Playmobil farm

What is the best Playmobil farm?

A Playmobil farm is a good toy for children who enjoy role-playing games, country life and animals. These sets usually include various accessories to complement the game, as well as large structures to play comfortably. With options for all ages, children will surely have fun with any of these models that the brand offers.

1. Playmobil Country Pony Farm with many Animals

Precautions: Due to some of its parts, the manufacturers recommend the use of this product from the age of 4 years and under the supervision of an adult.

Main characteristics: Acquiring this toy can be a good idea if you want to surprise children who love country life, since it is a farm whose structure is wide, has various details and weighs 1.26 kg. This one comes with fences, gates and stables to accommodate the 3 horses and 3 figures included. Since everything is made of plastic, children will be comfortable and safe when playing. In addition, the offer also includes 187 accessories to make the experience more complete.

Functionality: With the help of their parents, children will be able to follow the assembly instructions for this product in order to have their horse farm. In total, there are 194 pieces to assemble and, when finished, the little ones will be able to interact with the figures, the lockable stables, the fences and the opening doors.

Educational value: At the time of making the assembly, children will be increasing their spatial memory, reasoning ability and creativity. In addition, motor skills will also benefit. This, in turn, is complemented by imaginative development thanks to role-playing.

Maintenance: Keeping this toy in good condition only requires occasional cleaning with a damp cloth or water.

New edition: It will be possible to assemble larger spaces by putting this model together with other compatible products from the Playmobil Country line.

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2. Playmobil Country Horse Farm with Tinker, Trakehner

Precautions: This toy is not suitable for children under 36 months and is recommended for children 5 years and older, always with parental supervision.

Main features: If you want to surprise a child with something original, this beautiful farm of 69.5 x 41 x 24.5 cm will surely do it. Made with ABS, this toy is safe for children, with rounded edges to prevent accidents. The main structure stands out for its bright colors and for providing a large play space where the 3 horses and 2 figures can be placed. In addition to the horses, children can also play with 11 animals, including cats and squirrels, and make use of the 341 accessories.

Functionality: Although there are 358 pieces to assemble, the process will be simple, since the purchase comes with all the necessary instructions to do so. In addition to playing with the figures, children can also interact with the folding fences and gates so that the animals can enter and exit. In turn, the little ones will be able to change the saddle, carry the wheelbarrow and clean the stable using the accessories.

Educational value: This toy promotes the learning of new concepts and vocabulary about the farm and animals. In addition, it helps in the development of imagination, creativity, logic and motor skills.

Maintenance: Only water is required to clean the farm, so it will be easy to keep the product in good condition.

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3. Playmobil 1.2.3 Farm Briefcase

Cautions: As long as it is used under adult supervision, this toy is suitable for children from approximately 18 months to 4 years of age.

Main features: Among the cheaper models it will be possible to find this product, made especially for younger children. The farm combines the colors green, yellow and red to attract the attention of the little ones and, to facilitate their grasp, the 5 animals and the figure are large to fit their hands. The main structure measures 35 x 11 x 19 centimeters, has two levels and is light in weight, so its mobilization will not be difficult.

Functionality: One of the most interesting qualities of this toy is that its structure is versatile, as it becomes a practical briefcase to carry everything. When you open it, you can accommodate the included accessories to start playing and, when you finish, you can store the figures with the same ease. In this way, the farm will be a toy and also a means of mobilization for the accessories.

Educational value: At an early age, babies will be able to learn about different farm animals while playing. This will not only expand their knowledge of wildlife, but also motivate them to improve their speech and understand new concepts. As for the physical part, fine motor skills will improve considerably and, finally, their cognitive development will also increase while having fun.

Maintenance: As long as no stickers are added, just a little water can keep this toy clean. It is recommended not to use chemicals of any kind.

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4. Playmobil Farm 6120

Precautions: This toy is suitable for children from 4 to 10 years old. The little ones should be under the supervision of an adult, to always be safe.

