Pregnancy week 11: changes and development of the baby

The pregnancy process goes through different stages, which we experience throughout the weeks of the baby’s growth. From the 11th week of gestation, the embryo will be called a fetus and from now on the changes will be more noticeable, which is very exciting for future parents.

The first trimester of pregnancy is a revolution for women, both physically and psychologically, since it is the phase in which the entire process of implantation of the embryo, formation of the placenta and the hormonal changes taking place. of this first stage. 

Now, when you reach 11 weeks of pregnancy, the embryo has already developed and begins to have a more human shape, which is why from this time it is called a fetus. 

In this post, we want to clarify certain doubts that some women may have in relation to the different changes, symptoms and risks that they could have during the growth of their baby week by week, especially if they are already at 11 weeks of gestation.


You are probably asking yourself the question 11 weeks pregnant: how many months is it? In this sense, it is important to know that the changes produced in pregnancy and in the development of the fetus are counted by weeks, considering that a pregnancy under normal conditions could last between 37 and 42 weeks, approximately.

But, this time is counted from the start date of the woman’s last menstruation, although if the future mother remembers when her last ovulation was, the gynecologist could give a more accurate probable date of delivery. He bears in mind that the probable date of delivery (PPD) is an estimated calculation that is made by adding 7 days and 9 months to that date of the last menstrual period. 

However, it is easier for women to remember the last period than ovulation and, therefore, that is the data taken as a reference for the calculation of gestational time. So, the measurement of the time of the pregnancy will be taken from the last period and the growth of the fetus will be estimated week by week. 

In such a way that, when we speak of an 11-week fetus, we refer to the fact that 3 months and 3 weeks have passed in its life and the first trimester of pregnancy is about to end.

Changes that occur in the 11-week embryo 

In this phase, you may have an 11-week ultrasound, where you can see the following changes in the baby:

  • The size of the fetus ranges between 4 and 6 centimeters in length, although the baby could measure 5 centimeters on average. On the other hand, the little one could reach up to 8 grams of weight, approximately. So, at this stage you could already notice the changes in your body, since in the 11th week of pregnancy the belly begins to grow.
  • Another important change that can be noticed in this phase is manifested in the hands of the fetus, since the membranes that joined their fingers have disappeared and they are already separated. The baby can even open and close both hands.
  • The lips and eyelids are visible, while the ears are aligned in their final position.
  • The nails begin to grow and at this stage the skin of the fetus is very thin.
  • His main organs are also already developed and starting to function, therefore, your baby has a stomach, a liver, his pancreas creates insulin, the kidneys already produce their own urine and the intestine is preparing for when the little one eats on his own.
  • Although it is difficult to feel it, you should know that your baby moves a lot in your uterus, he does not stop kicking, he moves his whole body, swims from one side to the other, even his neck is lengthening and giving space to his head.

The sex of the baby

During this period your baby already has his sexual organs formed and they are visible, so it is likely that they can be detected on the ultrasound. In this context, there is the possibility of knowing at 11 weeks of pregnancy if the baby that develops inside you is a boy or a girl. Although in general, the baby does not reveal her sex until the middle of the fourth or the beginning of the fifth month of pregnancy.

11 weeks pregnant and its symptoms

An 11-week pregnant woman experiences certain positive changes regarding the symptoms of the first trimester of pregnancy. Next, we list the most important ones related to the baby at 11 weeks of gestation:

  • The good news regarding 11 weeks of gestation is that the unpleasant morning sickness and vomiting tend to disappear, due to the decrease in the pregnancy hormone in the blood, although in some women these symptoms are likely to last a little longer.
  • The volume of blood that circulates through your body tends to increase considerably, so it is possible that you may feel fatigued, tired or have slight dizziness during the day.
  • Likewise, women tend to have greater salivation at this stage, as well as a sharpening of smell.
  • Sun spots, known as chloasma gravidarum, may appear on your skin, and it is advisable to apply sunscreen before leaving home.
  • The gums become more sensitive and may bleed, but don’t worry, this is an effect of the increase in the hormone progesterone.
  • The size of the uterus in the eleven week pregnancy increases and it is likely that your belly is beginning to show. Especially, if you are a thin, short woman, with a multiple pregnancy or if you had a previous pregnancy, you could see yourself with 11 weeks of pregnancy and a big belly. However, if you are a fuller or taller woman, your belly may not show yet.
  • In this period you can see a change in your hair and nails, due to the increase in blood flow. In some cases, there is more strength and shine in the hair, or it could be weaker and more brittle.

Week 11 of pregnancy and risks

During this last stage of the first trimester of pregnancy, you should stop worrying about the risks you could suffer of losing the baby, since the probability of miscarriage at week 11 has been considerably reduced, since the embryo is already implanted in the uterus.

We hope that this information has been very useful for your preparation for the changes that occur in your body at eleven weeks of pregnancy, as well as for knowing how your baby is growing. For this reason, we want you to keep informed about the next phase of pregnancy and start thinking about models of baby baskets for your little one and everything that they will eventually need at birth.

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