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What is the best Playmobil firefighters?

The Playmobil company has been a part of many homes since 1974, offering construction sets on different themes, allowing children to create entirely new worlds each time. Among the most popular models are those of the professions, especially firefighters, but due to the variety of sets that exist of this type, it can be a bit difficult to choose. That is why we have selected 10 of the best Playmobil firefighters, to help you make an assertive decision.

1. Playmobil City Action Fire Truck with Ladder 9463

Precautions: The recommended age for use according to the manufacturer is 4 years and older, since in addition to including very small parts, it also has delicate structures that must be used with care to promote durability. Similarly, the front structure of the truck has electrical elements, so it is recommended that they do not come into contact with liquids.

Main features: This Playmobil set can be a great gift idea for a child, as it includes 1 red fire truck with white details and 3 figures with blue suits. Additionally, it has 85 accessories and the top of the truck has a built-in ladder, which increases versatility.

Functionality: The fire truck can reproduce the sound of a siren and has a set of lights on the roof, capable of generating an intermittent flash similar to the real thing. On the other hand, up to 4 figures can be placed inside the vehicle, while the upper ladder is rotating and extendable, which offers more game possibilities.

Educational value: It has assembly instructions to assemble the set with the help of parents, which promotes family bonding and helps exercise children’s intellectual capacity.

Maintenance: This set has a robust design, made of plastic and without stickers on the pieces. Therefore, it is possible to wash the accessories under running water to facilitate maintenance. However, the truck should be dry brush cleaned to protect the lights and sound system.

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2. Playmobil Fire Station with Alarm playset 5361

Precautions: It is an appropriate set for children from 5 to 10 years of age, since the set has delicate pieces that could break during assembly. Similarly, it is recommended that an adult is present when playing for greater safety.

Main characteristics: According to some users, this is one of the best Playmobil firefighters of 2022, because it is a large fire station, measuring 40 x 21 x 45 cm. The structure has a large gate to let in cars and trucks. In addition, it has 2 figures with suits and firefighter helmets; As if that were not enough, it includes axes, office accessories and rescue instruments.

Functionality: It incorporates a sound device in the upper part that works as an emergency alarm. When activated, it sounds continuously for 8 seconds, so it can provide a realistic experience for children. In addition, the station has a pole to slide the figures.

Educational value: When children play together with their parents or friends, this game encourages their basic social values, such as collaboration and cooperation. It also helps develop their creativity and imagination.

Maintenance: Parts that do not have electrical circuits can be washed with tap water and mild liquid soap. It is recommended to do this process at least once a year depending on the use.

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3. Playmobil 5663 Fire Station Portable Case

Precautions: The manufacturer’s instructions indicate that this set is suitable for children from 4 years old. In addition, its use by children under 3 years of age is specifically discouraged, as it includes very small accessories that could cause suffocation in the worst case.

Main characteristics: It is an appropriate set to give as a Christmas gift or during a special date to a child who is a fan of firefighters, since it offers the structure of a fire station with red and gray finishes. In addition, it has a large number of details and compartments to promote realism, such as a room with a blue bed, a garage, a communications area, among others. On the other hand, it includes 1 motorcycle and 2 figures, which provides greater versatility.

Functionality: It is important to mention that the station can be completely closed to turn it into a functional suitcase, which allows children to keep all the pieces protected and move the set wherever they want. In addition, the station has different rooms to play with the figures in different scenarios.

Educational value: This set can promote the development of visuospatial skills, helping the child to manipulate, represent and analyze objects in a given space, which improves their ability to understand.

Maintenance: Some parts of the structure have stickers, so it is necessary to clean the set dry to guarantee the intensity of the colors and durability of the pieces.

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4. Playmobil City Action Airport Fire Truck 5337

Precautions: The truck has an arm with a pointed end, which could be dangerous for children. In this sense, the presence of an adult during the game is recommended. On the other hand, the product box indicates that it is a suitable toy for children between 4 and 10 years of age.

Main features: It is an attractive playmobil set to give away on a birthday, as it has 86 pieces to assemble an airport fire truck. The vehicle has a red structure and a transparent front compartment, with enough space to place two figures comfortably. In this sense, the package has 86 pieces, including 2 firefighter figures in their respective blue suits and white protective helmets.

Functionality: The middle area of ​​the truck has an attractive set of lights and sounds that can make the vehicle more realistic. Likewise, it is important to mention that it incorporates an upper mechanical arm with an articulated structure for greater versatility.

Educational value: It is a simulation game that allows children to adopt different roles within the game. In this case, the firefighters are brave characters who arouse the admiration of the smallest of the house.

Maintenance: At the time of cleaning, it is recommended not to put the truck in water to protect its internal electrical mechanism. However, the rest of the pieces can be submerged in warm water with a little vinegar to disinfect.

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5. Playmobil City Action Fire Station with Effects

Precautions: It is best to avoid the use of this set in children under 4 years of age, since some of its pieces may have slightly delicate structures. For this reason, it is good to be a little careful when assembling the playpen.

Main features: It is a good purchase option if you are looking for a gift for a child interested in action professions, since it is one of the most complete sets on the list. It is a fire station with dimensions of 61 x 21 x 36 cm, making it a large structure. In addition, it has 3 figures; a helicopter, a helipad and multiple accessories to decorate the interior.

Functionality: Next to the pole to slide the figures, there is the firemen’s siren, capable of emitting real sounds to give children a better experience. On the other hand, it is important to note that the doors have hinges to open them and introduce cars into the park. Additionally, the helicopter’s propellers can rotate for added functionality.

