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What is the best Playmobil ghostbusters?

Ghostbusters is a cult saga for all those people fascinated by science fiction and supernatural stories, which has given way to a franchise of 4 movies, multiple comics, video games and even an animated series. Due to its popularity, many toys inspired by this film series have been created, among which the Playmobil ghostbusters stand out, so we have made a selection with the best 10 sets.

1. Playmobil Ghostbusters Ecto 1 with Light Module

Precautions: This toy is indicated for children 6 years and older, as it includes very small accessories, which can represent a choking and suffocation hazard for smaller children.

Main features: This is an original Playmobil set that features the popular Ecto-1, the white vehicle that ghostbusters use to travel through New York looking for evil entities. In addition, it includes the figures of Winston Zeddemore and Janine Melnitz in the traditional beige suits. Also, it offers 76 accessories, among which are ectoplasm residues, nuclear triggers, among others.

Functionality: It has a module on the car roof that emits blue lights and sounds, which can offer a more interactive experience. Also, the roof is removable to introduce the figures and other accessories, in this way, the child can simulate the search for ghosts.

Educational value: This is a role-playing game, in which children can use their imaginations to take on the role of their favorite heroes within the classic story of the ghostbusters, who value their friendship above all else.

Maintenance: This model does not have stickers, so it can be easily cleaned with tap water and mild liquid soap. However, it is important to remove the area of ​​the ceiling that incorporates the lights, in this way, you prevent the circuits from getting wet. In this case, the most appropriate thing is to clean this area with a dry brush that allows you to remove dirt.

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2. Playmobil Ghostbusters Slimer with Hot Dog Stand 

Precautions: The manufacturer recommends that the child play under the supervision of an adult. Also, this toy is for ages 6 and up as it includes many small parts that could cause choking if accidentally swallowed. 

Main features: This game can be a good birthday present to give to a fan of Ghostbusters, since it is a Playmobil brand set that represents the scene of the ghost Slimer in a Hot Dog stand. In this sense, it includes 53 pieces, among which is the Hot Dog seller, the stall with an umbrella and a bicycle, silicone slimes, multiple foods and the ghost itself.

Functionality: Slimer is the protagonist of this set, so he has wrists and rotating arms to hold the food he wants. Similarly, the food can be used by the child to simulate a real fast food sale, which increases the functionality of the toy.

Educational value: It is appropriate for children to develop their imagination and share a pleasant moment with friends and family, since it includes a large number of accessories to learn the value of sharing.

Maintenance: For maintenance you can use plenty of water, neutral soap and a brush or cloth to remove dirt, since this set does not have electronic parts that can be affected by moisture.

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3. Playmobil 9219 Ghostbusters Fire Station Barracks

Precautions: This set is indicated for children 6 years and older. In addition, it is recommended to pay special attention if there are children under 3 years of age at home, because at this age the danger of accidental suffocation is higher.

Main features: It is one of the best Playmobil ghostbusters toys of 2022, as it offers a representative structure of The Station, which is the headquarters of the team of paranormal investigators and was previously used as a fire station. It is important to note that the building has a brick design, its measurements are 45 x 27.4 x 45.5 cm and it is made up of more than 228 pieces, among which are 5 figures of the main characters of the saga and a lot of accessories.

Functionality: The Station has an internal structure of 3 levels and in turn has multiple stairs and a large number of details in each room, which increases the realism of the game and allows the child to move the figures between the spaces of the building.

Educational value: It can help develop creativity, since it includes a large number of pieces so that the child has more freedom to create their own stories, using the heroism of the famous ghostbusters as inspiration.

Maintenance: This set has many small parts and fine structures, so it is important not to exert too much force during installation and maintenance. Similarly, it is advisable to store all the pieces in one place after playing to extend their useful life.

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4. Playmobil Ghostbusters Marshmallow Doll 

Precautions: On the set box, the manufacturer mentions that its use is recommended for children 6 years of age or older. Although the Marshmallow Man figure is large and unlikely to cause choking, the package also includes a Stanz doll with a smaller size, so it can be accidentally swallowed by small children.

Main features: This model is a good idea for collecting and decorating a space, as it includes a figure of the popular Marshmallow Man with an approximate height of 20 cm, as well as a Stantz minifigure. In addition, among the accessories it has a proton shooter, ecto glasses and a nuclear power backpack.

Functionality: The Marshmallow Man has articulated wrists and arms, so the child can pose him in any position they want for added functionality. Also, it is important to mention that both Stantz’s backpack and trigger are removable, which expands the possibilities to play with them.

Educational Value: This game can teach your child to do the right thing in a classic depiction of the fight between good and evil, as the Marshmallow Man is the last villain to be defeated in the 1984 Ghostbusters movie.

Maintenance: Neither of the two figures have stickers on their structure, so both are resistant to water and can be easily cleaned with the use of a damp cloth or a disused toothbrush.

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5. Playmobil Ghostbusters Spengler with Cage Car

Precautions: Some of its parts are too small, so they may be unsafe for children under 6 years of age. Likewise, it is most recommended that they carry out the assembly with the help of the parents for greater durability of the pieces.

Main features: If you want to buy a Playmobil of the famous ghostbusters online, then this model with the cage car can be a good option, since it includes the figure of Dr. Egon with the blue suit, as well as a creepy winged creature with claws. In this sense, it is a set with 38 pieces, among which are a proton shooter, a folding cage, a bumper, among others.

Functionality: The car has a removable disc launcher that can store up to 3 charges simultaneously, allowing the child to quickly shoot the winged creature. In addition, the cage area can be opened to introduce a figure inside the car.

Educational value: The child needs to use their creativity and intelligence when assembling the set before the game. Also, he can encourage his bravery in a classic battle between the terrifying villain and the hero.

