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What is the best Roman Playmobil?

One of the most illustrated times in cinema and in art in general is that of Ancient Rome, since its history is full of heroic characters and legendary fights. For this reason, this theme can be very striking for children, so much so that within the Playmobil toy catalog we can find a large number of sets inspired by the Romans. Let’s learn more about some of the most outstanding models to select a good option.

1. Playmobil Romans and Egyptians Legionnaires Playset of Figures

Precautions: It is recommended for children between 6 and 12 years of age, since it includes a large number of small parts that could be dangerous for younger children. Similarly, it is recommended that it be used in the presence of an adult.

Main features: Among its features are 6 action figures of legionnaires with swords, each with a height of 7.5 cm. In addition, it has 6 platforms or bases for the characters to stand up during the game. Also, it includes 6 red shields and 4 black spears with which the child can equip the warriors. As if that were not enough, the pieces are made of ABS plastic to favor their resistance and durability.

Functionality: Both boys and girls can assume an infinity of roles when playing with these pieces, since it is indicated to recreate and experience the miniature world using Roman gladiators as a theme.

Educational value: As a main benefit, the game can stimulate children’s creativity and imagination, since it allows them to tell stories where the main theme is courage and justice.

Maintenance: A good idea to maintain the state of this set is to clean it every week if the child plays with it constantly, for which we only have to brush each piece with liquid dishwashing soap using a disused toothbrush. Then, you have to submerge the pieces in warm water for 5 to 10 minutes and let them dry.

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2. Playmobil 5390 Playset Multicolored Miscellaneous

Precautions: It is mainly recommended for children over 6 years of age and the manufacturer specifically mentions that it is not appropriate for children under 3 years of age, since it includes many small parts, such as cups and flowers, so they can be accidentally ingested and cause suffocation..

Main features: If you are looking for an original Playmobil playset, this model includes a large number of elements, including a Roman galley with sails, oars and supports for the characters to stand on. Also includes 3 warrior figures, multiple food pieces, vases, cargo items, shields, and a ballista.

Functionality: The ship’s hull includes wheels, so it can also be played on the ground. In addition, the ballista allows children to shoot normal or fire-tipped arrows, which can make the game more realistic. Also, it provides compatibility with the 5536 or 7350 subsea engine so it can be placed directly on the water.

Educational value: It offers children the opportunity to develop their ability to tell stories, taking as an initiative the values ​​associated with the strength and courage of Roman warriors.

Maintenance: We must carefully brush the edges and small spaces of each piece with a soft bristle brush and a little dishwashing soap. Once they are soaped, they must be immersed in a container with warm water for 5 or 10 minutes to ensure that bacteria, fats and dirt are removed from their structure.

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3. Playmobil Roman Quadriga 5391

Precautions: This kit has multiple anchors that can be very thin and weak for children under 3 years of age, therefore, it is specifically recommended for children 6 years of age and older, who have a greater awareness of the care of each piece.

Main features: This is one of the cheapest models on the list, made up mainly of a two-wheeled Roman chariot, pulled in turn by two brown horses with black manes. In addition, it includes the figure of a 7.5 cm tall warrior who has a helmet and a metallic-colored sword and all the components of the biga are red.

Functionality: It is important to note that both the front legs of the horses, as well as their heads and the entire body of the warrior have articulated structures, so that the child can place them in the position that they like best according to the story created.

Educational value: It is a game to develop the imagination of boys and girls through the creation of modern or historical stories. In addition, being a multi-piece model, it stimulates the ability to create and build.

Maintenance: For the maintenance of this set we need to take a toothbrush with soft bristles, moisten it with water or degreasing soap and brush the surface of each piece. Afterwards, rinse with lukewarm water for approximately 10 minutes and allow to dry.

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4. Playmobil: The Movie Emperor Maximus in the Colosseum

Precautions: The manufacturer recommends the use of this model for children over 5 years of age, since children under this age are prone to accidental choking on smaller parts.

Main Features: This is a fun 53-piece Playmobil set inspired by the 2019 movie. It offers 4 playable figures including the Leader of the Vikings, Marla Brenner in her golden armor, and the Dark Knight, who include weapons and shields to battle the villainous Emperor Maximus, whose figure is also included in the kit. Additionally, it has 48 accessories, among which are columns, statues and bowls of fire.

Functionality: If you are looking for a special birthday gift, this set includes, in addition to the 4 main characters, an instruction manual to help the child recreate the structure of the Colosseum, which can provide more fun time.

Educational value: It is necessary to build the structure of the Colosseum using the accessories included in the package, which helps to put into practice the child’s ingenuity and creativity. In addition, by having 4 figures, it promotes the value of sharing and allows you to have a pleasant time playing with family members or other children.

Maintenance: This set has a robust and resistant design that does not incorporate stickers, so the manufacturer indicates that its care can be done quickly with the use of tap water and chemical-free soaps.

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5. Playmobil 4277 Roman Emperor

Precautions: This model is intended for children over 4 years of age. In addition, since it needs assembly in some of its pieces, parents or caregivers must carry out this task and also supervise the game at all times.

Main features: The figure of this Roman emperor could be the ideal character to complement any other game with this attractive theme. It is about the emperor Julius Caesar, with a size of 7.5 cm and dressed in a white toga and a purple stole with golden edges. He also has several remarkable accessories: a laurel wreath, a golden cup, a table, a bunch of grapes, a column and a torch. Also, like all Playmobil products, this set also offers a richly detailed design.

