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What is the best Playmobil Professions?

Playmobil is a successful brand that has been present on the market since 1974, the date on which the first iconic figure was released. Since then, it has been innovating and creating different worlds for the entertainment of children of all ages. In this sense, the “Playmobil Professions” line offers you an attractive collection of 60 figures, through which the little ones can play and dream of being a doctor, veterinarian, firefighter, astronaut, chef and more. Next, we present some of the best valued by users.

1. Playmobil City Action Briefcase Firefighters 5651

Precautions: The manufacturer recommends the use of this toy for children with an age range that goes from 4 to 10 years or more.

Main features: Playmobil has equipped this game with 36 pieces: two firefighter figures, 33 accessories and a case with a handle that favors storage and transport; all made of high quality plastic, toxic free and unbreakable. Among the accessories we have flames, tools, hose, water pump with a small tank. Likewise, the characters are dressed in uniform and protective helmet. In addition, it includes a practical manual of instructions for use and assembly.

Functionality: This set could be the best birthday gift for any child who is a fan of law enforcement, especially if they already have the fire truck from the same line, so it is a toy that could perfectly complement this theme. Among its various accessories, it offers a real water pump, which provides a simple mechanism that allows water to flow through the hose. Because of this, the child can pretend that firefighters offer an immediate response to any emergency. In addition, thanks to the case, the child can take the set anywhere.

Educational value: Thanks to this type of game, children can get to know and appreciate the work of firefighters as heroes who save lives, put out fires and help people in various emergency situations; such as accidents or natural disasters.

Maintenance: All parts can be washed with water, avoiding the use of chemicals.

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2. Playmobil Veterinary Playset 5653

Precautions: Since it is a product that contains small parts, it is recommended for children over 3 years of age and under the supervision of an adult.

Main characteristics: Playmobil is a brand that is constantly innovating and among the new things it offers we have the theme of the most representative professions; in this case, it is a veterinary doctor’s office with 26 rooms. The set includes a figure alluding to a veterinarian with her stethoscope, an adult dog, a puppy, a cat, a dressing table, a shelf with an articulated lamp, three different types of bottles, an injector, medicines, medical instruments and more. Likewise, it has a briefcase that allows the child to take his toy to school, on vacation or anywhere.

Functionality: Among the interesting worlds of Playmobil, this doctor’s office could be the ideal toy for any child who loves animals. Thanks to the accessories that it has, especially a table to carry out the respective examination of the pet and the medications, the veterinarian will be able to give the appropriate treatment to both dogs and cats, and since he has bottles, he will also be able to feed the puppies.

Educational value: Because it has small pieces, it is a game that favors the development of fine motor skills; as well as role playing. In addition, it encourages love and care for animals.

Maintenance: All parts can be easily cleaned, since they are made of plastic.

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3. Playmobil Dentist with Patient 6662

Precautions: It is a Playmobil set designed for the game of boys and girls from 4 years old and up to approximately 10, since it contains small parts.

Main features: This is one of the cheapest profession sets that you can find in this Playmobil line, since its cost is affordable for any budget. It is a game with 12 representative pieces of a dentistry office. The set contains two figures to play the patient and the doctor; but also, a whole set of accessories that faithfully simulate those used in a real office. For example, a dental chair designed in great detail; so it can be easily reclined and adjusted, just like the light of the lamp and other accessories according to the set.

Functionality: This could be an original idea to decorate the medical office of a dental professional. Since in addition to being attractive, it is a toy with excellent finishes and realistic details. For this reason, adults find in this set a collector’s item, and children an ideal product to have fun playing.

Educational Value: Helps foster children’s creativity and imagination in role play. Also, if played in a group, it could improve your interpersonal relationships.

Maintenance: Like all Playmobil toys, its material can be easily cleaned, you just have to be careful not to get the stickers wet.

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4. Playmobil City Life Chemistry Class 9456

Precautions: Due to the large number of small parts in this set, it is advisable to keep the toy away from children under 5 years of age.

