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What is the best Peppa Pig house?

The Peppa Pig animated series is based on the life of a cute little pig and her family, made up of Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig and their little brother George. Each episode narrates everyday situations and shows their favorite activities, including jumping in mud puddles, wearing costumes, going to school and playing with all their friends, which is why it is currently considered one of the most popular series among children. For this reason, there is a fairly wide catalog of toys, inspired by this television show, especially those that have to do with Peppa’s home. We invite you to know the most outstanding in this list.

1. Peppa Pig 06156 Play Case House and Garden

Precautions: The manufacturer recommends the use of this toy specifically for children from 3 years of age, this is because some of its parts are small and can be ingested. In this sense, it is recommended that an adult supervise the playing time.

Main features: It is a suitcase-shaped house, which is inspired by Peppa’s house. As for the design, it has a height of approximately 31.5 cm and is made up of 5 rooms; attic, kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom. Also, it has a garden that includes a seesaw and a tree. Additionally, it includes the figures of Peppa and George, as well as a bed, a chair and a sink.

Functionality: When the suitcase is opened, the front cover that incorporates the garden falls automatically. It also has a closing system, which allows all the pieces to be stored safely inside. On the other hand, it has a removable handle to easily transport the house.

Educational value: This toy and its different spaces are intended to encourage family unity and children’s sociability, since it has many accessories to share and play with. In addition, it allows you to recreate everyday situations with family members and share with friends.

Maintenance: It has illustrated stickers in the rooms that can lose their colors if they are in constant contact with water. Therefore, for cleaning it is recommended to use a soft and slightly damp cloth, in this way, you can remove dirt without damaging the stickers.

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2. Peppa Pig 06384 Family Play Set

Precautions: It is recommended for children over 3 years of age, but since this toy contains small parts, it is important that an adult supervises the game to prevent children from accidentally ingesting or hurting themselves.

Main features: It is an original classic-style toy house that simulates the rooms that we can see in the animated series. It is 37.5 cm high and is made of plastic, which provides strength and lightness. In addition, it includes different furniture and accessories to decorate each room, as well as an articulated figure of Peppa, so that the child can place it in different positions.

Functionality: Gives children the possibility to carry out different activities with the figure of Peppa, such as opening the front door, seeing themselves in front of the mirror, playing with the Mother Pig computer, taking a bath to play splish splash, sleeping in bunk bed and watch TV in the living room.

Educational value: Sociability is its main educational value, as it is based on the popular Peppa series that teaches about the interaction between children and their friends. At the same time, it encourages them to use their imagination as the main tool in creating stories at home.

Maintenance: A good idea for the maintenance of this toy is to clean it with a damp cloth. However, for corners and parts that are difficult to access, it is advisable to use a small brush with soft bristles, which allows the accumulated dust to be removed.

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3. Character Building Deluxe Peppa Pig’s house

Precautions: It is advisable to use this toy under the supervision of parents or adults in charge, because the age indicated by the manufacturer is from 18 months to 4 years, a stage in which children usually put all kinds of objects in their mouths and it can be dangerous.

Main features: If you want to make your online purchase worthwhile, you should consider this interesting toy, since it has two levels connected through a staircase with handrails. On the lower level there is a kitchen, dining room and living room, while on the upper level there is a bedroom and bathroom. In addition, it includes the articulated figure of Peppa and each room has its respective furniture and accessories.

Functionality: The structure of this toy allows children to move the Peppa figure through different spaces. On the other hand, it has a closing system at the top that helps to store the house and keep all the accessories organized inside.

Educational value: It contributes to the cognitive and emotional development of children, since it helps them develop their imagination by creating scenes in each environment of the pig’s home. In addition, it helps develop coordination skills and logical thinking, to place each accessory in the right room according to its function.

Maintenance: This toy and all the included accessories can be cleaned using a damp cloth. Also, for a deep clean you can wash the plastic parts with warm water and mild soap.

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4. Peppa Pig Giant Wooden House

Precautions: It is a suitable toy for children over 3 years of age, because it has a very rigid structure, with sharp edges that can be dangerous for very young children. Therefore, the manufacturer recommends adult supervision to avoid accidents.

Key Features: This is one of the largest playhouses on the list, measuring 91cm tall and 61cm wide. It has 3 levels and 8 rooms with 30 accessories to decorate and furnish each room. In addition, it includes figures of Peppa and George, so it can be a special Christmas gift for a child who is a fan of this series.

Functionality: It is an original toy from the Peppa Pig brand, which can generate lights and sounds similar to those of the series, making it one of the most outstanding sets of 2022. In this sense, the stoves have lights, the microwave is capable of emitting an alarm and the room can play music, among other functions.

Educational value: It can stimulate creativity and social play in children. Therefore, it encourages the ability to share objects and helps to accept the ideas of other children.

Maintenance: This model is made up of a wooden structure, so it is convenient to clean it dry to avoid deterioration. On the other hand, plastic accessories can be washed with neutral soap and plenty of warm water.

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5. Peppa Pig Princess Castle Playset

Precautions: The recommended age for the use of this toy is from 2 years. However, adult supervision is recommended to ensure that children play safely.

Main features: It is a princess-themed Peppa castle, which offers different rooms and windows with views to the outside. At the top, it has two pink towers decorated with two yellow pennants. In addition, it includes the figures of Peppa with a princess crown and Susy with a maiden hat. Also, it has 10 accessories, such as bed, mirror, princess chair, table, chairs, tea set and a treasure chest with coins.

Functionality: Offers a drop-down structure that provides access at two levels. In the internal rooms, children can organize the accessories according to their creativity and imagine different stories. On the other hand, it incorporates a handle at the top, to transport the toy in a practical way.