Educational value: Helps develop fine motor skills, a skill that is essential for children during their first years of life. In this sense, it invites you to make movements with your hands and fingers in a precise and coordinated way.

Maintenance: Cleaning should be done at least once a year, depending on the use of the toy. It is only necessary to submerge the pieces in a container with warm water and brush them to remove dirt.

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6. Playmobil Firefighters Boss car with lights and sounds 5364

Precautions: It is necessary to take due care when removing the overhead lights and the windshield area, since the structure could be more delicate than expected. For this reason, the manufacturer indicates that this set is recommended primarily for children 5 to 10 years of age.

Main features: If you are looking for an online offer to acquire a Playmobil fire engine, then this set of car with lights can be a great option. The vehicle has a red structure with yellow details and the top can be removed to introduce accessories and characters inside. It also includes a 7.5 cm figure with a blue suit and white helmet.

Functionality: The upper part of the car incorporates blue flashing lights that can emit the sound of the siren, distinctive of firefighters’ vehicles. In this way, the set can provide a more interactive experience for children.

Educational value: It is a classic-themed role-playing game, which can help children improve their social and creative skills by allowing them to play together with their parents or friends.

Maintenance: To clean the set you must dilute a little hand soap without colorant in a small container of warm water. Afterwards, you can wet a cloth with the solution to remove the dirt more easily.

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7. Playmobil 70054 Firefighters Kit with Boat

Precautions: It is appropriate for children from 4 years of age, since it has small parts that represent a choking hazard due to accidental ingestion, especially in the case of babies under 36 months.

Main features: This can be an original option to give to a child. It is a red fire truck trailer, but the set includes approximately 100 accessories. In this sense, it incorporates a white and red boat, which can be used directly on the water for greater versatility.

Functionality: The boat has a water pump on the front, which allows children to spray real water. In addition, the trailer can be used to transport the boat or other vehicles of the Playmobil brand.

Educational value: It is a set that can be used to promote children’s cognitive reasoning, since during the game the pieces can be classified by color, shape and use within each story.

Maintenance: Both the boat and the car can be in contact with the water to facilitate maintenance. It is only necessary to use a brush to remove dust and water to remove the most embedded dirt.

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8. Playmobil New 2018 Firefighters Special Forces 9503

Precautions: Both the structure of the boat and the helicopter have sharp edges, so the presence of one of the parents during the game is recommended, in order to avoid accidents and increase the safety of the child.

Main characteristics: The Playmobil brand is one of the most prominent in the manufacture of toys and this time it offers a multifunctional set made up of a boat, a helicopter and a rescue car, which allows the child to play in water, land and air. In addition, it has 4 firefighter figures and multiple accessories to increase its versatility.

Functionality: Not only the boat can be lowered into the water, but also the car and the figures. Also, the boat has a water pump in the upper part and a water motor in the lower part, so it can function as a real rescue boat, being very attractive for the little ones in the house.

Educational value: It can inspire children to tell their own stories about saving lives. In addition, it helps them develop their basic cognitive abilities, such as the coordination of hand and finger movements.

Maintenance: It is suitable for use in water, so its maintenance is simple, you just have to put the pieces in a bucket of warm water, with a little vinegar and a couple of tablespoons of baking soda.

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9. Playmobil Airport Fire Truck 5398

Precautions: It is recommended for children from 4 to 10 years old, since it has tiny parts that can represent a choking hazard for the little ones. In addition, the presence of an adult is recommended to increase safety.

Main features: If you are looking for a new toy car to give to a child, then this airport vehicle can be a good option, since it is the one used by firefighters to go to emergencies. In this sense, the set includes 48 pieces, including a foot support and the figure of a firefighter in a blue suit and helmet.

Functionality: The car has a trailer in the back to wind the hose in the back and unfold it when needed, which provides a more realistic game. On the other hand, some parts of the figure are articulated to place it in the position that the child wants.

Educational value: Firefighters are defined as brave people who have been trained to save other people during fires or other types of disasters, so they are a good inspiration for children, both in play and in life.

Maintenance: None of the pieces have stickers or other types of materials that may be affected by contact with water, so it is possible to submerge the pieces for cleaning. Similarly, you can use a non-corrosive soap to remove the most difficult dirt.

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10. Playmobil City Action Firefighters Briefcase with Water Pump

Cautions: Many of the included accessories may be very small, making them easy for some children to swallow, especially those under 3 years of age. Therefore, the manufacturer recommends its use for children over 4 years of age.

Main features: This is one of the simplest, cheapest and most interesting sets in the Playmobil City Action collection. It is a water pump that works with real water, which provides greater possibilities. In addition, the set includes 2 firefighter figures, one in a blue suit and the other in a gray suit. It also includes 33 accessories, including an axe, some pipes, a barrel on fire, among others.

Functionality: To activate the water pump, the child only has to raise and lower the gray handle of the hydration module. On the other hand, the set can be easily moved, you just have to put the pieces in a practical red case with a soft closing mechanism that is included in the package.

Educational value: This toy can promote children’s ability to organize and plan, since during the game they usually set goals to meet. Similarly, it stimulates the imagination to create stories of heroism and strength.

Maintenance: You just have to dilute a little dye-free hand soap in a small container of warm water. Afterwards, you can take a cloth and wet it with the solution to rub the pieces and remove the stains.

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