a classic and attractive theme for the little ones and, although their sale price may vary due to this, it is well worth choosing a nice set, full of details and according to the time in which it is played. was inspired.

And that is something that your little one can enjoy with the Playmobil 4399 model set, which is made up of a pair of horses, a vintage carriage, its driver and a passenger with luggage. All the elements present striking details and colors, as well as good paint and texture finishes for the little ones.

set interactivity

Playmobil Western toys are characterized by being quite interactive with pieces specially created to be used by little ones with skill. In this sense, the size and shape they have will determine this quality, so it is relevant to check that they are suitable for the area of ​​development that is planned to be stimulated.

On this occasion, the characters included in the Playmobil Western 4399 set have a height of 7.5 centimeters, being large enough to hold them comfortably in the hand, as well as handle them inside the included carriage or horses, for example. 

This feature of the products in the set will help the child increase their ability to control their extremities, while at the same time exercising their general motor skills.

Amount of pieces

Buyers who have purchased a Playmobil toy have mixed opinions about what is the most recommended number of pieces for this type of toy, since the greater their number, the more complex it will be to use, but if there are too few, it can reach to be boring

Considering the characteristics of the Playmobil 4399 toy, we find a total of 68 pieces, which range from animals, people, weapons, money, briefcases, bags and, of course, a scale carriage where you can play with the characters. With this you will have the guarantee that the child will have multiple accessories and interchangeable parts available to have fun playing for hours.

educational contribution

As with any Playmobil toy, one aspect that cannot be overlooked is the educational contribution that the product is capable of providing to your little one during play sessions. According to his model, you can take advantage of the psychomotor, neurological and imaginative benefits.

Among the benefits provided by this Playmobil set, you will find that the handling of its pieces helps to increase and work on various areas of child development, especially the psychomotor movement necessary to use the game set.

At the same time, you will be able to learn about history and how things were before contemporary times, and may even spark your interest in the events of the past.

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