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During hot days, it is common for us to spend a lot of time in the water with the children, but many times they get tired of always playing the same thing. For this reason, it is good to discover some other interesting pool games that are fun and allow you to share quality family time.

Swimming pools are among the best toys for children ages 3 and up, but they really work for the whole family. That is why we present below a special selection of the coolest games that are worth both in a small pool and in a large one. 

1. What time is it?

This is one of the funniest water games. It consists of selecting a captain from the group of children, who will be at one end of the pool. The other children should be in a group on the other side, like this, when the children shout in chorus “What time is it? The captain answers for example, “6 o’clock”, so that the children take 6 steps towards him. At a certain moment, the captain will not say a time, but will answer “it’s time to eat” and try to catch one of the children, who will be the new captain. 

2. Everyone for…! 

Among the pool games for children, this is one of the most popular. In this case, one of the parents has to throw many objects into the water, and at some point has to shout, for example, “Everyone for the yellow ball”. The child who takes the ball to the father or mother gets 10 points, in this way, the one who accumulates the most points wins. This is one of the swimming games that competitive kids like very much. 

3. Ball in the air

It is one of the favorite games for boys and girls in the pool. Its main objective is the commitment to keep a beach ball in the air. The child who drops the ball into the water is leaving the game and will have to wait for the game to start again. The last one left wins the game.

4. The Shark

This is one of the fun games for 10-year-olds in the pool, and yet it’s also one of the simplest. The main idea is that one of the children is the shark, so he will be the only one in the water. The other children will try one by one to cross the pool without being “devoured” by the shark. Children can agree on who will be the shark or choose it at random. 

5. Beach ball race

After a good swimming warm-up, there is nothing better than a good run. It is one of the most popular challenge games for two. It consists of carrying out a competition from one end of the pool to the other by pushing a ball. Remember that it is not worth throwing it, the rule is to push. Due to its simplicity, it is one of the best pool games for children 4-5 years old.

6. Chicken fight

Within the water games for teenagers, this is a classic to have fun in a group. It is played with big children because it is necessary for one to hold the other on their shoulders. The goal is for the kids on top to try to knock each other down. In this case, you lose the equipment of the boy who falls into the water. The good thing about this game is that if there are four adults they can also try it while the children support their favorite teams between shouts and laughter.

7. Relays in the pool

Before doing this challenge, it’s good to do warm-up games for kids so they have their muscles primed for action. To do it, teams of 2 or more participants are needed, since the idea is to make a relay race to carry a ball from one end to the other inside the pool. The winning team will be the one that reaches the finish line first.

8. Coins in the background

It is one of the best games for 3 people or more in the pool. It consists of throwing coins or other submersible toys that do not float. The child who manages to collect the greatest number of objects will be the winner. If it’s coins, you can add a story about a treasure at the bottom of the pool to encourage creativity and develop the imagination. However, as in the case of other games in the pool, it is necessary that children know how to swim and must always be accompanied by adults.

9. Marco Polo in the pool

Marco Polo is a classic game for the little ones in the house, but it is also part of the water games for children. One of the children is chosen at random as the first Marco Polo, therefore he will be blindfolded and will say “Marco”, so that the other children will shout “Polo”. The bandaged child must be guided by sounds, so in the water it is much more fun. The participant who is caught will be the new Marco Polo. As with most water games, adult supervision is important for safety. 

10. The tunnel in the pool

It is one of the water games for children from 6 to 12 years old or more, since it is necessary to dive. In this case, two or more teams are established. Each team must make a row of one child behind the other standing in the water with their legs apart in an arc, creating a kind of tunnel between all of them. The first in line must dive and go under until the end, quickly placing themselves behind the last one, then the second will go and so on until all have been placed in the initial position. Teams must do this at the same time and the team that manages to order all their players the fastest wins.

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