Key Features: When it comes to attention to detail, this Playmobil farm could be a new kid-friendly toy. It is a large structure to play comfortably, which measures 58 x 39 x 28 centimeters. The farm is made of ABS plastic and is divided into two levels where you can play with the farming family. In addition, there is also a tool room for accessories and stables for all the animals.

Functionality: This toy includes elements that will provide more realism to the fun. After organizing everything, children can feed the animals, milk the cows and carry what they need to the upper rooms with the small mobile hook. In addition to that, the fences and doors are collapsible to be able to move the figures throughout the farm.

Educational value: Children will be able to learn different things by playing. Taking on the role of farmers, they will be able to learn about life in the countryside and will also expand their knowledge about animals. This is complemented by the development of creativity, logic, imagination and motor skills.

Maintenance: Being a toy made of plastic, this is an easy product to keep in good condition. It will only require occasional cleaning with water or dusting.

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5. Playmobil Country Farm with Silo

Precautions: The manufacturers recommend this toy for children from 4 years of age, under the supervision of their parents.

Main features: This is definitely one of the most complete Playmobil sets of 2022, since it is a farm that comes with 3 figures and 251 accessories. Therefore, it can be a birthday or Christmas gift for children who enjoy animals and country life. The product is made of ABS plastic, which is robust and skin-friendly to be comfortable to use. In addition, the main structure measures 46 x 50 x 29 cm to provide adequate space to play. To give it a realistic look, the farm comes with a silo, solar panels and even a heat lamp for the pigs.

Functionality: After organizing the 255 pieces and reading the assembly instructions, it is then possible to assemble the farm and start playing. Kids will be able to interact with the wheelbarrow, rotating loading crane and mobile milking machine. In addition to this, the heat lamp comes with a built-in light that will turn on with the push of a button.

Educational value: The assembly process and play will bring educational fun to children. Imagination, logic and creativity will be the reinforced skills.

Maintenance: Dusting from time to time and cleaning with water is enough to keep the toy in good condition. In addition, when necessary, the battery must be changed to continue playing.

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6. Playmobil Farm Briefcase 4897

Precautions: Playmobil recommends that this toy be used by children 4 or 5 years of age and older. Additionally, it is also recommended to use it under the company of an adult.

Main features: The pastel colors combined with a facade with stone details give this toy a good design to stand out and attract the attention of children. However, there is more than that, since the product comes with 3 figures, several animals and different accessories to complement the game and provide more fun options. The farm and its accessories are made of plastic to be safe, resistant and comfortable to use.

Functionality: This toy is a good alternative for those who value portability, since it is a farm that becomes a briefcase to be able to move it everywhere. There you can store the accessories and, in addition, as it has an ergonomic handle, it will be possible to carry the farm comfortably, even if it is a small child.

Educational value: When children play, they develop their imagination and creativity simultaneously, as they create different stories adapted to the characters. In this case, since it is a farm, the children will also expand their knowledge about this place and the activities that take place there. They will even learn the names of animals.

Maintenance: To keep this toy in good condition, just dust and occasionally wipe with a damp cloth. In addition, care must also be taken when moving the farm to avoid falls or bumps.

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7. Playmobil Country Country House

Precautions: The age recommended by the manufacturers to use the product is 4 years, as there are small parts not suitable for younger children.

Main features: This product is not just a farm. The special thing about this toy is that it is a country house where the characters can live together with their pets and farm animals. The dimensions of 29 x 22 x 25 cm provide space to play and this is divided into two levels, a small patio and a stable. All areas are made to accommodate the 2 figures and the 177 accessories included in the purchase. These accessories include furniture to equip the house, garden furniture, food for animals, cleaning supplies, among other things. The toy is made of sturdy plastic for durability and safety as well.