Key Features: Whether it’s for Christmas or birthdays, this toy could be the perfect gift for a little science lover. It is a fully equipped scenario for a chemistry class, with 64 pieces that will keep the child entertained for hours. To do this, include the appropriate furniture; such as hanging board, laboratory table and school desks. Likewise, it has instruments and laboratory utensils to carry out various experiments or multiple tests. In addition, it has three representative figures: a teacher and two students.

Functionality: Young children can find chemical experiments attractive and of great interest. In this sense, they will be able to stimulate their imagination with this set that contains a distillation system, burner and various utensils for experiments; which facilitates the performance of future scientists.

Whether it’s a gift for a child or a chemistry professional, this set from the City Life line could be a great purchase.

Educational value: Since it is a game with three figures, it is ideal for the game of three children; which fosters social relationships, role playing and communication. In addition, it can increase children’s interest in science.

Maintenance: You must be careful not to wet the stickers when cleaning the pieces.

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5. Playmobil Starterpack Pediatric Consultation 70034

Precautions: Because there is a risk of suffocation if the child were to swallow any of the small parts, the manufacturer recommends this toy for ages 4 and up.

Main features: If you have a little girl at home who dreams of being a doctor when she grows up, and you want to surprise her with something special, this Playmobil pediatrician consultation set could provide her with hours of entertainment. It is a set of 33 pieces made of high quality ABS plastic, with rounded tips and the right size for children’s small hands. The set includes three characters: the pediatrician, a mother and her son; but it also has several accessories that recreate a doctor’s office. In this sense, the game has a scale, an adjustable meter to determine height, a folding stretcher, a desk, and more.

Functionality: The little girl will be able to play at being a doctor and recreate a world where she represents the doctor who treats the children of the town. In this game, a mother comes to the consultation with her little son for a pediatric check-up; the doctor attends to him, measures him, weighs him, examines his ears and his sight. To do this, the character has a headlamp, its respective stethoscope and a stretcher with an adjustable backrest. Likewise, the height meter also allows to regulate the measurements according to the size of the patient.

Educational value: Children could be motivated to improve vocabulary and socialize, while being entertained and having fun.

Maintenance: It is an easy to clean toy, you could just use a damp cloth to remove any dirt.

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6. Playmobil Large Briefcase Space Exploration 9101

Precautions: Unlike other brand toys, this model only has two small parts; however, it is still recommended for ages 4 and up, as long as an adult is present.

Main characteristics: If what you are looking for is to complement the interesting theme of the space line, just by making an online purchase you can get this attractive toy; specially designed for children who imagine and dream of visiting other worlds. It is a product that has a space vehicle equipped with 4 powerful tires, satellite antenna and radar. It also includes a figure that represents an astronaut. This character has equipment and a suit, objects necessary to face the lack of oxygen and gravity outside the earth; that is why he has a bottle and tubes attached to his back. It also has a mechanical arm to collect material from other planets. In addition, it includes a carrying case.

Functionality: It is a toy that could serve as a collection for any lover of astronomy or space travel; since it has excellent finishes and details. Children can spend hours playing, while they imagine that they are traveling through the solar system, discovering new stars, planets and constellations. Likewise, thanks to the powerful space vehicle and all its equipment, you will be able to represent scenes based on real expeditions to other planets in your game.

Educational value: It is a model that encourages symbolic play, enhances imagination, creativity and language.

Maintenance: Since these are parts made of resistant plastic, their maintenance is based on cleaning them frequently and storing the parts in their case.

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7. Playmobil Beekeeper with Beehive 6573

Precautions: It is a game that is not recommended for children under 4 years of age, given the presence of small parts.

Main features: This model is one of the Playmobil toys belonging to the “Professions” line that could perfectly complement the “Life in the Forest” theme; another of the imaginary worlds offered by this prestigious brand. It is a figure of a beekeeper carefully dressed in his protective suit, which includes a face shield, long boots and gloves. The set also features a beehive, 4 honeycombs, a small flowering plant, 3 honey pots and a bee-dispelling tool. As it is a complementary toy, its presentation does not come in a box; so you will receive it in a properly sealed bag directly from the manufacturer.

