Personalize and carry your baby stroller with style

Although you can find hundreds of similar and monotonous models of strollers for your baby on the market that are still just as functional, we know that you want something special, unique and stylish to make a difference.

In this sense, decorating your baby’s stroller is an excellent alternative if you have the budget and the creativity necessary to make the result look like something out of a magazine. Firstly, you can observe the different commercial options offered by major brands of accessories for baby strollers that range from rain protectors, covers, hoods and personalized handles, clothing, among others.

Many of these products come in a universal size and adaptable to all types of pushchairs. Other manufacturers, for their part, design exclusive accessories and complements for their own products, giving the user the opportunity to choose matching colors, designs and prints to personalize their stroller with a different style.

This alternative is very useful for those parents who have a second child and still keep the structure of their first baby’s stroller in good condition, so they just want to renew it by changing the clothes to give it a different touch and adapted to the gender of their new baby., in case it is different. In this way, they reuse the cart and save money on the purchase of another one, since the cost of the accessories will hardly exceed the price of a new one.

Renew the carrycot

If your baby’s stroller has a carrycot, you can easily decorate it by changing its internal and external garments, as well as renewing the hood to combine all the fabrics. Similarly, you can add a bag or quilt depending on the season to keep your baby warm. There are companies dedicated to carrying out this renovation, offering a complete catalog of models, a variety of fabrics and accessories so that you can choose a unique and stylish combination.

decorate the chair

If you use the stroller, you can add printed mats, protective covers for the harnesses and bags that you choose according to the season to form an aesthetic set to take your baby wherever you want, setting a trend.

get the style right

We know that as a mother you have hundreds of concerns, including customizing each accessory and complement for your baby, but if you don’t have time, there are specialized stores that offer you the advice you need to get the ideal style for your baby’s stroller, from the classic vintage, casual, chic, modern and contemporary, there are hundreds of accessories, fabrics and decorations that you can choose from to create a unique, elegant and functional design in the cart.

In this regard, we always recommend establishing a budget from the beginning to avoid spending too much money, so you will have a limit to respect and you can tell the store that the accessories must be covered within said budget.

Dressing the cart for every occasion

If you are a detail-oriented person and you want to live motherhood with that premise, you have the option of decorating the stroller according to the place or occasion you will attend with the baby. One of these situations can be the baby’s baptism or attending a wedding and for this you can decorate the fabric of the chair with lace, bows and other accessories that are on the market for it.

But, if the occasion is more relaxed, such as a children’s party or a friend’s birthday, you can always change the clothes for more casual covers, without decorations that overload the stroller and detract from your baby’s prominence.

Another fun time to decorate your baby’s stroller is Carnival and Halloween. On Pinterest, for example, there are hundreds of pins dedicated to this topic where you can see how other parents have turned strollers into the ideal accessories for their babies’ costumes, from Cinderella’s carriage, Batman’s batmobile, a pirate or a bird’s nest, there are many options and fun ideas that you can use as a reference to decorate the cart and be the center of attention during the carnival parade or Halloween ride.

safe bets

On the web there are many forums for mothers and users who promptly recommend some entrepreneurs and manufacturers who have dedicated themselves to offering products to customize hoods or baby strollers. Based on the evaluation of other users, we recommend some of these.


Recognized for the  custom covers for Bugaboo models and Maclaren chairs, this designer makes each of her products with great detail and good finishes, offering a wide range of fabrics and prints so you can choose the one you want.


With a physical store in Zaragoza and a dynamic online store where you can choose from the design, the type of fabric and the accessories you want to personalize your baby’s stroller, make the payment and receive the package in the comfort of your home..


With a lot of professionalism and great creativity, the artisans at Paseosdebebé specialize in covers for all types of pushchairs and baby seats thanks to their universal designs. Similarly, they have products designed for the most popular brands with their innovative models such as Bugaboo, Maxicosi, Maclaren, among others.  

Do It Yourself

If you have skills in dressmaking and sewing or a close relative gets along well with the sewing machine, you can also participate in making the clothes, covers and hoods to renew your baby’s stroller. On the web you will get video tutorials as well as the patterns according to the different commercial models to make covers, sleeping bags, garments and hoods, so you can choose the fabrics with the designs of your choice.

making a mat

To make your baby comfortable in the stroller, you can make a mat that covers the backrest and seat of the stroller. You must take into account that for the outside of the mat it is recommended to use cotton, piqué or canvas, soft and breathable fabrics, while for its interior you should use a wadding that gives the padding that your baby needs to be comfortable. At, for example, you can find a video tutorial and patterns to make the mat and its covers with universal dimensions to adapt them to any type of pushchair.

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