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What is the best dinosaur Playmobil?

This extensive collection of dinosaur-themed toys is one of Playmobil’s proposals that can remain current among children’s favorite games. With these adaptable figures it will be possible to represent scenes from some movies of the prehistoric world while the little ones stimulate their imagination and intellect in a convenient way for their learning.

1. Playmobil dinos explorer vehicle with Stegosaurus 9432

Precautions: This toy contains removable and small parts. Therefore, its handling is recommended for children over 3 years of age.

Key Features: If you’re thinking of giving your child a gift for Christmas, this game with a prehistoric kingdom theme could be a wise choice. It is a set with 54 pieces, including a pond with plants and trees along with small dinosaurs, a large dinosaur, an explorer vehicle and a scientific doll. Likewise, it is made with ABS plastic materials that resist impact and continuous handling, so its quality is guaranteed. In addition, it has realistic tones suitable for the time.

Functionality: With this set your little one will be able to hunt the dinosaur through its crane vehicle, since it has an arm equipped with a pulley that can move easily. Likewise, the Stegosaurus has mobility in both its head and its legs, which will provide greater authenticity to your fun.

Educational value: This dinosaur game stimulates attention, but also develops cognitive and motor skills in children, by allowing the parts to be disassembled and the limbs of the toy to be mobilized.

Maintenance: Because its parts are made of plastic, cleaning is simple, just by applying water and drying them with a dry cloth they will be ready for their next use.

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2. Playmobil Dinos Car with Triceratops 9434

Precautions: It is a dinosaur recommended for children over 4 years of age. In addition, the manufacturer recommends the guidance of an adult when using it.

Main features : This Triceratops dinosaur game has interesting finishes on its pieces, as they are made to the highest European quality standards. In turn, its resistant plastic material and its robust, but attractive design, allows it to withstand intense gaming days. Likewise, it contains an instruction manual for assembly and 59 pieces, including a car, two prehistoric animals and a doll with facial expressions.

Functionality: This time the Playmobil toy brand brings us these dinosaurs to provide fun for the children of the house. It is a set of functional parts, including Triceratops that move their limbs and a convertible car that launches a net or projectiles through a cannon. In addition, the design of the car allows the introduction of the villain, who changes his emotional state by turning his face.

Educational value: The integration of this type of toys favors the behavior and imagination of the little ones, since it puts into practice their motivation to learn more about this wonderful world of dinosaurs.

Maintenance: In order to preserve the toy in good condition, it is advisable to clean it with a damp cloth when the pieces require sanitizing.

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3. Playmobil Dinos Base Camp with T-Rex and Light Effects 9429

Precautions: Although it has rounded edges for convenient handling by children over 4 years of age, the presence of an adult is important for assembly.

Main features: This dinosaur game has a great wealth of details and accessories, just as Playmobil is used to offering. In this way, its solid but charming and high-quality design could be a good birthday present for your child, if he is a lover of prehistoric animals. On the other hand, it has a set of 121 pieces made of plastic along with an instruction manual, so its assembly can be simple and fun. In addition, it uses batteries to perform certain special functions.

Functionality: This T-Rex dinosaur playset stands out for its light effects, but also for the variety of accessories with versatile functions and the mobility of the figures and animals. On the other hand, it contains a map that changes color with the friction of the fingers; the plants glow in the dark when illuminated with a light and its fortress has weapons, as well as other elements that promote fun.

Educational value: Its pedagogical level not only contributes to stimulating reading, but also to the development of group activities and socialization, since it allows interaction with other children due to the large number of pieces that make up the set.

Maintenance: All its components can be washed with water, without aggressive detergents, as they could deteriorate them.

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4. Playmobil 70632 Attack of the T-Rex

Precautions: In order to avoid any incident, it is recommended to be used by children over 4 years of age, because it may contain small parts. However, it must be supervised by an adult.

Main features: If you want to give a special gift to a little one, with this original toy from the manufacturer Playmobil you can give them a fun and educational surprise. For this purpose, it has two T-Rex dinosaurs, a 4-wheel off-road motorcycle and a figure alluding to a hunter. In addition, it has a total of 20 pieces of convenient quality, made with realistic colors.

Functionality: If you are passionate about dinosaurs, you cannot miss this set of prehistoric animals in your collection where all its parts are mobile. In addition, it has a vehicle that you can use to explore and hold other accessories in the back. 

Educational value: Most children develop their intellect and curiosity through their toys. In this sense, the dinosaurs in this set could encourage interest in knowing the history of these animals and reinforce their learning, in addition to stimulating the imagination and their fine motor skills by recreating certain scenes with the figures.

Maintenance: Thanks to its robust material, its parts are easy to maintain. So, with just a damp cloth you can remove the remains of dirt.

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5. Playmobil Motorcycle with Velociraptor 9431

Precautions: The idea of ​​the manufacturer is to prevent any setback from happening when handling this type of toys. For this reason, it is recommended for use by children over 4 years of age.

Main features: To make a good purchase choice, you can find this Velociraptor toy on sale on the web, thanks to the promotions offered on the market. It is a pack with dimensions and a weight that facilitates its transfer and handling. In addition, it includes 18 pieces in a multicolored box in which a motorcycle, a figure, a dinosaur, among other accessories, stand out. In this way, recreation is guaranteed anywhere.

Functionality: Each piece that integrates this adaptable toy is provided with mobility. For example, your rider can sit, bend, turn his head and even stand, allowing you to manipulate him in any way you like. Also, the velociraptor was designed to have mobility in its legs.

Educational value: This game of the oldest animals in the world promotes social development by sharing among friends. Also cognitive and physical maturity by putting its main characters in motion.

