Philips Avent SCD630/01 Reviews

Main advantage: 

The screen of this product is quite an outstanding aspect of the device, since it is larger than that of other similar devices. It has a size of 3.5” to obtain more field of vision.

Main disadvantage: 

When the device turns off, it emits a loud beep to indicate power off. This is a good quality, however, if it happens near the baby, the child may wake up due to the noise, which is a disadvantage.

Verdict: 9.7/10

This product continues to be one of the most preferred alternatives for parents around the world due to its great qualities and its complete structure with extra features that will make it easier to use and make the experience of using it more rewarding.

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Main Features Explained


Privacy is something important in any family, however, when there are minors involved, maintaining the privacy of the little ones must be more effective. There are many cases in which baby monitors have frequencies similar to surveillance cameras or others that cause an interception between signals, causing video or audio to be transmitted on these devices or vice versa. Thanks to that, many parents gave up buying these products, however, there are certain devices specifically designed to avoid this.

In the case of this Philips Avent SCD630/01 model, the adaptive FHSS technology has a completely secure and private connection that will not allow this, so, as a parent, you can be sure that the audio and video recording of your little one will be exclusively for the viewing of the person who has the baby monitor parent unit in their hands.

Due to this technology, you will not receive interference from closed circuit surveillance or other similar devices, so you will never lose sight of your little one and you can only focus on him.

The connection is long-range, since in outdoor environments it will be able to maintain a stable audio and video transmission up to 300 meters away. If you are inside your home, you will have approximately 50 meters of maximum range. However, if you have doubts, the parent unit will let you know when an early disconnection is approaching, as it will alert when there is a low battery or when you are approaching the limit of the product’s range. In this way, you will know if your baby is still being monitored or not, preventing the device from being disconnected abruptly and without your knowledge.

The connection between the camera and the unit can last up to 10 continuous hours. This will make it unnecessary to charge the product as often and you will be able to sleep peacefully.

Visualization and audio

If the reviews of a baby monitor have bad reports on the display, then you will be missing the main purpose of these devices. In the case of this model, the high resolution screen will allow you to see even the smallest details. An outstanding aspect of this product is that its screen is larger than most, because while other models maintain 2-inch screens, this product has a screen that reaches 3.5”.

Night vision is automatic when the device detects a change in the environment due to darkness. Infrared works to give you the same optimal viewing you get in the day, thereby keeping an eye on your child at night.

The ECO mode will offer you an interrupted transmission that will be activated only when movement or noise is detected in the room. This function will help preserve the battery of the device, avoiding a disconnection due to a low level of charge. Something that stands out is that the interaction with your child will not go unnoticed, as the parent unit will alert you through vibration notifications. Using the ECO mode only requires the push of a button and, in case you want to have an active transmission without interruption, it is only necessary to deactivate this mode.

In addition to all these features, the baby monitor will also provide you with a better view of the home with its digital zoom that manages to increase the image twice its size, regardless of whether you are in night or ECO mode. Additionally, the communication is not unilateral, but bidirectional, so that your baby can also interact with you. You will be able to see and hear him and, if you wish, you can talk to him too. This will make it easier to communicate if you are far apart and will also allow you to calm him down easily, in case she is scared or if she feels alone for a moment.

Modern structure with additional qualities

People usually have no problem buying a higher priced product if it has more qualities than usual or if it is, in this case, one of the best baby monitors on the market. Parents do not usually haggle when it comes to their children, as they want to always find excellent quality things for them. This baby monitor has extra qualities that will offer a more complete experience that many parents and children will appreciate.

For example, children who have trouble sleeping or who prefer to have company in their room can enjoy a night light to illuminate their room without interrupting their sleep, as well as having different lullabies to help them calm down or have fun during the day. This makes both children and parents enjoy using the baby monitor.

In addition to these qualities, the product also has a temperature sensor that will let you know the degrees of the room and the changes that occur in the environment. In this way, you will know the temperature to which your baby is exposed and you will also be able to keep it controlled at all times.

This baby monitor is made of the best quality plastic to have adequate strength for frequent handling by parents. It is recommended, however, to keep the camera away from children. The dimensions of the product are 9 x 14 x 17 cm and the unit has a weight of 259 grams, which makes it easy to carry the device everywhere without any effort, in your hand or in your pocket.

The camera comes with two front buttons to activate the melodies or the night light. For its part, the parent unit has buttons to regulate the brightness of the screen as well as the volume of the transmission.

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