Opinions about Playmobil 9264

Main advantage:

With this Christmas Playmobil, the classic advent calendar will be much more fun for children, since instead of receiving sweets, they will have a figure or accessory alluding to Santa Claus’s workshop every day, which they can assemble on Christmas Eve.

Main disadvantage:

Some of the built-in accessories may have a small format, which is not suitable for handling by children under three years of age, as it could be a cause of suffocation.

Verdict: 9.7/10

This is a Christmas playmobil that combines figures with the usual format of the brand, as well as some accessories. All of them, with detailed finishes and safe manufacturing for children.

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Main Features Explained

Advent Calendar

This could be the best Playmobil Nativity Scene, which will surprise the little ones every day. This is due to its design based on the well-known advent calendar, which is nothing more than a countdown from December 1 to December 24. All this, through a board with numbered doors. In this way, the infant receives a chocolate or candy daily until Christmas Eve.

Instead, the Playmobil 9264 rewards the child with a figure or accessory alluding to Santa’s workshop, for each one of the open doors. Thus, on Christmas Eve the child will have all the pieces and will be able to let their imagination run wild, helping the elf to prepare the gifts, which must be delivered to start Christmas.

figures and accessories

Playmobil 9264 is a Christmas set that, according to the opinions of the buyers, not only has a competitive price, but also makes a large number of pieces available to children. All of them, made of light polymer and with a pleasant soft touch. In addition, said material is free of toxic agents that can cause skin or respiratory allergies.

Regarding the figures and accessories, the child will have a Santa Claus, a couple of elves and a reindeer with their respective sleigh, as well as a teddy bear, ball, soccer ball, doll, cart, train, xylophone and guitar. In the same way, a toolbox, hay, carrot, slide, desk, gift package, sack, inkwell, pen, elf and Santa hats, among other elements are incorporated for endless fun.

cleaning method

The cleaning of the Playmobil Nativity scenes is usually a regulatory task, since they are pieces that will be manipulated by the little ones in the house, so they will eventually place them on the floor, where they quickly acquire bacteria and dirt. In this sense, it is necessary to maintain the hygiene of the figures, for the well-being of children, who generally put these toys in their mouths.

Playmobil 9264 has a simple cleaning method, which does not require too much time. You will only have to rub a dry cloth over the pieces, thus removing the accumulated dust. Likewise, due to the fact that the synthetic material of the pieces is resistant to water, it is possible to use a damp cloth to remove the deep-seated dirt, without damaging the color of the toys.

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