Maintenance: These accessories can be immersed in a pot with water and neutral soap. Similarly, it is recommended to dry them well to avoid the formation of fungi.

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6. Playmobil 1.2.3 Dinosaur Egg 9121

Precautions: This Playmobil game has been designed for children over 18 months. However, despite its careful design, adult supervision during handling is important.

Main features: If you are looking for a cheap toy that arouses the interest of the smallest of the house, this model of a dinosaur egg could be a good alternative. In this case, the manufacturer offers a striking presentation that includes a human figure allusive to an explorer, a platform with a tree and an egg with a baby dinosaur inside. On the other hand, being a toy intended to be in contact with young children, its manufacture is made of safe ABS plastic with good finishes; in an eye-catching design with bright hues, to impress and entertain every baby.

Functionality: This fun children’s game is based on the story of a baby dinosaur that hatches from its egg, so its functionality is based on the fact that it can be opened and closed easily. In addition, said figure can exercise movements such as sitting, turning the head and bending; This way your little one can spend hours of entertainment.

Educational value: It is a game that arouses interest in children from an early age, as it helps their cognitive development, expanding their intelligence and providing affection for these prehistoric animals. Similarly, his fine motor skills are stimulated, as this toy encourages him to use his hands and fingers.

Maintenance: Its maintenance can be done easily by simply washing the figures directly in the tap. Likewise, you must dry it before its next use.

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7. Playmobil Dinos Helicopter with Pterosaur 9430

Precautions: Its use is recommended under the supervision of parents and representatives, since small parts are included in the box that could cause suffocation if accidentally put into the mouth.

Main Features: If your child is a fan of dinosaurs and likes to collect them, this 39-piece set could be the right gift for 2022. It is a set of toys that includes a helicopter, a figure (pilot), a pterosaur, among other accessories. In addition, these collectible dinosaur pieces are made with suitable quality and resistance materials such as Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene with well-defined finishes and colors that enhance the modern design that characterizes this leading brand in toys.

Functionality: The main attraction of this model is the pterosaur, since it can open and close its beak to be able to hold the prey it hunts. Likewise, the helicopter, equipped with weapons, together with the pilot, have mobility in the parts that compose them. Qualities that will blow the imagination of the little ones.

Educational value: This game is intended for children over 4 years of age who, by manipulating it, will be able to develop both their motor and social skills, since the pieces are pleasant to the touch and easy to assemble. In addition, they will be able to share the same passions for these animals with other children.

Maintenance: Because they are made of waterproof rigid plastic, they can be immersed in a bucket to be washed.

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8. Playmobil Dinosaurs and Explorer Large Briefcase 70369

Precautions: This toy has been designed for children over 4 years of age, as it contains tiny pieces that could easily be lost.

Main features: Thought of children who have a fascination for the Jurassic kingdom, Playmobil was concerned to design this practical game of dinosaurs, which consists of 18 pieces contained in a reusable case provided with a green handle; with which they can safely transport the pieces that make up the toy. In addition, it has a weight of 200 grams that makes it a light item and both the figures, dinosaurs and other accessories are made of high quality resistant plastic, so its durability is guaranteed.

Functionality: The child will be able to recreate funny episodes alluding to the Jurassic era, since the main characters have movements in their extremities, which make them look attractive to put the imagination in motion. In addition, some of the accessories can be exchanged from the hand of the human figure. Finally, we can add that online you can find some tutorials on how to set up an adventure with these toys.

Educational value: A positive aspect of these dinosaur toys is that they favor the intellectual development of children, since it arouses their interest in investigating and wanting to know more about these animals.

Maintenance: In case of washing them with water to remove impurities, it is recommended to dry them correctly before storing them in the transport case.

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9. Playmobil 1.2.3 Quad with 2 Dinos

Precautions: This game is aimed at the youngest children, so it is recommended from one and a half years old.

Key Features: When it comes to baby safety, this dinosaur playset might be one of the most convenient on the market. For this purpose, it has rounded edges that provide a comfortable grip and well-defined bright colors. Likewise, it is made with non-toxic and resistant materials, in a presentation that contains a figure of an explorer, a T-Rex and a Triceratops, among other accessories alluding to the theme; reasons why your baby will be attracted to use them.

Functionality: This toy is part of the new collection of dinos, which is designed to encourage the entertainment and curiosity of children. To do this, the off-roader works through manual impulse and you can use it with or without the explorer, since being removable will allow you to perform this function.

Educational value: It is a baby toy that promotes sensory development through manipulation, observation and experimentation. In addition, it encourages creativity by recreating stories with the help of parents.

Maintenance: Its cleaning is practical, since just by wiping it with a damp cloth the toy is ready for another adventure.

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10. Outletdelocio 6595 Brachiosaurus Dinosaur with Baby 6595

Precautions: Despite being made of resistant materials, it is recommended not to drop it from a considerable height, as it could be damaged. Similarly, it is aimed at children over 4 years of age.

Main features: This toy model, unlike the other products of the brand, provides a limited and special edition of two brachiosaurus in real colors alluding to those of its time. It comes in a presentation inside a bag, since they are considered extra accessories to add to the collections.

Functionality: This dinosaur along with its baby, have well-defined mobility. In this sense, the Brachiosaurus mom moves her limbs, neck, head and jaw, while the baby only moves her legs. Functionality that allows the child to move it to the direction that they like the most.

Educational value: It favors the development of language, as these games have a positive impact at the linguistic level by encouraging the pronunciation and writing of the names of these animals. Similarly, they promote inventiveness and fine motor skills.

Maintenance: Because they are solid pieces, their maintenance can be carried out with water without danger of deterioration with cleaning. Likewise, it is recommended in case of accidentally introducing water in the joints, shake the toy to remove the excess of it.

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