Opinions about Playmobil 6919

Main advantage:

Although it requires assembly, the end result is quite striking and has characters from the Playmobil world for the recreations that you want to do on the built stage.

Main disadvantage:

The small size of some pieces of the game set can make assembly difficult, requiring constant adult supervision to prevent accidental ingestion.

Verdict: 9.8/10

The 6919 model offers a lot of fun as it has a large number of details and reactive elements, so that the child can entertain himself creating stories, scenarios and situations.

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Main Features Explained


set design

Being part of what could be the best Playmobil Police, set 6919 is an alternative that is worth knowing, since it has a good price and could easily become one of your little one’s favorite toys.

When assembled, the set shows a maximum security prison scenario, where the child can carry out play sessions with guards and inmates, mount surveillance on the towers, walk through the elevated corridors or open the main gate.

It is made up of a total of 256 pieces, 3 character figures with interchangeable accessories; and the police station itself will measure 63 x 26 x 45 centimeters with a weight of approximately 2.2 kilograms.

game dynamics

Playmobil Police sets are designed to be fun during and after the assembly process. This type of toys by pieces are cataloged as puzzles, since their original location must be ascertained, in order to build the object or scenario.

In the case of the Playmobil Police 6919 model, this corresponds to a police set where you can build a prison with its respective walls, watchtowers, policemen and prisoners. This amount of detail will be a considerable challenge for the little one, who will be able to learn to identify the pieces by colors, numbers and letters, in addition to following the instructions given with the set.

By building it, it will be possible for him to increase his motor skills, as well as improve hand/eye coordination, so that he can place the pieces exactly where they go.

child safety

Last but not least, you should be aware of carefully evaluating the level of safety that the Playmobil game for children offers. As these are toys made up of pieces, the opinions of experts indicate that it is important to check that it is suitable for the child’s age and, in addition, guarantee their constant vigilance.

Considering the characteristics of the model 6919 set, it is indicated that the recommended minimum age is from 4 years, but, as mentioned, the presence of small parts that can be ingested poses a risk if used without supervision. However, it should be noted that the edges of each element have been rounded, avoiding sharp corners that could hurt the child.

Likewise, each piece has gone through a design process designed to make it easier for the little one to grasp; so that you can handle them firmly and safely when building the set.

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