Functionality: Playing in this country house will be a fun moment full of opportunities, as children will be able to interact with the folding doors, the barbecue, the folding deckchair and various accessories to recreate different scenes and have fun. There are 180 pieces in total that come with instructions for use.

Educational value: While the little ones play with this product they will be learning about animals, life on the farm and, in addition, they will develop their ingenuity, creativity and imagination.

Maintenance: With so many accessories included, it is necessary to always have everything organized to prevent them from being lost. As for cleaning, it is enough to remove the dust or use a damp cloth to leave the product impeccable.

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8. Playmobil 1.2.3 Farm Case

Precautions: This toy is made for children from 1 and a half years old and it is recommended to always use it under the supervision of an adult.

Main features: The Playmobil brand designs toys for children of all ages. In this case, this briefcase farm is made for the little ones. The product has been made of plastic to be resistant to constant use and also comes with rounded edges and an ergonomic handle to give children a better grip. The design could be considered simple, however, it has everything it takes to be fun and eye-catching. This set comes with a farm, two fences, a ladder, a garden, a horse with accessories, a cat and a figure.

Functionality: With a light weight and a comfortable shape, this farm is also a briefcase that is divided into 4 spaces to carry all the toys in one place. This also serves as storage. Additionally, the case features a secure lock to prevent it from opening and dropping items inside.

Educational value: From an early age, children will be able to develop their imagination and creativity. In turn, they will also be able to learn new words referring to the farm and the animals that are usually found there. This will increase your knowledge.

Maintenance: The key to keeping this toy in good condition is good cleaning and organization to prevent accessories from being lost. Keeping the product clean will also be beneficial for children.

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9. Playmobil Farm in the form of a briefcase

Precautions: The appropriate age to use this toy, depending on the brand, is between 4 and 10 years. The little ones should also be accompanied by adults.

Main features: With a quick online purchase it will be possible to obtain at home a small toy farm in the form of a briefcase for children to have fun with. This product has a rustic look, with brown walls and a dark roof to complement them. Its structure has a suitable size of 26.9 x 23.9 x 25.9 cm and, in addition, it has a light weight. The internal part is divided into 4 areas so that there is space to play and place all the accessories included with the toy. Among them, figures and farm animals stand out.

Functionality: Because it is a farm-shaped briefcase, it will be possible to keep all the pieces organized inside it and, in addition, other things can be carried inside it. The top handle offers comfortable mobility and an ergonomic grip, so kids can always have their toy with them.

Educational value: Role-playing is something very important for children, as it gives them the opportunity to develop their imagination and creativity. With this toy, in addition to that, they will be able to learn about life on the farm and the different animals.

Maintenance: Being a toy in the form of a briefcase, it will be easier to prevent the pieces from being lost, since they can be easily stored. Plus, since it’s made of plastic, it will only require occasional cleaning to remove dust.

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10. Playmobil Country 70501 Starter Pack Horse Farm

Precautions: Due to the risk of suffocation, in the event that the child were to swallow a piece, it is important that parents or caregivers remain attentive during the game. Therefore, it is a set recommended for ages 3 and up.

Main features: This horse farm is a fun set specially designed to introduce your child to the world of Playmobil farms, as its pieces have rounded edges and are the right size for the child’s hands. It has 41 pieces, including two figures, two Pony horses, tools for use on the farm and various game accessories. All carefully designed with great richness in colors and details.

Functionality: With this set, the child will be able to play at taking care of the horses, bathing them while feeding them and taking them out for a walk in the countryside. Since it has a corner of the farm, the animals can shelter there during the night. Also, inside it has a space to organize the rake, the shovel and the broom. It also has a frame and a feeding basket that can be fixed on one or the other wall. In addition, this model could be the perfect complement for the Playmobil 70505.

Educational value: It is a game for children who love horses, which helps foster the development of imagination, role playing and manual dexterity.

Maintenance: As these parts are made of high-quality plastic, their maintenance is limited to washing them with water, without using chemical products.

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