Opinions about Playmobil 5251

Main advantage:

The main advantage of this product is its attractive, interactive design and durable manufacturing finishes that will allow it to be enjoyed by the child for a long time.

Main disadvantage:

Keep in mind that this Playmobil toy set is made up of few pieces compared to other purchase alternatives, being cataloged rather as a complement to a larger set.

Verdict: 9.7/10

It is a basic and affordable game set where the quality of its pieces make it attractive for the smallest of the house, in addition, they can take it wherever they want for their game sessions.

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Main Features Explained


set components

One of the main aspects that determine the sale price of a Playmobil Western toy set is the number of pieces that make it up. Therefore, the opinions of several users indicate that this is one of the factors that you must review in order to acquire the best Playmobil Western that the market has to offer.

This time, model 5251 surprises you with a 7.5 centimeters tall figure, a horse, a dog, a rifle, a snake and a mound of sand with a cactus to set up your own cowboy scenario and invent a cowboy story. wild West.

Design and finishes

As expected, the design of the toy set is another of the essential characteristics that buyers must analyze in order to choose the best model, especially if they want to maintain a certain theme such as that offered in the Playmobil Western line.

And that is why the Playmobil 5251 model is among the recommended ones, since it maintains a Wild West theme with its respective colors, animals and even flora, by having a fun and even realistic plastic cactus.

Each item in the set has rounded edges for safety and has been stained with non-toxic paint.

Interaction between the pieces

One of the advantages and greatest entertainment that Playmobil game sets offer is the level of interaction that can exist between its pieces and the western line is one that has not neglected this aspect, allowing you to enjoy fun characters and mobile sections.

Reviewing the qualities of the main character of set 5251, it is worth noting that his hands can hold some pieces of the set and he can even sit on the horse’s saddle to ride.

Maintenance and care

A detail that can be easily forgotten by users looking for Playmobil Western toys is the maintenance and care that they require in order to maintain their original state, as well as being safe to use for the little ones in the house.

That is why we consider it an advantage that the manufacturing materials of the game set pieces allow you to wash them directly with tap water and detergent in case they get dirty. This will make it easy for you to keep them free of germs so that your little one can play with total confidence.

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