Educational value: In the first years of life, it can be difficult to learn to share with other people. The good news is that this set has multiple accessories, so that children have the possibility to integrate their friends into the game and represent different characters.

Maintenance: It is a toy made of highly resistant plastic that has stickers, so it is recommended to clean it dry for greater durability. In addition, it is recommended not to expose the toy directly to the sun so as not to affect the colors of the structure and the decorative stickers.

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6. Giochi Preziosi PPC39000 Peppa Pig Mega House

Precautions: Children from 3 years of age can safely play and have fun with this toy. However, the manufacturer recommends always having close adult supervision to avoid accidents during play.

Main features: This Peppa Pig mega house can be a special birthday gift for children who are fans of the series, as it has 4 levels and 7 rooms fully decorated like the original house. In addition, it includes more than 17 accessories, among which the figures of Peppa Pig, Zoe Zebra and George stand out. On the other hand, it is 58.4 cm high and is made of very hard plastic, which offers a long useful life.

Functionality: This toy incorporates interesting and new functions, so that each room offers an interactive experience. In this sense, the child can turn on the light in the room or listen to the splash of the characters when bringing one of the figures closer to the mud puddle.

Educational value: This toy house is inspired by the animated series, which promotes children’s ability to make friends and accept their differences. It also encourages them to use their imagination and create stories.

Maintenance: Cleaning this model, and all its accessories, should be done with a soft-textured towel, since the walls are decorated with stickers, so it is necessary to treat it with due care for greater durability.

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7. Peppa Pig Peppa Décor Slide

Precautions: This toy contains small parts, such as flowers and ducks. For this reason, the manufacturer recommends its use for children over 3 years of age, in the same way, it is of great importance that children have adult supervision to prevent them from putting these objects in their mouths.

Main features: It is a playhouse with a slide, which in addition to being an interesting offer for parents, is also one of the cheapest on this list. It includes a tree with leafy branches, a pond with two ducks, flowers around the garden, a protection fence and a Peppa figure, so it allows you to recreate the game garden similar to the one in the television series.

Functionality: In this game, children can place Peppa inside the playhouse and make her slide down the slide. Also, the figure has an articulated structure that allows children to move the arms and legs to change its position. In this way, they can stand it up near the tree or in the pond to feed the ducks.

Educational value: The conservation of the environment is the value highlighted in this game, since it encourages children to play outdoors while taking care of nature.

Maintenance: The recommended thing to keep clean is to wash each piece with warm water, soap and a soft bristle brush at least once a year. Likewise, it is important to take into account the small areas where dirt could easily accumulate.

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8. Peppa Pig 06148 play kitchen

Precautions: It is an appropriate toy for children 3 years and older and, although its pieces offer great resistance, the manufacturer suggests the presence of at least one adult while children play with it, to ensure that they put it to good use. Also, some items may be put in their mouths during play, so it is necessary to keep the pieces clean.

Main features: This is a cooking and pastry set, inspired by the famous children’s series Peppa Pig. In this sense, it includes 2 articulated figures; one of Peppa with an apron and kitchen hat and another of Mummy Pig, with an apron and kitchen gloves. In addition, it includes as accessories: refrigerator, oven, frying pan and chocolate cake.

Functionality: This toy kitchen allows children to open the refrigerator and see the different foods inside, they can also change the position of the frying pan and chocolate cake. On the other hand, all the pieces have a standard size so that they can fit with other models in this collection.

Educational value: It can encourage the collaboration and participation of children in household chores, as well as encourage the learning of new activities. In this case, you can arouse interest in cooking and baking.

Maintenance: This type of toy must be cleaned with special care, so as not to damage the stickers and the surface of its structure. Therefore, it is recommended to use a dry cloth or a soft bristle brush for cleaning.

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9. Peppa Pig 360129 house to decorate with accessories

Precautions: According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, this toy is suitable for children from 3 to 5 years of age. On the other hand, it includes crayons, which although they are not toxic, adult supervision is important to prevent children from ingesting them.

Main features: This innovative toy house is made of rigid cardboard and is 35 cm high. In addition, it includes decorative stickers, 6 wax crayons and figures with the image of Peppa, George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig.

Functionality: This set provides the cardboard pieces for children to build the playhouse and some of its accessories from scratch. Likewise, it is possible to color all the rooms according to the taste of each one to create a personalized toy. On the other hand, after playing, children can disassemble the house to store it or attach the included handle, which allows them to take it wherever they want.

Educational value: It is a toy that puts into practice different artistic values ​​of children, such as creativity and imagination, which are necessary to build each of the rooms and make them fit together.

Maintenance: It is recommended to clean this toy house dry, with the use of a towel to help prevent damage to the cardboard and stickers. In addition, to guarantee its useful life, it is important to place it on a surface free of moisture.

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10. Peppa Pig dirty kitchen toy set

Precautions: It is a toy suitable for children from 3 years of age. Similarly, adult supervision is important during the game, because some of its pieces are very small and can be accidentally ingested. Similarly, it is essential to remove the packaging material before giving the toy to the child, because it can cause suffocation.

Main features: This is a kitchen set that includes the figures of Peppa, 5.5 cm tall, and Daddy Pig with an apron, 9 cm. It also has a pasta bowl, oven, table and pot, all decorated with colorful stickers to attract children’s attention.

Functionality: This toy is suitable for children to help Peppa and Daddy Pig prepare a delicious bowl of pasta for the whole family. In addition, the figures have an articulated structure, so the child can place them in different positions during the game.

Educational value: Among the values ​​that can be learned with this set are order, responsibility and sharing quality time with the family. In this sense, children can learn not only to follow instructions to prepare food, but also the importance of cleaning the kitchen after use.

Maintenance: It is necessary to clean each piece by rubbing quickly with a soft, damp cloth, in this way you avoid detaching the stickers.

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