Functionality: The child will be able to play to represent this famous Roman emperor. He will also be able to legislate and publish epistles with Law decrees, so the set includes a manuscript specially designed for this purpose. It could also be used to complement the Playmobil Roman Soldiers 6490.

Educational value: It favors in the little ones the development of their creative potential, the interpretation of characters and the knowledge of history.

Maintenance: It does not require specific or strict maintenance, since they are parts made of high quality plastic.

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6. Playmobil Romans and Egyptians Autre 5392

Cautions: Children 6 years of age and older can play with this set under adult supervision, as it is capable of throwing objects.

Main characteristics: One of the most modern machines, in Roman times, were the crossbows, which are represented in a nice and clear way in this set. Therefore, it can be an excellent option to complete your collection or to begin to shape it. For its part, the human figure that is included is very well represented. In fact, it has a belt that allows you to store the sword.

Functionality: The way to activate the launch mechanism is very simple: it is only necessary to place the corresponding object in the special slot and press the button on the end of the crossbow. The power of the shot will be enough to hit nearby objects when enacting battles with other sets.

Educational value: Introducing the concept of technology is just one of the educational aspects that can be exploited with this set. However, given its versatility, it is a toy with great possibilities.

Maintenance: It will suffice to brush the pieces of the set from time to time to remove the dust that accumulates on their surface or rub gently with a damp cloth, if dirt has adhered.

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7. Playmobil StarterSet History Gladiator Arena 6868

Precautions: This model is not appropriate for children under 3 years old, but 4 years and older, since many of its parts can be easy to swallow. Also, some weapons are pointed, so it is recommended that children play under supervision.

Main features: If you are looking for a good deal to buy a gift for the little ones in the house, then you should consider this Playmobil set that includes three gladiator figures, as well as a trident, sword and shield. Also, it has a carriage pulled by a horse, a green snake and a black scorpion. As for the accessories to assemble the stage, it offers fire bowls, columns and a platform to recreate a balcony.

Functionality: By including 3 characters, it can be used by 1 or more children simultaneously. In addition, a large percentage of its pieces come disassembled, so the child can not only have fun with the characters, but also assemble the stages for the gladiators.

Educational value: It encourages the child’s ingenuity to tell stories, since it includes different figures that can represent both heroes and villains.

Maintenance: The pieces in this kit have a large number of details, so it is recommended to clean them with warm water and a soft-bristled brush to gently remove dirt. In the same way, it is important to treat some elements with great care, such as the reins of the horses and the limbs of the scorpion.

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8. Playmobil Roman Circus 4270

Precautions: The pieces included in this set require a certain level of care and concentration for both children and adults to play, due to the size and quantity, so it is indicated for children 6 years and older.

Main features: This could be one of the most outstanding Playmobil brand toys of 2022, since it is a complete kit with a Roman circus theme, so it has a structure similar to the Colosseum and a large number of accessories, such as 8 figures of emperors and gladiators, an orange tiger and a lion, as well as a pair of black horses to pull the chariot.

Functionality: The child can assemble the stage step by step and then interact with the elements of the structure. It is important to note that the bars have mechanisms to raise them and the floor has a trap platform for the gladiators.

Educational value: Promotes a sense of belonging that helps children take care of their toys. In addition, it encourages an interest in the history and cultures of our past, while allowing children to use their imaginations to tell fantastic stories of heroism and justice.

Maintenance: Being such a large kit, it is necessary to store all its pieces after playing with them. On the other hand, it is made of resistant plastic, which in addition to favoring its durability, allows you to clean the pieces occasionally with warm water and a brush to remove dirt from the narrowest areas.

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9. Playmobil Three Roman Soldiers 6490

Precautions: Due to the complexity of the game and the roles that must be represented, it is a set recommended for children over 4 years of age.

Main features: This Playmobil set belongs to the History theme and consists of three figures that could complement your Roman army. These are three legionnaires equipped with their respective armor, battle helmets, spears, swords and large rectangular shields called Scutum, which are very similar to the originals of the time. In addition, the three helmets offer different and striking designs.

Functionality: The legionnaires of Julius Caesar’s Roman army form a highly trained military unit and are ready to defend their King. With these three foot soldiers, the boy will be able to complement his line of attack against Caesar’s enemies and face great battles.

Educational value: It is a set of three legionnaires that helps develop language, imagination and role playing, so that the child can socialize with friends and strengthen their communication skills.

Maintenance: To keep the figures clean, you only need to wipe with a damp towel and remove any dust or dirt.

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10. Playmobil Roman Family 6493

Precautions: It is a set designed for children over 3 years of age, especially because it contains small pieces that could be put in the mouth by the smallest.

Main features: This Playmobil is designed with the idea of ​​complementing other sets with the same theme. It is about 4 figures that make up a Roman family. Each one is dressed in clothes and accessories typical of the time, so the two adults wear a long tunic accompanied by a stole, while the children wear outfits appropriate for their age. Also included are accessories such as: a glass goblet, a large ceramic vase, a shield, sword and a scarf.

Functionality: This Roman family could be the ideal complement for the Playmobil 5394 Romans and Egyptians. In addition, the figures can rotate their hands, arms and head, which is why children can play different roles.

Educational value: This set offers great value as a collectible, also to decorate a Nativity scene and, at the same time, to encourage children’s creative abilities.

Maintenance: All parts are made of high-quality plastic, so maintenance can be simply rubbed with a towel to remove any impurities.

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