Maintenance: This is a model without stickers, so the details and colors on its surface are waterproof. Additionally, the pieces in this set can resist dust for added durability. In this sense, for maintenance you only need to use a damp cloth and mild soap.

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6. Playmobil Ghostbusters Venkman and Terror Dogs Playset

Precautions: The dogs included have horns that can be pointed for some children, so it is recommended that they play with these figures under the supervision of parents. In this sense, it is indicated for children 6 years of age or older.

Key Features: If you’re looking for a good deal on Ghostbusters toys, then this 20-piece Playmobil might be a good choice. Includes 4 figures, including Peter Venkman, Dana Barrett as Guardian Zuul and 2 Gozer dogs. In addition, it has a box of spirits, a backpack and a proton beam.

Functionality: Both the figures of the dogs and those of Peter and Dana are articulated, so the child can turn their arms and head to place them in the desired position. Plus, the backpack and proton shooter are removable for game versatility.

Educational value: The figures in this set represent fantastic characters that help develop children’s imagination and creativity, motivating them to carry out epic battles between good and evil.

Maintenance: All the pieces are made of resistant plastic and do not incorporate stickers, making it an easy set to clean with the use of a damp cloth and a non-corrosive soap.

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7. Playmobil Ghostbusters Venkman with Helicopter and Water Jets

Precautions: The manufacturer’s recommendation is that this Playmobil should not be used by children under 6 years of age, since it is a helicopter with pointed edges, so it can be dangerous for children.

Main features: This set can be an appropriate gift to give at Christmas or any other special date, since it includes 37 pieces so that the child can assemble the structure of the helicopter with the help of the parents. In addition, it offers the figures of Peter Venkman in the pilot suit and a terrifying green skeleton with a translucent body, as well as multiple accessories, including the shooter, a proton beam, the nuclear backpack and red arrows for the villain.

Functionality: The helicopter can launch real water jets from the base, so the child can use the vehicle to fight evil spirits. Also, it is important to note that the skeleton figure can glow in the dark for added appeal.

Educational Value: This set is inspired by the famous Ghostbusters franchise, which primarily teaches the value of friendship and bravery. In addition, it includes multiple pieces so that the child can develop her creativity and tell new stories.

Maintenance: The pieces that make up this Ghostbusters Playmobil do not have stickers on their respective structures, so they can be submerged in water for maintenance.

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8. Playmobil Ghostbusters Zeddemore with Fleet Jet Ski 

Precautions: Includes the figure of an octopus with pointed edges and thin darts that can be dangerous for younger children. Therefore, the manufacturer indicates that the appropriate age to play with this kit is 6 years and older.

Main features: This is a special Playmobil brand set that includes the figure of Winston Zeddemore, one of the protagonists of the Ghostbusters franchise. Plus, it features a jet ski that can actually float for added versatility. As for the accessories, the set comes with the classic proton pack, the spirit box and a colored lightning bolt.

Functionality: The octopus figure can change color from pink to yellow depending on the temperature of the water, which increases the possibilities of playing with it. For added functionality, the bike includes a torpedo shooter so kids can load up the vehicle to battle the evil sea spirit.

Educational value: It is indicated to put into practice the imagination of children, helping them to develop their ability to tell fantasy stories. In this sense, it includes the figures of a hero and a villain, who can be the protagonists of fantastic adventures.

Maintenance: The parts of this toy can be constantly in contact with moisture, so to clean them you just need to add a little liquid soap and remove dirt with a disused toothbrush.

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9. Ghostbusters Peter Venkman Playset of Toy Figures

Cautions: Children may need parental help to play with this set, as the use of a smart mobile device is required for full functionality. Therefore, the manufacturer indicates that the recommended age to play is from 6 years.

Main features: It is a cheap and versatile toy, so it can be a good purchase option to give to a fan of Ghostbusters on a special date. In this sense, it has 19 pieces, including the figure of Peter Venkman with a backpack and a black proton shooter. In addition, it incorporates a pyramid-shaped projector for greater versatility.

Functionality: This set is one of the most interesting in the Playmobil ghostbusters series, as it can project the hologram of a specter inside the box to catch the spirits. In this sense, it is only necessary to download the Playmobil video application on a mobile phone or tablet, place the projector on the screen and activate the hologram effect.

Educational value: This Playmobil can make a real connection between a smart device and a play set, which promotes children’s interest in new technologies. Also, it can help develop their imagination.

Maintenance: For greater durability, it is recommended to use a dry brush to remove dust and dirt from the parts at least once a year. Similarly, it is recommended not to subject any part to shocks or falls, as this could reduce its useful life.

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10. Playmobil Ghostbusters Stantz with Flying Motorcycle 

Precautions: Some of the pieces that join the accessories in this set can be a bit delicate, so it is recommended to treat them with due care. Additionally, it has fine arrows, so they can cause suffocation if accidentally ingested. Therefore, it is a suitable toy for children from the age of 6.

Main features: It is a new Playmobil game inspired by Ghostbusters, so it can be a good alternative to give as a gift. Includes a flying motorcycle with wheels and wings that can be used to fight evil spirits. Also, the vehicle can be driven by the figure of Ray Stantz included in the package. Also, it comes with a scary-looking zombie figure with a googly eye.

Functionality: The bike has 4 green arrows that can be fired just by pressing them on the back. For added functionality, the wings are foldable, allowing the child to use the vehicle as a motorcycle or airplane.

Educational value: The trigger can help improve children’s aim, while helping them develop their motor skills. Also, the game incorporates a heroic character and a villain, which encourages the child’s creativity to create stories.

Maintenance: This set has no stickers and is made of ABS plastic, so the pieces can be washed with tap water and a mild soap without fear of reducing their useful life.

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