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What is the best Playmobil house?

Playmobil toys have been part of childhood for several generations and continue to reinvent themselves to continue offering fun, learning and the use of imagination in all their products. Such is the case of Playmobil houses, themed spaces where children can recreate fantastic stories or everyday anecdotes with their figures. For this reason, we present our selection of the most outstanding products in this category.

1. Playmobil Dollhouse Dollhouse Briefcase 5167

Precautions: It is not suitable for children under 4 years of age, and adult supervision is advised due to the different small accessories included.

Main features: Measuring 26.5 x 24 x 27 cm, this small dollhouse has a briefcase format, which allows little ones to take it wherever they want. The interior of the house is divided into four spaces: the living room and kitchen on the lower level; and the bathroom and bedroom upstairs. All with printed details on the walls to complement the more than 120 accessories that make up the furniture of this beautiful house.

Functionality: This dollhouse is ideal if you are looking for a special birthday gift that will withstand many years of use, as its 100% durable and high-quality plastic design offers a resistant toy. In addition, there are many stories that children will be able to recreate in this house, where the three figures that make up a family: mom, dad and baby, will be able to explore the 52 x 12 x 27 cm that the house measures when it is unfolded.

Educational value: Representative and role games are very important in the social and emotional development of children, as they allow them to strengthen the concepts of family, society and coexistence that they see every day through toys, such as this dollhouse.

Maintenance: The plastic structure can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth, as can all the accessories.

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2. Playmobil City Life My Town House 70014

Cautions: Adult supervision is recommended due to the many small parts and accessories.

Main features: The City Life line of the Playmobil brand allows its products to be complemented to form a stage with a house, a flower shop, a cafeteria and a fashion store. In this case, model 70014 is a house with beautiful details and many accessories. In addition, you can combine them with elements from other sets.

There are 196 pieces that make up this toy, including a woman, a girl and a cat. The house comes with easy-to-assemble instructions and at 15.5 x 28.4 x 38.5 cm there is enough space for the Playmobil family to go about their daily activities.

Functionality: With this set, the little ones can start a new collection to have a small city, where their Playmobil figures can develop their daily adventures, which begin with living together at home. In addition, this toy has a design with rounded edges and manageable parts, ideal for small hands of children.

Educational value: Playing with a town house like the Playmobil 70014 encourages symbolic games in little ones, necessary for the development of self-confidence. Also, it represents a scenario to simulate situations of their own daily life and experiment with new actions, stimulating their intellectual and social development.

Maintenance: In this house, the accessories can be washed regularly, just like the structure, because they are made of 100% plastic, although some of them have stickers.

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3. Playmobil Doll House Set Toys Multicolor 70205

Precautions: It is not suitable for children under 4 years of age and direct adult supervision is recommended.

Main features: When looking for a Christmas present for a girl, the qualities of the 70205 dollhouse stand out in any comparison. We begin with its 592 pieces and their dimensions of 36 x 62 x 68 centimeters, to represent a small two-story mansion, with classic red roofs, spiral staircases and even a roof terrace.

The front of the house with large windows and flowers adds to its appeal, not to mention the detail of the real doorbell, for which two 1.5 V batteries are needed. In addition, this house is compatible with the sets 9849, 70206 and 70207 which they are a dollhouse, a kitchen, and a living room, respectively.

Functionality: With this dollhouse there are many representative game options that can be made, especially if you have several Playmobil figures, with which you could recreate the stories of a traditional family.

Educational value: Playing dollhouse helps children in their psychosocial development, promoting values ​​and reinforcing behaviors learned in the family. The little ones learn to share and comment on the direction of the game to make it more fun.

Maintenance: The structure of the house and the parts without stickers can be washed with running water and a non-abrasive soap. Also, they can be cleaned with a soft cloth to remove dust.

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4. Playmobil City Life Modern House 9266

Precautions: Its use is indicated for children over 4 years of age, and adult supervision is recommended.

