Opinions about Playmobil 9494

Main advantage:

By acquiring this playmobil you will enjoy a functional product, which can be used by the little ones in the house to learn about the Christmas story, while having fun. In addition, the assembled set will serve as a decorative element within the room.

Main disadvantage:

Although this Christmas playmobil requires batteries to activate the lighting of the arch, you should keep in mind that these energy accumulators have not been included with the purchase.

Verdict: 9.6/10

This playmobil set recreates the Holy Family in Bethlehem, whose scene is made up of pieces that are easy and safe to handle, due to their size and their manufacture in polymer free of toxic agents.

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Main Features Explained


Playmobil 9494 is a Christmas set, whose pieces recreate the manger next to the Holy Family, giving viewers a colorful setting that manages to convey the essence of Christmas. It is a product that, according to the opinions of the brand’s followers, could be considered a fully functional toy.

This is because, once assembled on the base, the figures and accessories included in this model can be used as fun and learning objects by the little ones in the house. Similarly, this set is suitable for being placed on a table in the living room or on the edge of the window, in order to take advantage of the harmonious aesthetics and lighting of the structure as a decorative element.

arch and lighting

This could very well be the best Playmobil Nativity Scene, according to the followers of the brand, who comment positively on the lighting system integrated into the area of ​​the arch, which is located on the stage of this Christmas set.

This piece of Playmobil 9494 is very attractive for children and adults, as it helps to create a much more welcoming atmosphere in the room, which everyone will notice immediately. 

The lighting mechanism is easy to use, since it is only necessary to place the pair of 1.5-watt AAA batteries in the indicated compartment. Then, it is necessary to press the switch on the platform each time you want to see the three stars of the arch shine. In addition, it is important to keep in mind that the light will remain on for approximately 15 minutes and will automatically turn off, which allows energy savings.

set of parts

This is a set alluding to the birth of the baby Jesus, made up of a series of pieces that are easy to manipulate by the little ones in the house, since both the figures and the accessories have a light body, rounded edges and a pleasant soft touch. In addition, these elements are completely safe, because the plastic used is free of toxic agents such as BPA, as are the pigments used to enhance the details of the figurines.

In total there are 41 pieces that make up this set, considered one of the lowest priced Playmobil Nativity scenes on the market. In the package you will find the Holy Family, the mule, the ox, an angel and some accessories, which complement the assembly on the manger. Also, there are the pair of bases for the placement of the luminous arc.

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