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Learning will not be a duty, but a pleasure, when knowledge is imparted in the form of fun songs for children. For this reason, having popular children’s melodies on hand that encourage the little ones to learn by playing and dancing is an excellent way to educate them, without them realizing it. 

With the advancement of technology, it is increasingly common to see children engrossed in electronic games and different screens. Because of this, many parents try to give their little ones alternatives that will amuse them and clear their minds. Some choose to invest money in the best educational toys of 2022, while others prefer to plan family activities full of learning and fun.

A good way to entertain children is by giving them tales, fables and other stories. However, if your little one is a fan of music, surely you can enchant him with different popular children’s songs that help him develop his musical sense, while he learns with melodies.

Children’s songs are so effective that even those we used to sing in childhood are still available for new generations. Some old children’s songs still lead internet searches, so it is possible to easily find tunes like, Let it rain, let it rain with lyrics or El carrorito leré with lyrics, to teach them to your children.

However, if you want more fun, and you want to give your little one the opportunity to learn important things in a fun and easy to memorize way, then here you can find some popular children’s songs that will surely make you dance too.

10 children’s songs to play and learn

The main objective of the children’s musical genre is to entertain children, however, among all the melodies that exist, there are some that could be your allies when it comes to teaching your children certain things that will be easier to explain with a good rhythm..

Learning math:

Learning to count is something that is imperative, just like knowing how to add or subtract. However, math can sometimes be boring for little ones. Fortunately, these short nursery rhymes engage numbers and math in a subtle and fun way, perfect for children of all ages.

1) An elephant swayed:

Among the most famous baby songs is this one, which has quite simple lyrics:

“An elephant swayed

on a spider web

and how he saw that he resisted

went to call another elephant.”

The trick is that this song can go on forever, as the number of elephants increases per verse, forcing little ones to count as they sing.

2) I have a doll dressed in blue:

Although this song begins by talking about a doll, the final verse has a section dedicated to a progressive sum:

“Two plus two is four,

four and two are six,

six and two are eight,

and eight, sixteen.

and eight, twenty-four,

and eight, thirty-two.”

By memorizing this song, children will already know how to add these amounts with ease.

3) The little boat

“The little boat that did not know, that could not navigate” is one of the most famous children’s songs in Spanish; and this one also has a verse that will help children to count quickly.

“One, two, three passed,

four, five, six weeks

The best thing is that this string of numbers can be changed for other figures, if you wish, so that the children work with larger amounts. 

Songs to exercise memory:

Children’s letters, although they are made for children, can have a little more complexity and be a challenge for them. In this case, the next song will have the children memorize the appearance of a string of animals.

4) The sitting frog:

The only verse of the song is this:

“The frog was sitting

singing under the water

when the frog

he began to sing,

the fly came

and silenced her.”

After this, the stanza will change by placing the name of another animal before it, looking like this:

“The fly to the frog,

who was sitting

singing under the water.

Which is complemented by replacing the last animal to continue. With this song there will be hours of fun.

It’s easy to learn English!

5) The cowboy mouse:

If you are looking for traditional songs from Mexico, the cowboy mouse is a good option to sing, especially if you want your child to learn some English, because the little mouse will soon sing:

“What the heck is this house

for a manly Cowboy Mouse?

Hello you! Let me out!

and don’t catch me like a trout.”

Later, you can search for nursery rhymes in Catalan or any other language so that your little one can continue learning.

6) The patio of my house

The CantaJuegos song “El Patio de mi Casa” is an ideal melody to make children move while singing. Among the song lyrics, this one stands out, as it promotes different actions such as bending over, dancing and stretching when singing.

On top of that, the song also helps with learning some letters of the alphabet, making it great for kids big and small.

learning about animals

7) The chicks:

Among the typical Spanish and world songs you will find “Los pollitos”, which will teach your child the sounds of these animals: peep, peep.

8) I have three sheep

It is a good way to teach children some things for which sheep are used: “One gives me milk, another gives me wool, another keeps me all week” 

remembering the classics

These traditional songs are still popular songs because of their good rhythm and their rhymes at the end of each of the verses. By singing them you will surely be able to reconnect with your inner child and have fun with your children.

9) Pim Pon

10) The Milk Cow

Before spending money on educational toys or big-ticket items, go ahead and teach your little one while they sing and dance. At the end of the day, you probably won’t know which of the two had more fun. 

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