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What is the best rag doll?

For generations, rag dolls have been the ideal gift par excellence for babies and little girls due to their soft body and cute designs that do not go out of style. That is why we have selected the most beautiful models in this category and we describe their characteristics below, so that it is easier for you to choose one of them and make a special gift.

1. Gloveleya Babydoll Soft Rag Doll

Precautions: Its use is recommended in girls over 3 years of age and with adult supervision.

Main Features: The doll’s smiling expression is one of the most commented attributes by users. Nonetheless, the pigtails and flower detail in her hairstyle add cuteness to the look.

Also, we must mention that each piece has been made with great care. Consequently, the finishes are very good and help maintain the shape of the doll. These aspects reflect the quality of the product, which is why it is one of the most common choices for Christmas or to give as a gift on a special date.

Functionality: The softness of the doll, as well as its flexibility, allow it to be an appropriate object for sleeping, but it will also be useful as an ornament in a children’s room or to add to a collection of similar toys.

Educational Value: Imagination is one of the skills that can be fostered with this toy. Similarly, in younger children it is also very useful, helping them develop their senses when they explore its textures.

Maintenance: To keep the doll in good condition, just wash it carefully and let it dry completely.

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2. Heunec 470873 Lucy XL brown hair doll

Precautions: Adult supervision is recommended during use.

Main Characteristics: The Lucy Brown doll has a traditional design, similar to that of the rag dolls our grandmothers played with, and stands out for its well-finished construction. This brown-skinned doll also has a very sweet face with embroidered eyes, nose and mouth.

As for the size, this toy measures 50 x 24 x 10 cm and is very light in weight, so it is easy to carry. On her part, the soft texture of the doll is provided by the knitted nylon in its construction, while the detail with the yarn pigtails gives Lucy a very pretty appearance.

Functionality: This rag doll can be a nice birthday, baptism or birth gift, as it is a traditional toy with good finishes. Due to its size, this doll admits the change of clothes, being compatible with similar dolls. It can also be fun to play with her hair and make braids.

For those people who collect dolls, this can be a great acquisition for its characteristics, as well as serving as a decorative element for a girl’s room.

Educational Value: With this toy symbolic games are encouraged, reinforcing social skills in children, as well as their family routines.

Maintenance: The doll can be washed by hand with a mild detergent, making it very easy to preserve its appearance and hygiene.

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3. One Dear World doll Hope African Hair

Precautions: It is a suitable toy for children from one year of age.

Main Characteristics: The British brand One Dear World has specialized in designing rag dolls that reflect racial diversity by making toys with different physical characteristics. In the case of the Hope doll, she stands out for her beautiful brown skin and braided hair.

It is necessary to mention that Hope has been made entirely by hand, using cotton fabrics for its exterior and polyester for the padding. Regarding its dimensions, this doll measures 32 x 8 x 14 cm and weighs just over 100 g, making it suitable for children from one year of age, because it can be easily carried.

Functionality: Each One Dear World doll comes with a fun story for children’s games. Hope’s story is set in Accra, Ghana, her date of birth is February 2nd and she comes with a world passport to have many adventures with her friends.

Educational Value: Recognizing the diversity of people and different cultures is an important value that is fostered with the use of this rag doll, as it teaches children that each individual has unique characteristics that make them special.

Maintenance: Because it is made of fabric, the doll can be machine washed on a gentle cycle to take care of its details.

New Edition: Hope belongs to an edition made up of three other rag dolls: Jun, Lea and Parth, which you can purchase to complete the collection.

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4. Bean 303730 Snug Up Rust

Main advantage: This is an ideal proposal for the little ones to play, being suitable from 18 months of age. To do this, the doll is made of high-quality polyester and weighs just 70 grams, making it very easy to handle.

Main drawback: The presentation is not the most appropriate, since the doll is sent in a simple transparent plastic bag. So you will need something else to store it or give it away.

Verdict: This beautiful doll is a very interesting option for the little ones, with a very careful design and appearance.

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5. Lichengtai Plush Dolls

Precautions: Due to its characteristics, its use is recommended in girls from 4 years of age.