Main Features: The design of this modern house is a representation of current architectural trends in a fun and attractive toy for children. Its dimensions are 67 x 49 x 40 centimeters, containing a terrace, balcony, stairs and space for 5 rooms, extendable with the City Life 9267 Living Room set. In addition to the house, 2 Playmobil characters and 134 accessories are included to set the building.

Also, in this model the real exterior lighting and the bell that really sounds stand out, to make the game more attractive.

Functionality: This is one of the interesting alternatives that Playmobil offers in its catalog, as it is a modern house that will amuse parents and children during its assembly and the representation of daily situations. Plus, the safe house design is kid-friendly, thanks to rounded edges and handy accessories.

Educational value: With this toy, children can act out situations from their daily lives, interpret the different family roles in a playful way, while learning to solve problems, understand the world around them and develop social skills.

Maintenance: A pair of 1.5 V batteries is needed for the lighting and doorbell function. As for cleaning, it is recommended to use a damp cloth and gently rub to remove the dust accumulated on the surface of the house, as well as in the corners and accessories.

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5. Playmobil 1.2.3 House with Royal Doorbell 70129

Precautions: Its design is suitable for people over 18 months, but its use is recommended under the supervision of an adult.

Main features: With babies and early childhood in mind, the Playmobil 1.2.3. presents this single-family house, with a safe size and accessories for the use of children. Its colorful design and real doorbell sound effect quickly catches little ones attention.

In addition, the robust and stable structure stands up to daily use, as we know that 18-month-olds are not very careful with toys. For this reason, the house has been built entirely in plastic, with rounded edges and a smooth texture, also being one of the cheap Playmobil models.

Functionality: The 70129 house has dimensions of 38.5 x 15.5 x 28.4 cm, it comes with 3 Playmobil figures and 23 accessories, most of them in primary colors that attract the attention of babies. Here, the little ones will be able to have their first role plays with the guidance of their parents and learn to play house, reinforcing their daily learning.

Educational value: This toy stimulates the baby’s cognitive development, as well as their social skills, at the same time that they imitate what they see in their daily lives, using the Playmobil characters to represent their actions. This also favors the imagination of the little ones from an early age and allows to create a closer parent-child bond if it is shared with them during game time.

Maintenance: Two 1.5V batteries are required for sound functions.

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6. Playmobil Modern Mansion Complete Playset 5574

Precautions: Its use is restricted to children under 4 years of age and adult supervision is recommended.

Main features: The modern Playmobil mansion measures 56 x 49 x 35 cm and its architectural design appeals to adults too, because it has realistic finishes and a contemporary look. It is not the classic doll’s house with a gabled roof, but a two-storey structure with linear and parallel formats.

The toy is made of robust plastic and comes with various decorative elements such as palm trees and a bush for the outside, furniture accessories such as a table, 4 chairs, a painting that is a hidden safe, among others. In addition, it has a sound effect to simulate a bell, a detail that attracts the attention of children to play with the two included figures.

Functionality: Playmobil’s idea of ​​innovating in the design of toy houses, to represent current residences, is very original and has been widely accepted by parents and children; so the little ones can see their house among their toys. With the purchase of this set you can include the other complementary models so that your child has the mansion with all its rooms set to develop the symbolic games of it.

Educational value: The new Playmobil mansion encourages children’s imagination and creativity to solve everyday problems represented in the figures that live inside this dollhouse.

Maintenance: Two AAA batteries must be purchased for this toy to power the bell function.

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7. Playmobil Family Fun Ski Cabin 9280

Precautions: It should not be used by children under 4 years of age and adult supervision is advised during games.

Main features: If you are thinking of making an online purchase for your child and surprising him with a gift for the 2022 Christmas holidays, we recommend model 9280 from the Family Fun line, a Playmobil house to represent the traditional ski cabin of the Winter Break.

This set measures 32 x 36 x 21.5 cm, it comes with 5 figures and 140 accessories to decorate the cabin, with all the details that will give role-playing more realism. We highlight the colorful design of this model both outside and inside, added to the elements of the spaces such as the fireplace, the table in the kitchen and the sleeping bags in the upper room.

