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What is the best Playmobil history?

When buying a Playmobil on online platforms, the existence of too many options may make you feel somewhat lost, so here we present a selection made from the preferences and recommendations of other buyers.

1. Playmobil Pyramid of the Pharaoh 5386

Precautions: Constant monitoring by an adult is recommended during periods of play, since the product has a series of small parts that could be ingested by the infant. In fact, the manufacturer recommends its use in children over the age of three.

Main characteristics: It is a playmobil with an original and colorful design, whose pyramid-shaped structure allows access to its interior through two of the sides. In addition, when going through the different chambers, the child will discover a mummy, an old skeleton, a dangerous scorpion and three spiders. Likewise, three characters with mobility in their joints, torches, some old vessels and treasures are incorporated.

Functionality: This playmobil can be the perfect gift for little lovers of the pyramids and the Egyptian world. The structure is intuitive to use, so the child will quickly discover each compartment.

Educational value: With this playmobil the child will be able to recreate historical moments associated with the ancient Egyptian pyramids, their traps, false floors and characteristic passageways. In this way, the little one will not only have fun alone or in the company of his friends, but will also learn about the lifestyle and context of this important civilization.

Maintenance: As it is a plastic product and does not incorporate batteries, it is easy to wash the parts directly under running water, in order to remove accumulated dirt, and then dry the parts with a soft cloth.

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2. Playmobil Miscellaneous Playset 5390

Precautions: As expressed by the manufacturer, this is a playmobil aimed at children over six years of age, since its small parts represent a danger for younger infants, who could injure themselves with the arrows or suffocate with a figure when introducing it in the nose or mouth.

Main characteristics: This time playmobil history presents a Roman galley with five oars on each side and a crew made up of three characters. The boat incorporates a sail with its respective insignia and, as defense weapons to fight against the enemy, it has some crossbows with arrows. In addition, the set has a secret compartment where all the treasures found by the crew are kept.

Functionality: This is a playmobil equipped with some bearings on the base, which allow comfortable movement on the ground, and safety clips designed to anchor the pieces and maintain their stability. All this, enhancing the functionality of the product.

Educational value: Through this playmobil, children have the opportunity to unfold their imagination creating pirate stories, thanks to the built-in pieces. In addition, the little ones develop an enterprising and critical spirit, since they must discover on their own the hidden compartments arranged in the structure.

Maintenance: The maintenance of this set of playmobiles is easy to carry out, since it is a synthetic product. It is only necessary to take a damp cloth and rub each of the pieces to remove the accumulated dust.

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3. Playmobil Roman Quadriga 5391

Precautions: This is a playmobil history set that will not cause major concern for parents, because it has been made with plastic free of toxic agents, which will not cause allergies in children. However, the manufacturer brand recommends that the product be used by children over six years of age, to avoid suffocation with the pieces.

Main characteristics: According to the comments on this product, it could not only be used by children individually, but it is also suitable to complement other Roman sets and even be used as a collector’s item. This is due to the realism present in the helmet and clothing of the central character, who wields a removable sword and moves on a Roman chariot driven by a pair of horses.

Functionality: Each of the characters, and even the carriage, have articulated areas that improve movement. Thus, the child will achieve complete maneuverability when playing.

Educational value: Thanks to this playmobil, children will be able to create stories of heroism and justice between Romans and Egyptians. In this way, they develop their imagination and acquire historical knowledge of these two great civilizations that were the protagonists of important moments for humanity.

Maintenance: For the maintenance of this set of playmobiles, there are a couple of options, the first of which is to take a damp cloth and rub it over each of the pieces until the dirt is removed. Also, it is possible to wash the figures under the tap.

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4. Playmobil Romans and Egyptians Miscellaneous Playset 5389

Precautions: The toy is intended for children over six years of age because, despite the fact that the main characters are large, some small parts are also included, such as the arrow holder, rope, among others, which could cause suffocation.

Main characteristics: This is a playmobil set valued among the cheapest of 2022, which incorporates a 7.5 centimeters tall Egyptian next to a camel. In addition, the child will have a bow, arrows and a chair so that the character can ride the animal. All these pieces have been made with ABS polymer, which is a resistant, light plastic and on which intense colors stand out.

Functionality: The extremities of the two characters have mobility, so that children can play more easily. Added to this is the possibility of disassembling some of the accessories, in order to save space when storing the pieces.

Educational value: If you want to stimulate the imagination and creativity of children, then this set is a good option, since it will allow the little ones to recreate moments of Egyptian history, assuming the role of an Egyptian warrior and understanding its historical value.

Maintenance: As the figures do not incorporate stickers and are made of polymer, it is appropriate to wash each of the pieces under the tap or clean them with a damp cloth, without fear of deterioration. This process can be completed in a short time and does not represent a high degree of difficulty.

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5. Playmobil Romans and Egyptians Egyptian Camp 5387

Precautions: It is important that children are aware of how dangerous it can be to ingest any part of this set, so its use is recommended for children over six years of age.

Main features: This is a history playmobil that you can give to children on their birthday or Christmas. The set incorporates two Egyptians with their respective weapons, a camel with a saddle and a horse. Both animals can be used by the pair of characters to transport themselves in them. In addition, the well, the palm tree and the vases stand out. All these pieces are made of colorful and BPA-free synthetic material.

Functionality: Children can use the pieces independently in the game environment, since each one incorporates its own elements such as weapons, ropes, baskets, among others. In addition, there is the issue of the mobility of the limbs of the characters, which improves their manipulation and, therefore, the general gaming experience.

Educational value: With this set, the idea is to encourage children’s attention and concentration level, at the time of having to assemble each of the pieces, so that they fit properly. Likewise, when playing, the imagination will quickly activate to create or recreate stories.