Main Features: This soft doll has a dress made of plush, which adds a very attractive texture and appearance. In addition, there are multiple details that have been incorporated to give it a tender touch, as well as nice. The accessories are also among the interesting attributes of this doll, since both the shoes and the headband and ribbons on the front pom poms are matching. On the other hand, you can choose the doll in 4 different color combinations.

Functionality: Thinking about buying a rag doll is an idea related to various objectives. However, it should be noted that this model, being very soft and hypoallergenic, is safe for children to play with. In addition, its size of 45 cm in height is compatible with strollers and gondolas. Similarly, its beautiful appearance allows it to be an object used as decoration.

Educational Value: Caring for a doll, just as children are cared for by their parents, allows infants to develop empathy and express emotions more freely, which is why it is a traditional educational toy of great value.

Maintenance: Due to the characteristics of the outfit and the doll’s fringe, cleaning must be done carefully, washing exclusively by hand.

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6. Mousehouse Gifts Lilac Plush Fairy Rag Dolls

Precautions: This toy is suitable for babies from birth. However, its use is advised under the supervision of an adult.

Main Characteristics: The Lila plush fairy measures 32 cm long by 14 cm wide and 7 cm deep, it is made of soft plush of excellent quality and with embroidered details, so it is very safe for babies from birth.

The brown-haired doll is dressed in purple, with embroidered flowers and wings on her back. Another aspect to highlight in its design is its light weight, since it barely reaches 100 g, making it easy for babies to hold. On the other hand, this model has the support of a brand specialized in children’s decoration items and toys, so its design is appropriate as a gift or decorative element.

Functionality: Mousehouse Gifts dolls like Lilac Fairy can be the perfect companions for babies’ cribs because they are soft, light and brightly colored, which quickly attract the eyes of newborns. Also, this toy is a perfect gift as it comes packaged in a limited edition gift bag.

Educational Value: The little Lilac fairy is a stuffed animal that stimulates the imagination, encourages active learning, and also promotes social skills in children.

Maintenance: This product can be machine washed, in a gentle cycle and with a neutral detergent.

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7. Gloveleya Rabbit Kepple Series Plush Doll

Precautions: It is recommended to use under the supervision of an adult.

Main Characteristics: This is one of the 11 Gloveleya rag dolls, whose confection in plush fabric gives it a lot of softness, which makes it safe for the delicate touch of babies. For its part, the cotton filling gives the doll’s body a good consistency to maintain its shape, which is also favored by the good finish of the seams.

In terms of size, the Kepple series doll is 55cm tall, so it is a good companion for small children, as it is a large and manageable toy that weighs only 200g.

As for the colors, the combination of the pink outfit with gray stripes and the rabbit theme give a cute appearance to the doll, which is not long in drawing the attention of the little wearers.

Functionality: Due to its design, this doll can be a good gift for Easter or a girl’s baby shower, as it can be used as a stuffed animal for the crib or become the favorite toy that children always want to take everywhere.

Educational Value: Playing with dolls of this style encourages children’s imagination, helps them to establish emotional bonds with the toy and can represent their own emotions and attitudes through the doll.

Maintenance: The toy can be washed by hand or machine on a delicate cycle.

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8. Toyland Female rag doll legs

Precautions: Its use is indicated for children over 3 years of age, under the supervision of an adult.

Main Characteristics: The series of 6 Toyland dolls is a good incentive to start your own rag doll collection or encourage this hobby in a girl. The dolls are made of a soft fabric with a fun design, yellow or orange braided hair, depending on the model.

It should be noted that when you buy this product you will receive a random model, that is, it will be a total surprise to receive the doll, since you will not know which one it is until you open the packaging. As for the color of the clothes, in these dolls the pink tones are accentuated to maintain a very feminine and fun look.

Regarding its dimensions, each doll measures approximately 50 x 5 x 20 cm and weighs 263 g, so its size and weight are manageable for children.

Functionality: This is a traditional rag doll that will be a great addition to any girl or boy, as children might also need one for role-playing and acting out. On the other hand, Toyland dolls are very appropriate to give as gifts, decorate a children’s room and be the faithful companion of children, being a good offer because it is one of the cheapest.

Educational Value: Developing social skills and strengthening family dynamics will be possible with the imitation games that can be played with this doll.

