Philips Avent SCF332 Reviews

Main advantage: 

The addition of a naturally designed silicone bottle and nipple not only allows users to save money by not purchasing them separately, but also allows them to start using the equipment from day one.

Main disadvantage: 

The suction membrane of this breast pump may be a bit large for some women, so you should stay vigilant and check the dimensions offered by the manufacturer.

Verdict: 9.6/10

Its elegant design has quality finishes and a compact format that is easy to handle. In addition, you can take it with you without losing the pieces because it incorporates a storage bag.

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Main Features Explained

Design and storage

When purchasing a breast pump, the goal of every woman is to have equipment that has a design with an affordable price, capable of offering quick and easy handling, especially since the mother needs to be relaxed at the time of expression, so that the flow of milk comes out without interruption. In this sense, having a computer with a messy operation at hand could be a serious mistake.

Philips Avent SCF332 is a breastfeeding equipment with a compact, lightweight and attractive aesthetic design. Likewise, it stands out for having quality finishes in each of its pieces and a completely intuitive operation. To do this, it incorporates a small control panel from which you can turn the equipment on and off. Likewise, another button gives way to a process of stimulation of the mammary gland so that you can finally select and adjust the position of the extraction, according to your needs. In addition, it has a suction cable that can be wrapped around the controller, which suggests greater comfort when handling it.

On the subject of storage, you should know that with the purchase you can enjoy a practical drawstring bag. In this way, you will have no problems taking the breast pump with you anywhere, keeping it protected from deterioration and in good hygienic condition.

extractor membrane

It is well known that the selection of the best breast pump depends on the verification of many aspects related to its manufacture, format, among others. However, a component of this lactation equipment that requires great attention is the extractor membrane, since it will be in direct contact with the woman’s nipple. Let us remember that if it is not adapted correctly, the suction will be poor, painful and the flow of milk will be noticeably reduced.

In order to provide the best user experience, Philips Avent has developed an innovative extraction system that is primarily responsible for stimulating the breast so that the milk can be sucked out more easily and smoothly. Thus, it is an extractor membrane made of silicone, which has a special design inside that is much more padded, flexible and soft. In this way, the SCF332 breast pump will provide the mother with a simultaneous massage while milk is being extracted. 

This technique has been tested in laboratories, resulting in greater production and, therefore, extraction, unlike other models that end up irritating the mother’s skin. Also, when using this breast pump you will not be forced to acquire an uncomfortable position, since the cushion adapts to the natural shape of the body, which could significantly improve the milk collection process.


Philips Avent is a manufacturer with a history that dates back to 1984, providing its followers with products with the highest quality standards, aimed at caring for the baby and the mother. Likewise, its purpose is to provide the best user experience with each product. For this reason, this manufacturer usually accompanies its products with an accessory.

In the case of the SCF332 model, it has been provided with a couple of annexes that will allow you to start using the equipment from day one. Thus, you will not need to make any investment by purchasing these accessories separately, which according to the opinions of the buyers is a very flattering aspect.

The first of them is a bottle with a containment volume for 125 milliliters of milk, made of polypropylene, a polymer free of toxic agents such as BPA, so it is environmentally friendly. In addition, it has a pleasant soft touch.

On the other hand, you will find a food silicone teat that, like the bottle, does not have contaminating components that are released with constant use and affect the child’s health. In the same way, its design recreates the shape of the nipple, which will allow the infant to enjoy a feeding similar to what he would have directly from the mother’s breast.

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