Functionality: With this cabin, children will be able to play at being on vacation in the mountains, representing themselves as Playmobil characters who have all the accessories to ski, have a cup of hot chocolate and share with the family on vacation.

Educational value: Children’s imaginations are encouraged with the use of this toy, as well as the development of their social and cognitive skills, at the same time that they try new situations, such as those they could live in a ski cabin.

Maintenance: The parts without stickers and the house can be washed with mild soap and water.

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8. Playmobil Summer House Game Set 4857

Precautions: Its use is oriented for children from 4 to 10 years old, recommending the supervision of an adult in the smallest.

Main features: For collectors of Playmobil sets, it will be a joy to receive the summer house 4857, a very colorful vacation residence with plants at the entrance that intertwine in the ceiling and that favor its country style. The house is made of excellent quality plastic and measures 50 x 12.5 x 40 cm. Also, it comes with garden furniture and barbecue, in addition to various accessories that complement the internal and external decoration of the house.

Additionally, the 4 Playmobil figures are included that represent a traditional family with suitable outfits for hot days.

Functionality: Buying this set is an offer that you can take advantage of to give the child on his birthday, First Communion, Three Kings’ Day or any family celebration; Well, this toy can provide the little one with many moments of fun and entertaining play, from the assembly of the house and its decoration to all the fun stories that they can recreate inside and outside the summer residence.

Educational value: Children encourage their patience in the arrangement of decorative elements. Simultaneously, they learn to represent their learning and respond to new situations within role plays, a fundamental aspect of child development.

Maintenance: The accessories and the house support washing with water or cleaning with a damp cloth.

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9. Playmobil Family Fun Chalet 9420

Precautions: It must be used under the supervision of an adult and is not indicated for children under 4 years of age.

Main features: Family fun is represented in the Playmobil Family Fun sets, like this model, a summer chalet for the holidays that has all the spaces of a comfortable residence: the kitchen, the bathroom and a large room with all its accessories. Children can assemble the house with their parents and then decorate it with the elements included.

In total there are 210 pieces that make up this set, whose dimensions of 40 x 30 x 26 cm provide ample space for the figures to carry out their holiday activities, enjoy a family barbecue or water the plants.

Functionality: This set includes four figures representing two adults and two children: a traditional family on vacation having a barbecue outdoors, sitting on the garden furniture or lying on the sun lounger and enjoying the comfort of the holiday chalet. With this game you can complement the different collectible Playmobil scenarios to recreate fun stories.

Educational value: The Chalet 9420 is a toy that stimulates imagination, role play and representation in which children can reinforce their learning of family life and explore new situations. These playful activities contribute to the development of cognitive and social skills in children, especially when the toy is shared with other children.

Maintenance: The set is resistant and can be washed under running water, as long as they are not accessories with stickers.

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10. Playmobil DreamWorks Spirit House of Fortu 9475

Precautions: It is a toy for children over 4 years of age and adult supervision is recommended due to the small parts included.

Main features: This model is based on the children’s series Spirit and is a representation of the house of Fortu, the main character and friend of the indomitable horse, which retains a very traditional and beautiful western style. For its assembly, the help of the parents is needed but, once assembled, the structure is robust.

The set consists of the house that measures 58.5 x 50 x 12.5 cm, the figures of Fortu, Spirit and Aunt Cora, as well as 134 accessories to decorate the rooms and recreate scenes from the series.

Functionality: It is a Dreamworks licensed game that can be a special gift for little fans of the adventures of the horse and his human friend. In addition, it is a very nice dollhouse, which will look good in any girl’s room, due to its traditional style.

Educational value: The close bond between Spirit and Fortu reinforces the values ​​of friendship, empathy, discipline and respect. So, this toy can help children to recreate the stories of the series and invent new scenes, using the figures to develop the different situations that Fortu experiences with his aunt and his equine friend.

Maintenance: The parts of the set that do not have stickers can be washed with ordinary soap and water, without using chemical or abrasive products.

New Edition: This set belongs to the Spirit line and is expandable with the 9476 model, Fortu’s room, the 9478 stable, among other toys that represent scenes from the animated series.

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