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What is the best Peppa Pig toy?


Peppa Pig and her friends are usually the protagonists when the little ones in the house take control of the TV. The charismatic characters have managed to win the hearts of many, so the toy options are designed to satisfy different tastes. Here you will find some of the most fun and eye-catching for children.

1. Peppa Pig Playset Let’s Go to School

Precautions: Because the playset has small parts, the manufacturer’s recommended minimum age for use is 3 years and older. However, adult supervision is advised at all times to avoid any incidents.

Main features: This game set is made up of 7 figures from the Peppa Pig series, 3 desk tables, a blackboard and the school scenario printed on the box. They are made of plastic, are colorful and respect the theme of the series without inconvenience.

Functionality: The same new box of the set can be used to make the scene of being inside a classroom, considering that it presents a design full of details, such as windows with their curtains, a clock, small shelves and much more.

Educational value: The design and game style offered by the set can excite the little ones to be interested in studies, since the characters are in a kind of classroom with their tables, blackboards and their teacher.

Maintenance: The care and maintenance of the set is quite simple, since all the pieces are made of plastic, allowing you to wash them with tap water in case they get dirty. Also, if necessary, you can run them through hot water to sterilize them.

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2. Peppa Pig Holiday Plane Figure 06227

Precautions: The toy is easy for small children to use and has rounded corners to prevent them from getting hurt. However, it is advisable to respect the minimum age of use authorized by the manufacturer, which is from 3 years.

Main features: This vacation plane is equipped with seats, cabin, trunk, ladder and comes with Peppa Pig figures, along with a set of suitcases, with which your little one can play at the airport.

Functionality: The new toy plane also has wheels, which will allow it to be moved, to simulate that it is traveling along the track. Likewise, it is highlighted that the trunk has its own hatch, to keep it closed and transport the “luggage”.

Educational value: Since it is a passenger plane, children will be able to become familiar with this method of transportation, as well as learn about the parts of the plane where people are transported, luggage is stored, among other details.

Maintenance: Being made of plastic, you can have both the plane and the characters free of dirt if, after each game session, you clean them with a damp cloth to remove stains, food remains or any dirt that has accumulated due to their use. use.

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3. Tavitoys Peppa Pig nurse bag 1680651

Precautions: Although it is indicated for children from 3 months, game sessions should always be supervised by an adult, since the set has parts that children could put in their mouths or hurt sensitive areas of the face.

Main features: This product offers a Peppa Pig-themed nursing bag, in the shape of the character. Inside you will find interesting toy pieces that pretend to be medical care tools, such as a stethoscope, syringe, scissors, tweezers and more.

Functionality: The pieces of the game set have movable and interactive parts, with which the child can learn their basic handling, as well as adding realism to the game sessions in which they can play a doctor or a nurse.

Educational value: This nurse’s bag can influence your child’s interest in caring for others, and even inspire him to acquire more knowledge in the area of ​​health. Likewise, it also allows them to know the basic operation of the tools of the medical personnel.

Maintenance: All the components of the nursing bag are made of plastic, so you can easily clean them with a damp cloth and apply antiseptic, in case you want to eliminate germs and bacteria.

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4. Giochi Preziosi Peppa Pig PPC28 Figure Kit

Precautions: Due to the level of complexity that could be involved in assembling and disassembling the toy ambulance, this model is intended for children from 3 years of age. Respecting such recommendation, you can be properly enjoyed and receive the required care.

Main Features: This is a special playset as the theme is centered around a clinical setting and this is not commonly seen in the Peppa Pig series so it will attract the attention of the little ones and the interactive elements will funny and entertaining.

Functionality: This ambulance is removable and inside you will find a kind of mobile office, where Peppa Pig and the Doctor can attend to their sick friends. It has an operating table, a waiting room with seats and multiple details in the structure.

Educational value: In addition to being an attractive gift to buy, this Peppa Pig ambulance can be used by children to learn about emergency care and how ambulances work, thus increasing their knowledge in general culture.

Maintenance: Care should be taken to avoid using it with dirty hands as much of the toy is white and could get dirty, but being plastic it shouldn’t be too difficult to clean.

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5. Peppa Pig Deluxe Car Vehicle

Precautions: Its use is recommended from 3 years of age, since the set contains small elements that could be ingested by children. Likewise, they should always be used under the supervision of a responsible adult, to avoid any mishandling.

Main features: This 2022 online offer includes as its main element the Pig family car, identical to the one in the animated series, along with the characters Peppa and Mummy Pig with a series of accessories for an outdoor picnic.

Functionality: The car is equipped with 4 seats, enough for the whole Pig family to travel in it. It has wheels and a small trunk with enough space to store the accessories of the set.

Educational value: With this family picnic set, children will be able to interact with the characters and decorative elements, in addition to developing children’s motor control when moving the cart using the wheels and organizing the luggage in the trunk.

Maintenance: Thanks to its plastic construction, the maintenance of the car, the characters and other components will be quite simple; and you can even wash them directly with tap water, if they get dirty from using them in the park, for example.

