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Main advantage:

By purchasing this Playmobil set, you will be giving your children a highly valuable educational tool that will allow them to develop their imagination and learn about the Christmas story. All this, while having fun playing safely.

Main disadvantage:

This Playmobil Nativity set does not include the figurines of the three Wise Men, which are a special part of every nativity scene. Therefore, it is necessary to acquire these characters separately.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is a Playmobil whose theme is centered on the theme of the birth of Jesus, which makes available to children a manger with figures and accessories with an attractive appearance and easy handling.

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Main Features Explained

educational benefits

Playmobil figures have been present on the market since the early 1970s, providing children around the world with a series of educational toys. In this way, infants have the opportunity to learn while having fun in a healthy way.

Precisely, this is the case of the Playmobil Nativity Scenes, which consist of a set with figures alluding to the birth of the baby Jesus, developed so that the little ones can recreate, on a small scale, this important moment in the history of humanity.

It is a product whose pedagogical value is endorsed by professionals, with the purpose of promoting imaginative play, either in groups or individually. Likewise, with this Playmobil it is possible to add values ​​to the training of children while they learn the Christmas story.


If you are looking for a toy for your little ones at a competitive price, with a pleasant aesthetic, safe handling and that its use provides educational values ​​to the infant, you might be interested in this product, considered the best Playmobil Nativity Scene. This toy is made up of figures and accessories that allow the context in which the baby Jesus was born to be recreated.

Each piece has been made of resistant, light and pleasant-touch polymer. In addition, this material is free of BPA or other toxic agents that can cause allergic conditions in children.

In total, there are seven figures alluding to Jesus, Joseph, Mary, the angel Gabriel, a shepherd with a sheep, the mule and the ox. Also, there is the structure of the manger, which includes grass, a basket, straw, a palm tree and a campfire. All these elements, with great color and detailed finishes.


Playmobil, like all toys, require a respective maintenance, since according to the opinions of the users, they are pieces in which dust and bacteria tend to accumulate easily, due to the fact that children place them on the ground, grass, sand. among other surfaces. Therefore, it is important to clean them frequently.

In the specific case of this Playmobil 5588 set, you will have no problem carrying out this cleaning task, because it is made of high-quality plastic parts. Thus, it will only be necessary to remove the batteries arranged in some pieces, to proceed to rub the structure with a damp cloth and remove dirt. Likewise, it is possible to wash the figures and accessories under running water, but remember to remove the excesses with a dry cloth, so that mold or bad odor does not appear.

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