Functionality: Playmobil designers, as usual, have included in this set all the relevant elements to make this scene attractive. In this case, we can see that the honeycombs can be transported by the figure of the beekeeper, to remove them from the hive and exemplify the process of collecting honey.

Educational value: Thanks to the theme and the natural setting where it could be set up, it is a game that encourages flower care and stimulates the imagination; since the child will be able to play the role of a honey collector.

Maintenance: Although it does not have a storage case, it is an easy set to keep organized in any box.

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8. Playmobil Specials Plus DJ 5377

Precautions: Parents should be vigilant with young children, as this toy contains parts that can be ingested. For this reason, it is not suitable for children under 36 months of age.

Main characteristics: Playmobil is a German manufacturer that stands out in the toy market for its constant search to create new characters that satisfy the curiosity and imagination of every child. Such is the case of this toy, a modern figure that personifies an electronic music professional; popularly known as Disk Jockey (DJ).

The set includes a DJ with oversized headphones on his head and an audio mixing desk, equipped with two vinyl decks and two (removable) movable arms. Given the high quality of its manufacture, it is a robust toy made of ABS plastic and decorative stickers.

Functionality: This iconic Playmobil figure, with its respective sound table, is one of the toys that you can find on sale to give not only to any fan of electronic music as a decorative element, but it could also be a good purchase for the game of a boy who loves modern rhythms.

Educational value: Like all the themes of this brand, this toy is also designed to provide the child with an educational tool capable of fostering creativity and promoting the development of their imagination; so it allows you to dream that you are a famous DJ.

Maintenance: Because it is a toy made of resistant plastic, there is no risk of breaking and if it gets dirty, it is very easy to clean.

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9. Playmobil Specials Plus Architect with Work Table 5294

Cautions: There is a risk that a small explorer could put any of the small parts in this toy into their mouths; For this reason, it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and respect the minimum recommended age of 6 years.

Main features: Unlike other Playmobil toys, this model only includes a central figure; in this case it is a construction professional, specifically an architect. The character is dressed in his work attire and with his proper protective helmet; Also included in the set are an architecture table, two set squares for projects, a compass, a professional case, a drawing plan and a scale model. Both the figure and the accessories are made of ABS plastic, with rounded tips and the ideal size for children to grasp.

Functionality: Whether you’re buying this set as a gift for a civil engineer, architect, or adult who collects these prized figures, or for the entertainment of a child who shows an interest in design and construction; it is a toy that could well be worth it, since it has realistic details and high quality finishes.

Educational value: His character motivates and encourages children’s imagination, which favors the performance of roles and the dream of being an architect when he grows up.

Maintenance: As it is a toy with few parts, it is easy to organize and store in its respective box.

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10. Playmobil Construction workers 6339

Precautions: It is a Playmobil set recommended for children preferably from 4 years old, since its design contains small pieces that could be accidentally ingested.

Main features: The best profession sets of 2022, like this toy, stand out for their design and originality; qualities that have managed to elevate the name of the brand, thanks to the scenarios and themes it offers. Such is the case of this set that has a couple of figures that symbolize two construction workers in the middle of work. To do this, they have a large concrete mixer equipped with a crank; They also have several very useful tools for their work; such as a trowel, scraper bucket, level, handsaw, hand saw, shovel, and a one-wheeled wheelbarrow.

Functionality: These are two workers who are doing construction work and operate a cement mixing machine. Thanks to all the accessories included, the game can be diversified; Well, they could well be building a building, a sports field, a house, etc. So the child will be able to use his imagination to pose the scenario that he likes the most.

Educational value: It is a toy that significantly improves fine motor skills, communication, language, social relations and role performance.

Maintenance: Because they are made of resistant plastic, they are figures that can be easily cleaned if they get dirty.

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