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6. Peppa Pig 06922 Camping Game

Precautions: You must be aware of the child while playing with the set, since one of the figures is small and could take it to the mouth. In addition, the benches to sit on have legs and the store has a small flag, with which they could be pricked by not knowing how to use them.

Main features: Belonging to the original Peppa Pig brand, this set includes all the members of the family along with a camping set and a car for transportation that also allows the roof to be removed, to comfortably seat the passengers.

Functionality: The benches and seats of the car have special supports on which to sit the characters, so that they remain fixed, allowing them to be moved without falling. Also, the car has its respective wheels and the roof makes it interactive.

Educational value: The child may be interested in outdoor activities, as well as learn to manipulate small parts to combine them with each other, understand the car and the characters or the tools designed for the camp.

Maintenance: You will be able to keep the entire set of games clean and free of dirt, in a simple way and without spending a lot of money, since they are made of plastic so that you can easily wash them or wipe them with disinfectant.

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7. VTech Peppa Pig Interactive Electronic Mobile Phone

Precautions: Being an electronic toy and with disposable batteries, the supervision of the child while using it must be constant, in order to prevent him from manipulating the sensitive elements or inadvertently getting the equipment wet, which would irreparably damage it.

Main features: This 2022 has been marked by technology, so this toy phone inspired by Peppa Pig and with its own LCD screen, could be an excellent gift. It has buttons to play a wide variety of sounds, effects and melodies, with which to entertain and have fun.

Functionality: The toy phone has a system equipped with games, applications, interactive programs and settings, so you can get the most out of your investment, as well as make the equipment more practical and versatile, with the intention of keeping the child’s interest.

Educational value: The system with which the phone works has educational programs, through which the child can begin to become familiar with numbers and their order, as well as interpret shapes on the screen or learn to compete in imitation games.

Maintenance: Its care is simple and basically focuses on being aware of the remaining autonomy of its battery, so that you can change it before it runs out and thus avoid acid spillage in the compartment.

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8. Peppa Pig Grandpa’s Boat to Play

Precautions: Being a toy designed to be used in water, it is very important not to lose sight of the child while enjoying it. On the other hand, the manufacturer advises a minimum age of 3 years, for its use, because it contains small parts.

Main features: We are facing a set that has a large boat and 3 figures that can be put on or taken off at will. The characters are Peppa and Grandpa Pig, each wearing a nautical themed uniform, plus a yellow bell that goes on the bow of the ship.

Functionality: It could be a fun toy to give away for any birthday or Christmas as the buoyancy will allow it to be used in the bathtub, pool or any other aquatic environment. It’s easy and fun to use, either with or without the character figures installed.

Educational value: Its ability to float will introduce the child to the differences in densities, while at the same time helping them to understand, through explanations and examples, why a boat that should be very heavy is able to float without problems.

Maintenance: Because it is intended for use in water, this Peppa Pig animated series toy can be kept relatively clean. However, it is advisable to dry it after the bath session, to prevent a soapy film from forming on the surface.

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9. Peppa Pig Magnetic Children’s Board and Puzzle Children

Precautions: There are many pieces that make up the puzzle that children can play with, but the size of some is considerably small and this could cause the child to want to put them in his mouth or insert them in other inappropriate places, causing a possible injury.

Main features: This is a multifunctional product that can be used as a magnetic board, to play with any of the 100 included pieces or also as a chalk board, allowing you to draw or write whatever you want.

Functionality: The variety of elements, colors, sizes and freedom of use will allow the child to let their imagination fly by creating all kinds of situations and scenarios on the board, as well as being able to capture their own creations in drawings.

Educational value: It is an original idea with which the child can learn to handle figures, what they represent and their real use in situations, since they will have the freedom to organize them to create scenes.

Maintenance: In addition to being one of the cheapest products, this Peppa Pig children’s interactive whiteboard can be cleaned with a damp cloth to remove the chalk or to clean the magnetic side of stains, allowing you to easily keep it free of dirt.

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10. Bandai Figures Peppa Pig Family

Precautions: Although they are firmly attached, the thickness of the characters’ arms could be broken if force is applied, which is why it is recommended to use them with children over 3 years of age, also considering the size of the smaller characters of the Pig family..

Main features: Here we find a basic set for any fan of Peppa Pig’s adventures, as it contains the figures of the main characters, that is, Peppa, George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig with all their facial features and clothing. originals.

Functionality: If you are looking for a good offer, this is one of the cheapest and most practical alternatives, since the child will be able to have all the members of the Pig family on their adventures, as well as other toys of the theme that have the size suitable for use.

Educational value: The movable body parts of the characters will be an incentive for the little one to improve their motor skills when playing with the figures.

Maintenance: The figures have a relatively comfortable size, which will allow you to hold them firmly when trying to clean them with a damp napkin or cloth, in case you want to remove any stains. They are waterproof and you can wash them if required.

Let’s go to School is a quite striking set of games for little ones, since its elements will allow them to have fun sessions in imaginary classes. His pieces add realism, in addition to providing a suitable setting taking advantage of the same packaging. The characters are identical to the cartoons and have good manufacturing quality.

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