Maintenance: To maintain the good condition of the set, it is important to frequently clean each of its pieces. It is a simple task for which it is only necessary to rub the pieces with a soft bristle brush or a cloth, in order to remove dust and entrenched dirt.

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6. Playmobil Romans and Egyptians Miscellaneous Playset 5394

Precautions: Due to the fact that this set incorporates some small-format pieces, the manufacturers recommend that children under six years of age should not play with it, since they could choke on these elements by putting them in their mouths or noses.

Main characteristics: With this playmobil history, Queen Cleopatra is remembered, who is an iconic character from ancient Egypt. Next to her figure is Caesar and a slave. All of them with mobility in their extremities. Likewise, some accessories are incorporated such as a table, glasses, fruit and a fan, to create a setting according to the time.

Functionality: Its articulated parts are designed so that children can vary the position of the characters during the development of the game. In addition, this set can be used in conjunction with other playmobiles whose theme is alluding to Egypt or Rome.

Educational value: With this playmobil, children develop their imagination and learn about the past, since they can recreate interesting stories following the original role of the characters or creating new and innovative stories.

Maintenance: Cleaning is essential in this type of game, since they are pieces that will be in direct contact with children’s hands and, therefore, could be a means of transmitting bacteria. For this reason, it is advisable to clean the playmobil set with a damp cloth or under the tap, since it is made of a moisture-resistant material.

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7. Playmobil History Greek Gods 70215 Hestia

Precautions: As with most playmobiles, it is advisable to supervise children while playing, as they could experience choking, by introducing a small part in the nostrils or putting it in the mouth and swallowing it. In fact, the manufacturer recommends its use from four years of age, indicating these dangers to the child and maintaining constant supervision.

Main characteristics: It is a history playmobil whose pieces have a detailed design with special colors, incorporated in a robust cardboard box in which the set can be stored, once the game time is over, with the purpose of protecting the pieces. of deterioration.

Functionality: The pieces are removable and the character has articulated areas, which enhances the functionality of the product, since the child will be able to vary the position of the figure, adapting it to the story developed while playing.

Educational value: The educational purpose of this playmobil history is oriented to the imaginative development of the child, since it will be able to recreate situations that involve the character, in addition to promoting fine motor skills in their hands, by having to assemble the pieces.

Maintenance: You can provide this set with continuous maintenance, to remove dust and dirt accumulated in each of the pieces, since it is made of moisture-resistant polymer and, in addition, does not include stickers.

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8. Playmobil Romans and Egyptians Miscellaneous Playset 5393

Precautions: This is a safe use set, since the manufacturing raw material is free of toxic agents that can cause any condition in children. For its part, there is the issue of danger when handling small parts by young children, which makes the product recommended for over six years.

Main features: These are six friendly Roman gladiators with a series of shields, swords and spears, which can be attached to the hands of the characters. In addition, it should be noted that the entire set has been made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, better known as ABS polymer, whose resistance to deterioration is proven.

Functionality: Thanks to the articulated parts incorporated into the bodies of the characters, children will be able to vary the roles of the gladiators during the development of the stories, making them bow down, raise their shields to the sky, etc.

Educational value: Creativity will be encouraged with this playmobil, since children can incorporate these gladiators in different stories in which agility, strategy and courage are the protagonists.

Maintenance: To maintain the hygiene of the pieces that will be in constant contact with the little ones in the house, it is recommended to wash them with a soft sponge moistened with a dishwasher, and then remove the excesses with plenty of water. In addition, the characters and accessories must be dried to avoid the appearance of mold or bad smell.

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9. Playmobil StarterSet Colosseum of Rome Playset 6868

Precautions: Because the safety of children is the priority for Playmobil, the recommendation is that this new set is not used by children under four years of age, since some small and sharp parts are incorporated, which could be dangerous in the children.

Main characteristics: This is a playmobil of three Roman gladiators, which incorporates a stage where the fighting takes place. Likewise, on the ground of said square a menacing scorpion and a mysterious snake stand out. On the other hand, there is the chariot with its respective horse, which is the means of transportation for these brave fighters. It is a product that can complement other sets with a similar theme.

Functionality: This is a very versatile playmobil set, because its characters can be manipulated independently, assuming their own roles inside or outside the stage in which they can be anchored. Thus, it is possible for up to three children to play.

Educational value: The set encourages fine motor skills in infants, thanks to the numerous pieces that must be assembled and disassembled using the hands in complete synchrony.

Maintenance: As the figures and accessories have a series of details and adjustment slots, it is advisable to carry out a deep cleaning with the help of a soft-bristled brush and water, since these spaces are more prone to the accumulation of dirt.

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10. Playmobil History Greek Gods 70217 Hephaestus

Precautions: Some of the tools used by the forging god represented in this set have some pointed areas, which could be dangerous in the hands of children under four years of age. Therefore, the manufacturer recommends adult supervision when playing.

Main features: This is a playmobil inspired by Greek mythology, which could well be used as a collector’s item or a complementary piece for another set. In addition, the central character of this playmobil whose name is Hephaestus or forger god, incorporates a hammer, which is his main work tool. This accessory can be easily adjusted to either hand, for convenient handling.

Functionality: With this playmobil on sale, the child will be able to vary the actions of the character due to its articulated limbs. In addition, this piece is suitable to be incorporated into other sets with a similar theme.

Educational value: Among the educational values ​​to be highlighted by this playmobil history set is the psychomotricity in the hands of the little ones, as well as the coordination and sense of organization, since they must assemble some parts to bring the character to life.

Maintenance: The keko and its blacksmith tools are plastic and do not have any type of sticker on their sides, which facilitates periodic cleaning. For this task you can use a damp cloth, a soft bristle brush, as desired.

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