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Main advantage: 

The weight is one of the most outstanding qualities of the tricycle, as it makes it an easy model to carry, manipulate and assemble. This lightness also allows a more comfortable use by the child.

Main disadvantage: 

It is not possible to make the front wheel turn from the parental handle, which will affect the mobilization a little when it is necessary to cross or make a turn.

Verdict: 9.7/10

The bright pink color, along with the white details make this trike adorable. Meanwhile, its various accessories and modes of use make it stand out as a practical and useful tricycle in various stages.

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Main Features Explained

practical design

Your child’s fun is priceless, and knowing that they are safe and secure when playing is one of the best things you can experience as a parent. The design of this product is made to delight children and parents alike, therefore it is an ideal alternative in the market for many families. The first thing your child will notice is its bright color, as all babies who love pink will be attracted to the shades used.

For your part, surely the first thing you notice is that the product comes with a resistant adjustable handle to give you greater control and better grip. This piece will allow you to control the direction and speed of the trike, when your child is very young. The only thing you won’t be able to do with this handle is spin the front wheel.

Its beautiful design is complemented with practical places to carry your things and those of your child. The lower part has a pink basket between the two rear wheels where you can place anything you can think of and take it without risk of losing it. In addition to this practical piece, the trike also comes with a roomy backpack that closes with a snap button.


Your opinions on baby tricycles will only be positive when you know how easy it is to use this product with your little one. Any child from 10 months can get on the trike and enjoy and while the trike adapts to their growth, your little one can play with this product up to 3 years. If he is under 1 year of age, the child will be able to enjoy extra safety measures such as the footrests, which will prevent his feet from hitting the pedals, the seat ring and belt, the directional lock and the parental push handle.

When he reaches 18 months, for example, your child will be interested in gaining a little more autonomy and to achieve this you can remove certain things such as footrests. Without this piece, the baby will be able to use the trike as a ride-on and begin to get used to the use of the pedals, without removing the parental handle. You can also get rid of the side safety bars.

If the child is already between 2 and 3 years old, then you will no longer need the parental handle or the directional lock. Thanks to this, the child will enjoy more freedom and independence. Remember that the saddle can also be adjusted in two positions to offer more comfort.


Those who are looking for a light product so as not to have to carry more weight than necessary will find in this model the best baby tricycle, since the structure of this product will only add 4 extra kilograms to the weight of your little one. This will make it comfortable to wear and your child won’t have to work too hard to move it, especially when they’re younger. Its dimensions are approximately 67 x 51 x 100 cm, according to the manufacturers. These measures will make finding space for it not so difficult and, in addition, the height will allow you to carry the trike without having to adjust your position to it.

As main materials, the brand has chosen to give the tricycle a composite structure using plastic and metal. The first makes up 95%, while the second only represents 5% of the structure and can be seen in details such as the solid tubes of the product, which will give it stability. The plastic gives it resistance to constant use and durability so that your child will use it for a long time.

As for the wheels, these are also made of hard plastic, however, each of them has a rubber band that will muffle the sounds, giving the tricycle a silent ride with good grip outdoors and indoors alike.

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