Maintenance: Hand or machine washing are allowed for this product, avoiding the use of abrasive detergents.

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9. CYP Brands Gorjuss M04G Rag Doll on Display

Precautions: Its use is recommended for children from 3 years old

Main Characteristics: Many will think that it is obsolete to give away a rag doll in the middle of 2022, but the truth is that it is a toy that does not go out of style and is very useful for the different imaginative games of children. In this case, the Gorjuss doll stands out for being very soft, so the little ones really enjoy hugging her soft body. As for the material of this product, polyester stands out in the first place for its resistance to use and washing. For its part, the dress is made of cotton and can be easily removed to exchange for other accessories.

Regarding the size, this model measures 8 x 17 x 35 cm and weighs 181 g, obtaining positive evaluations from its online buyers who were satisfied with the quality of the product.

Functionality: Gorjuss dolls are collectibles and not just for girls. In this sense, like any rag doll, this model serves as a gift for a girl, teenager and even adults for its decorative value.

When it comes to games, there are no limits to the imagination of children and their toys, so this doll can easily fit into any imaginative game.

Educational Value: The Gorjuss doll can be identified with Waldorf-type dolls because it has no mouth, so children can, with their imagination, complete the expression of their doll and use it as a reflection of their own emotions, allowing them to establish an emotional bond with his toy.

Maintenance: Due to its resistant construction, the doll can be washed by hand or machine to keep it clean.

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10. Piatnik My Studio Girl Rag Doll 82233

Precautions: Its use is indicated for children over 8 years of age.

Key Features: No doubt girls always long for a new doll, but imagine how they would feel about making their own rag doll themselves. This is what Piatnik offers in this My Studio Girl set that teaches girls to take their first steps in sewing.

Illustrated instructions show each step, while the plastic needle is very safe for children, while the large eyelet makes it easy to thread. At the end of the work, the result will leave the little ones happy with an original and beautiful 30 x 23 cm doll.

Functionality: Knowing how to sew is an essential knowledge that we must teach children when they are growing up, so this set gives them the opportunity to learn to thread the needle and make the basic stitches to create the doll. Finally, little Naomi could become your daughter’s favorite toy, her playmate and dream partner too.

Educational Value: The fine motor skills necessary for sewing are encouraged with this set, as well as hand-eye coordination and following instructions to complete a task, while stimulating creativity.

Maintenance: The doll can be washed by hand with a neutral soap and left to air dry.

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Buying guide – What is the best rag doll on the market?

At a time when toys are loaded with technology, it is not a bad idea to return to more traditional proposals. Among them, we have the rag dolls, which today have updated their materials but have other interesting details, as you can see in any comparison of current rag dolls. If you want to buy one of them, we tell you everything you need to know.


The first point of our guide to buying the best rag doll is going to deal with the materials. These are diverse and change both the look and feel of the doll when playing. In addition, there are many options to choose from, depending on what you prefer.

Among them, we have cotton dolls, which follow the line of the most traditional. These have a pleasant touch and are easy to wash. Even softer are plush dolls, which have the drawback of being somewhat more complex to clean. Regarding those made of synthetic materials, these have the advantage of being more resistant, but they offer a not so pleasant touch. So it is convenient to choose the material that you like the most, without forgetting that this influences how much the doll costs.


The dimensions of the wrist are another interesting aspect to assess. Something that we must add to the age of whoever is going to play with it, since the smaller the user, the smaller and lighter the wrist should be, so that it is manageable.

The good news is that the market has it all. A simple search offers us dolls from 20 to 50 centimeters in height or even more. The lightest have weights of about 80 or 90 grams, while the heaviest can reach about 200 grams, depending on their approach and material. So finding what you need is easy.


We close our tips for finding a good and cheap rag doll by taking a look at its style. Here we have options of all kinds, with different approaches. One of them is the one-piece dolls, in which the clothes and the hair are sewn together. Other models have glued or sewn wool hair, which can even be combed.

We also find dolls whose clothes or shoes can be changed, by having them placed on the doll’s body. And as for your style, there are plenty of options to choose the type of clothing and the look of it. The hard part will be keeping just one.

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